LSW 1926


Wong Tai Sin

A to B (San Po Kong, Alatas Service Centre)

Hares: Yvonne Pisser & Theo

Two virgin (Austrian) hares. Claiming a “Goulash” run, which, as we all know, is a soup dish of beef and potatoes seasoned with paprika, that originates from the historical Hungarian ethnic era. So it was a little confusing. Not as confusing as the run, but more on that later.

Prior to the run, investigation of “Austria’s greatest achievements” revealed the following items of interest:

(1) The Hapsburg Austrian Empire.

(2) Psychoanalysis – namely Sigmund Freud ‘The Complete Psychological Works.’ Freud founded psychoanalysis as a discipline.

(3) Music - composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the Strauss family and their musical works.

(4) Beating Germany 3-2 in the 1978 soccer World Cup - with this description by the partisan match commentator: “Da kommt Krankl … in den Strafraum – Schuss … Tooor, Tooor, Tooor, Tooor, Tooor, Tooor! I wer’ narrisch! Krankl schießt ein – 3:2 für Österreich! Meine Damen und Herren, wir fallen uns um den Hals; der Kollege Rippel, der Diplom-Ingenieur Posch – wir busseln uns ab. 3:2 für Österreich durch ein großartiges Tor unseres Krankl. Er hat olles überspielt, meine Damen und Herren. Und warten’s noch ein bisserl, warten’s no a bisserl; dann können wir uns vielleicht ein Vierterl genehmigen. … Noch einmal Deutschland am Ball. Eine Möglichkeit für Abramczik. Und!? Daneeeeben! Also der Abraaaamczik – obbusseln möcht’ i den Abramczik dafür. Jetzt hat er uns gehooolfn. Allein vor dem Tor stehend. Der braaave Abramczik hot daneben g’schossn. Der Orme wird si’ ärgern. … Und jetzt ist auuus! Ende! Schluss! Vorbei! Aus! Deutschland geschlagen!” Quite topical as Germany had beaten England 1-0 the night before.

When researching Austrian explorers, it was discovered that an early hasher, Oscar Baumann, got off trail in 1888 and was lost in North East Tanzania, captured by natives and the Hares had to pay a ransom to get him back to the run site.

So armed with these facts, exiting Wong Tai Sin exit E revealed two things: (1) drizzle, and (2) rubbed out chalk markings. So I re-laid fresh white chalk from there up to the start point of Fei Fung Sitting Out Area, just off the bottom of Shatin pass Road. Hashers drifted in for the 19:10 advertised start time, although Agnes B stood around in her jeans “Oh, I just pulled a muscle getting out of the car….” – seems like she knew something about the run we did not. Added to that Come Into My Tunnel also feigned “an injury” claiming he was going straight to B “not sure I can trust these Ösis to set guter trail, ja?!”.

Then Hash Cash sent a message “the hares haven’t told me where to meet them to organise the drinks stop!” Hmmmm, maybe Agnes & CIMT were ahead of the game? Hash Cash was dispatched to the run start while the Hares briefed the pack.

“Der Wanderweg ist 10 km lang. Nur ein Pfad und kein Schlappschwanz Pfad” – eh? Sounded like a single 10km trail…. Wow. “Sod that, man!” exclaimed The Virgin Mary, “I’m going to do the Drinks Stop with Shiggy Ga Ga!”

So with one drop out, 21 set off, AWAY from Shatin Pass Road. A 300m Check Back solved by Hopeless brought Crash Test Dummy, Wanchai W@nker and Gobi Lo back onto Shatin Pass Road and a Check next to the Our Lady of Mary Knoll Hospital. Hopeless solved this again by pure chance – heading into Chuk Yuen Estate, finding swept up flour particles, and NO CHALK.

This pattern continued on through 3 sections of this estate, with, at one point, ADWD exclaiming “Phuck this Hopeless, I’m leaving you to do all the Checking, this ain’t no fun!”

Well, it was a challenge, and 5km, to get enough of a trail to bring the pack into Lion Rock Country Park, and a series of difficult Check/CBs which took us into shiggy, led by CTD and Wrong Channel.

Onto “the usual steps” to the saddle/pagoda on Lion Rock, Gobi Lo, ADWD and CTD fooled into the CB down left and F3M to the one centre. W@nker, Sophia and Hopeless took the Maclehose stage 5 trail, leading to more flour (lack of On On markings on this whole trail by the way). No Check on the path down to Shatin Pass Estate, then, predictably, the CB on Pineapple Ridge, to bring the pack together.

Hopeless again guessing correctly, into the shiggy, followed by CTD, just as Helena arrived. “Koffers?!” she cried out – I guess this is some new word she has been learning during her recent German lessons…..

Out the shiggy, down to Shatin Pass tea rooms, and then a CB taking us down through the steps, temple and storm drains, coming out at Tsz Man Estate. Then a long fast run down Po Kong Village Road, past Hammer Hill Sports Ground, footbridges and then “the drinks stop” at the end of Luk Hop Street. This unusual feature of the run also featured an unusual phenomenon – it was 400 metres from the end of the hash! “B” was the Alatas workshop at #5 Luk Hop Street.

A 14km mammoth effort from our two Wiener Schnitzels! Well done the hares although use of a bit more chalk and the occasional “On On” would have helped, but great trail in the cooling autumnal weather. The map

Finally – one point of clarification: There are 2 kinds of gulasch - namely the Vienna gulasch and the Hungarian gulyas' - (obviously there is no goulash - that sounds Indian , and they called theirs curry :-) ).

Down Downs courtesy of Indy:

The Hares - Yvonne Pisser/Theo ....What did you think of the Goulash Run........??? ...Not bad for virgins! but too short! not enough hills/trails/road/shiggy!!!

Yvonne P/Theo - Billed to all as less than 10km..... 14kms later!! What a Load of F******g Bollocks!

The hares - nice lederhosen!!!

Yvonne - Directions to 'short cut' for late starters as crap as his timing of 10 kms!!... Just go up the road, go left at the housing estate and you can't miss the markings..... ddrrrr really??

The Virgin Mary - all dressed up for the run but no one to 'play' with.. the hares did not set a Wimps trail!

Octo - during marathon run when through shiggy was heard to comment 'Bloody glad TVM did not do this ,....'

Yvonne/Theo - in housing estate hashers all headless chicks!!.... 2 kms clocked up in small area....

Sweaty SG - living up to his name, covered in sweat running round ...and round... and round the housing estate.....

Who did the markings off the check to send us round and round the wrong trail...? Comes Up the rear!!!... heard to say 'perhaps I did not check far enough....!!'...

Who found the true trail after kms of checking.... Hopeless>.

Helena - worried that she would not finish until midnight!!

CIMT - kisses Helena goodbye before run.... I figured cause he would not see her during run due to his 'excessive speed'?

CIMT - Non runner - actually injured but wanted to hang around to see the 'Austrian Disaster'!!... a true Deutsche wishing misery to fall on others!!!!

Non Runners - Shiggy Ga Ga complaining of Achilles injury! Agnes B..... and her excuse...forgotten?

Just Adds Alcohol - got lost on trail but had B on paper...went from Real Estate Agent to more agents to find where B was......

The hares - putting marks up Lion Rock Shiggy... next to path we had just found a T check on!

Crash Test Dummy - leading the way up on Lion Rock steps and avoiding shaggy.....

Wong Channel - pushing moi up shaggy!

Octo - normally cool as a cucumber - on shiggy doing mild dummy spit! "I've had enuff of this shiggy!!"

Virgin LSW - Austrian Eva to support the hares... Yvonne's brother to sweep on the trail

Yvonne - also sweeping, but this time the water around the baby beer pool!

Theo - last week's run said how much he learnt re the first WALOB run! Not too much road!!.... so what about the 4 km run in on road tonight....

The hares- excellent B with goulash/ beer swimming pool and excellent beer at that! Schloss Eggenberg!!

Returnees - ADWD....just cause she loves Yvonne's hash name! SSG returnee for the 2nd time in a week! Wong Channel...

Yvonne- defending all Austrians as great guys!! But what about Hitler??... he was an Austrian! 'He moved to Er war Deutsche!!!'

Eva - the sort of gal you want around at all times...... her father owns a pub and she opens bottles with a pair of pliers!!

All those with new jobs - Sweaty/Gary Glitter/F3M

Mr Movembers - Hopeless/Gary Glitter..

Toilet Room - tired on run but had just climbed Kilimanjaro 10 days before....

Trailwalker supporters - CIMT for Team Green girls under 16 hrs, ADWD for supporting 5th overall team in 13.01 hrs

CIMT - complaining about Goulash meal ! ''This is not Austrian!! Goulash is Hungarian!'

Yvonne - Goulash is Austrian !! Hitler is dumbkopfs!!

An inquisition was set up to find out the real Austrian/Hungarian/German identities......!.... Much debate ensued! I got a text msg 2 days later from ADWD to say that Yvonne was still 'going on about Vienna goulash and Hitler...'

The hares - great marathon run! Great bash .... Look forward to the Austrian Run numero zwei!!

Wong Tai Sin