LSW 1925 Happy Valley


Hares - Ivana & Indy

The Pack had to head out to Happy Valley Tram Terminus for yet another race day after Coming up the Rear used the same location as starting point for his well-hidden Rambo trail on LSW 1922. A fair amount of newcomers meant that the briefing had to start earlier than usual. Very much to the liking of Gobi Lo Ho, Hare Ivana Nucok used the official LSW arrows for marking so she was allowed to leave us all behind to join her Russian Business Partners for some Borscht with Vodka.

Co-Hare Indyanus felt a bit helpless all by herself but she quickly figured out that the only way was up so she ushered us out onto Sing Woo / Blue Pool Road. While the girls were still muttering about Snowden’s deportation back to Germany by the NSA, the guys didn’t fail to impress the female bystanders by taking of T-Shirts and various other unnecessary fashion items.

After the Whimps / Rambos Split halfway up the stairs, the latter had to scramble over some boulders (most of them using their butts) to reach the catch water skirting Jardine’s Lookout. The Pack was held together by a difficult to find side trail heading down towards Mount Butler Road. While Octopussy started recalling her time here during a previous T3 hash, Hopeless didn’t give a shit and just stormed through the check-back all the way to the Quarry.

The last part of this running symphony was a diminuendo down along Tai Hang Road, providing perfect racing opportunity and making Crash Test Dummy snort like a horse before reaching his stable at the Tin Hau Temple Garden joining the Wimps who were allowed an early finish today. The map

On On at the usual Thai close by with Down Down’s done by Lost in Space and Indyanus in the following order:

The Hares for being the Hares

Just add Alcohol for drying her iPhone on a Laundry Spider

Golden Showers for complaining about HK weather despite being from the Cotswolds

Lost in Space for buying expensive beer

Indyanus for ordering vegetarian food

Angela for her 1st hash

Golden Showers for her Finger Nails

Toilet Spray for becoming a Pilot

Yvonne Pisser for complaining

Winky Twinkie for being a father

Elisa for still being a virgin Hasher

Dr. Evil and Xu Kun for being Danish

Bobbledick for selling overpriced T-Shirts

Golden Showers for doing the Rambo

Helena for her strong torch

Garry Glitter for being a Life Saver

Come into my Tunnel for his Mainland Massage

Ivana Nucock for her new Hairstyle

Upcoming Hares for setting next week’s run and this week’s write up

Previous Hare for last week’s write up

Ivana Nucock and Dr. Evil for supporting the Trailwalker

Come into my Tunnel for being German

Just add Alcohol for 25 Runs


LSW 1925 Happy Valley to Tin Hau 131113 8.36km 61mins