LSW 1923 – Mui Wo


Run Report
It was a dark and starless night, the evening before Halloween. The black cats were out and so were a few stray hashers who had found their way to Mui Wo via non conventional ways preening and stretching themselves near the waterfront seafood restaurants waiting for the rest of the gang to come. The late ferry arrived at 20 past 7 and the others arrived to the start. The Tinman Tinny was awaiting us all. He carefully explained to us that it would be a fairly straightforward and enjoyable run with no elevation and that he encouraged everybody to do the wimps… oops he meant rambos…

So off we ran and running along the road like a hoard of zombies as the path to the footpath was barred by construction barriers. We came to our first check which was solved within 2 seconds, it was so easily solved that nobody even bothered to mark it off. After running a while the runners started looking at each other and wondering is it the magic of Halloween or is it a case of déjà vu as we felt that the trail was all too familiar… so familiar that it seemed like an identical copy of last year's trail by Tinny at the same location… curious…

We managed to run around and come to the Nam Shan country park. This was when we started to doubt ourselves and wonder whether we were hearing things as the trail started to lead upwards… and upwards… (err. Did he say there was no elevation?... or was I just hallucinating). Finally the trail hit a grassy flat and went down for a bit before going up again to hit some stairs. These stairs led us out to a coastline trail which would have had beautiful views of the ocean, except it was at night, there were no boats in sight just blackness. Not even a full moon to shine over the waters though somebody swore they heard the howl of a werewolf. Nevertheless it was an enjoyable run through the dirt and grassy trail which wound out to the town. The FRBs who knew the where the trail went just flew silently through the trail with vampire like stealth and not a word of 'On On'! Once we hit concrete we all knew where we were and found our way back to A where Tinny was waiting with beer and the old lady with bent back and wide brimmed hat sitting on a br… - no a banana cart.

Afterwards we went to the seafood restaurant next door for dinner and down downs.


Hare - similarities to last year's run.. Most of it hard to pick out the differences

Hare - actually back in time to wait for the ferry unlike last year

Bobbledick - actually reads the newsletter as he remarked on Quiche running well. Also asked whether Inflato and YM got married?

Castrato - did anybody know that he was called Josquin??? So medieval

C$untractor - was pondering whimsically on trail remarking about the beautiful clear night with stars... What stars???? He must have been confused with head torches.

C$ntractor - thought hare said 'no hills'

Legally Blonde - the pitter patter of little feet

Octo - actually running this week

Hare - conveniently not around last week

Ruggero and Castrato - great write up last week

WW - first fight of honeymoon took wife to 'death valley' with no civilization within a 40 mile radius just the two of them in a Mustang...

WW - newly married asked question by Indy another married... So how's it going? His response 'it's ok' which means less sex..

WW - drink from new shoes. Asking for it by putting on FB photos of all his new shoes

CIMT - Indy left him and Helena at the back of the ferry... As the lovey dovey newly engaged romantic couple were too busy reading.

BD - feels the pressure after coming back from his trip. After the sad passing of the hashing generation before him. He is now the oldest generation.

Dr Evil - hash anniversary.

Then DDs from the floor and song sung on the ferry back. The final note sung just as the ferry pulled into Central.

Mui Wo 8k 59min