LSW 1922 – Happy Valley


Hare - Comes up the Rear

The start was hastily moved across the road, because it was a race night. The intended Wong Nai Chung Crescent Garden was closed in case some people peer through the bougainvillea and periodically see some horses running in circles - for free.

Under starters orders - 'follow Wong Nai Chung Rd back around the racecourse'. He forgot to say 'when you get to Causeway Bay you have gone too far so just go back and up Link Road and round to the stadium'. Behind the stadium there was a check followed by another check on the left hand path going up to where the squatter housing used to be. This was T'd so it was back through the check to the previous check… ¿que? Do we do that ? It must have been some other hash's markings. More of that later. Quite a lot more in fact. Up to the flat path before Broadwood Rd. Not totally flat though - there is one step. Hash crash. So people ask if you had a crash on the steps going up or down. Neither - on the level... Right along Tai Hang and up Mt Butler Rd to Sir Cecil's Ride and on to the Wimps/Rambos split with the Rambos going left up through the pagoda. Now this is where the wheels fell off the bus. Ages milling round at the temple looking for trail. Indy helpfully offered that this is where Comes up the Rear had set the ladies hash and did we think he might be reusing the route. "Well yes Indy it does seem highly likely. Where does it go ?"
"I can't remember"

So we followed the only trail we found that kept on taking us back down to the original path and the W/R split. After several loops back down to the W/R split we got tired of doing that and decided to run along the Wimps thinking it must have simply been a Rambo loop. Until we came to the rejoin at the steps going down to Tai Hang Rd and the Rambos trail was coming towards us from the opposite direction.

On home down Bluepool. So half the pack stood around drinking beer waiting for the rest to get back, which in Bei's case was quite a while …

According to Castrato this is how it went after the W/R split...
So there we were bouncing backwards and forwards along this trail between two opposing checks. Most of the hash were down at the humpy end but I decided to go back to check some of the routes up near the other end. Tried one and ran into inpenetrable shaggy. As I was marking it off I heard an on-on from up the next one. So marked that one and up we went.

Trail went up lots of earth and banks quite a long way. Finally up onto a catchwater and right along it for some distance. Then another open check next to some stairs - I went left up the stairs and got lucky. Up again via more and more shaggy the ground becoming more and more sandy.

Finally we broke cover near the top of Mount Butler and another check. I didn't get so lucky then and went up some considerable distance before I realized we should be going down. So down to Parkview, to the Shell station and then along Sir Cecil's Rise and down into the city back to the beer bins and a super shower courtesy of Inflatadate.

The down downs by Indyanus

The Hare - CUTR......Good Wimps trail that most of the hash did!

CUTR - Rambo's trail so well-hidden that only a few found it.....

Thermal D*ck - standing at intersection on run out from park waiting for others to call CB

Anal Invitation - on contour path searching for R trail says 'It's back to the Wimps''s the only way!'

CUTR - knew that trail from joining Octo on Babes' Hash as she did not want to run on her own when late....

Rambos - Whistle Blower/Castrato/Tinky Winky/Cheesy Flying Fox/Theo/Anal Twice...

Hash Crash - Macau Drunk! Blood everywhere......

Late arrivals - Gary Glitter.....'Loved the trail.....Again was running like an FRB'....

CUTR - steeping up to the plate and setting the run at short notice!! Cheers......

Gary G - all that energy as has new job! Yippee!!

GG - now spoilt for choices...another interview in UK this week!

Non Runners - Ivana/Yummy Mummy/Octo who did not pack hash gear! 'Thought would be working late'

Crash Test - at end walking down road.....'tired' said the dynamo! When asked if the road led to Happy Valley, he said 'All roads lead to a happy valley!'....

Yummy Mummy/Inflato - The secrets out!! Getting married earlier this year and keeping it hidden from the 'LSW family'!! Belated congrats!! A toast in beer!

Yummy Mummy aside to me 'Cause he wanted to pretend he was still single!!!'!

Tinkie Winkie - Welcome to Fatherhood....Mia born Tuesday and off to Hash Wed!!

Whistle Blower - He's leaving us!! Back to Russia? ...Not this time... it's Frankfurt on Nov 5th....

Sticky Sexy Toy - crying into her head torch!!

Quiche - When complimented on running well...says he owes it to his reccies with Macau D! Had to keep up with him and his legs are twice as long! Got fitter in a hurry!

Crash Test Dummy - sitting at bash with towel round neck ...Was secretly at hairdressers having highlights on his Golden Curly Locks?

Inflato - comment of the night! 'Moderation in all things!...except for moderation!'

Theo plus g/f Quyen, last runners in....Sex on the hash? .....naming ceremony to the Austrian Quyen, An@l Twice

Then On On to the Queen Vic for the foolhardy....'Just for one...'

Happy Valley