LSW 1921 – Aberdeen, Brickhill


The hares — Macau Drunk, Barbie & Quiche Lorraine

Utilizing Aberdeen’s diverse geography appeared to form the thinking of these three outlying islander hares.

Trail headed from the base of the country park through Aberdeen’s grimly alleyway, out in a harbourside direction – eventually taking runners through a tunnel and onto the waterfront promenade.

The typhoon shelter offered up its neon glow of docked seafood restaurants amid the floating sampan village – a familiar spot for Lamma Islanders seeking to hitch a (dangerous) ride home in the hours beyond the regular ferry schedule.

Hopeless, Tinny, CTD and Frank-the-plank followed chalk through an intimidating maze of dark, boatbuilder yardworks known for ill-tempered guard dogs.

Relief of leaving the industrial gloom behind soon turned to despair as steps led upward into more darkness. Adding to the pain would soon be confusion as Tinny, the first runner to crest the radar station hill, immediately began to double back -— taking his cues from hare instructions written in chalk that advised return to the wimps/rambo split. The rare feature, we were later informed was a “slipback”. Returning trail set route along roadway, sport facilities and flyovers. Trail was intended to keep runners shuffling along well-lighted path back to Aberdeen proper for this orginal route, of which the rambos topped out at 10K.

Down Down's by Indy

The Hares - Macau Drunk/Quiche..... Good run keeping the pack well-intrigued!

The hares - Called it 'The Scout Run'...never knew that hill behind Aberdeen existed until daughter Lucia goes on a Scout hike there.... All who have done that hill before......only a couple of us.. from memory Cyclops/Hopeless/Indy... (Ed aside: Big Bitch and Hash Cash would be shocked!! They know that hill well from the old Ladies Hash days!!)

Cyclops - wondered why the hares double-backed from the top when could have gone up... and over!... To where was the question some asked?

Macau D - advertised the run as Barbie being hare - she was dumped in favour of Lamma boy Quiche....

Quiche - with the Rupee down it is good luck for us!

Quiche - upping his attendance by 100% in last 4 weeks....

Gary Glitter - FRB for 5 mins.... running and dancing like royalty with wings flying... So free-spirited!

Teeny Weeny - Not impressed at his position of FRB being ousted.... sped past GG like a racehorse!

FRB's - faffing around like headless chicks not being able to solve that check!

The Hill - All those who went to the top! Teeny Weeny/CUTR/Willy Wonka/Indy/Winkie Tinkie

The hares - confusing the pack by going up and down on the one trail...

SST - Indy why go to the top?..... all u do is come down again!!

Gin and Vomit - got momentarily confused..... not sure whether to go up or go down.... down won!

Randy - turned back downhill straight away

Who wrote 'Gay' on the trail???.... and the answer is?.... dunno.... maybe Lucia?

Walkers On In- Comes Up the Tunnel (injury) /Cyclops..

Helena - a 'go slow' on Down Down.. knee injury...

Returnee - Castrato!! Yehh!!!

Castrato/Randy/Indy - all in Southern France similar time in Aug but never quite managed to get together! Never again miss that opportunity!!

Castrato- still wearing his favourite red- but- fading Santa Hash shirt from years ago...!

Castrato - flew in early just to support the Lamma boys run!!

Hopeless- sending out the 'special email invite' for his birthday run to 'select hashers only', now code-named as the 1919 21:54 Club.....! ' Never in the history of hashing.....'

Hopeless - not staying for the bash last week to take his 'punishment DD.....'

Another very sad loss to hash this week...... A toast to Dribble. He had a true hashing spirit and will be missed by many....

Aberdeen 131016 9.45km 71mins


The Hares in need of a bit of salvation

The hares