LSW 1920 – Stone Nullah Lane, Wanchai


The hares - Gary Glitter & Quiche Lorraine

Always get a big turnout for this start (43 today), especially new runners. They never come back, but it's a start.
So up onto Kennedy Rd and the check. Right towards Bamboo Grove, nothing. Left towards Queen's Rd E, nothing. Well actually something - it was the On Home coming down from Shu Fai Terrace, and following that would have made the shortest run in LSW history. So straight across Kennedy Rd we went up some stairs I have never done before. Because it doesn't go anywhere. Unless you go through the building rubble and elephant ear plants then up a rope on a slope to some water supplies department stairs and straight up the side of the hill. We emerged from behind some building site hoardings onto Bowen Rd.

Some of us went left 'cos some others were shouting 'Are you?' while standing on the flour and On On markings that pointed right. We turned round when we hit the On Home going down to Shu Fai Terrace. That would have made the second shortest LSW run ever. I think the honours still go to Squirrel Nuts and Slippery for a run from Ap Lei Chau that was meant to go across the bridge round Aberdeen Reservoir and back. At the first check at the start of the bridge someone saw markings on the other side of the road and we were back on in within 15mins. Bang bang.

So back it was then on behind Bowen Rd Park and up the river bed. I don't think I have ever done this before, probably because it is not really a thing. Then nearer the top there was even less of a thing which was apparently the Super Rambos. Apparently, because not many people knew this and went on to the check that was next to it on the steep Wanchai Gap path. Nobody did the check - we just T'd the downward route and went up Wanchai Gap, did a bit of false checking along Hollandse Laan then up to Stubbs Road. Gobi Lo & Hopeless were coming up Stubbs Rd from SRs to the left waxing poetic about the enchanting overhead growth and soft, wet, moss-covered rock underfoot.

Black's Link had already been T'd so it was on home along Middle Gap Rd, HK Trail IV, Black's Link, Wong Nai Chung Gap Rd, Bowen Rd, down to Shu Fai Terrace and on in over Kennedy Rd. 'Bout 10k & 73mins. Good run.

Down downs by Indyanus

Welcome to the no special invite needed run

All the recipients of Hopeless' special run 1919 21:54 club invite

Did not make the cut - Tight Lips, Swing Low, Mark Sex, Herr Pisser, Octopussy, Comes up the Rear

Lost in Planet & ADWD - 21:54 club invitees but did not go

Anal Invitation - chuffed that he was on the A-list

Quiche - had to invite himself

Thermal Dick - had to ask Boilers to invite him

Indyanus & Lost in Planet - relegated to running with the Northern New Territories Hash

Gary Glitter - "Northern New Territories ? I think I live somewhere around there. They have a hash ? What's it like"

Lost in Planet - "Very nice. I like very much. A good hash"

This evenings Super Rambos - Herr Pisser and Steve

Who set the Super Rambos ? - the hares think it was Gary Glitter, but they'd already had half a dozen calming beers to pretend there weren't going to be fatalities

Virgin Mary - after the metal stairs at the start of the run - f*ck this sh*t I'm outta here U-turn

Anal Invitation - "that was a tough Rambos"

Late arrivals Herr Pisser & Spermoff Ice (like 7:35pm late)

Nature walkers and porcupine spotters - Spermoff Ice, Herr Pisser & Lost in Planet

Quiche Lorraine - expectation management - kept the beers flowing to stave off a riot when everyone realised there was only one chef and he started to cook for 20 people only when he saw them all seated

Steve - returnee - father Chris Boswell started the KH3

ADWD - enjoyed her soapie with the nubiles in the vagrants centre showers

Maria Latvia - came with Steve

ADWL - had to do the 1918 Hang Hau down-downs because Hopeless had a neckie - she wasn't happy - she thought she'd just drink beer then have short trip home

A conference call is now a euphemism for a neckie or vice versa - Sorry I'm going home, I have a neckie

Dense bitch / anal stand off ? Not sure what that down-down was but it shows promise…

Hopeless not going the bash - Indy doing the DDs

ADWD - ranked in the top 8 HK trail runners

Ivana - in the Action Asia Magazine along with her pals Kami, Clare and Jinwah

Winkie Tinkie - had 100% attendance record until last weeks miss. His attendance is going to plummet further 'cos he's due or being induced next week

The hares - alarming pet owners by chucking flour along dog poisoner road

The hares - trying to lay trail on Black's Link in the middle of an U13 girls interschool cross country race, and getting overtaken by them all

The hares - thank you for serving the table rather than sitting down to eat

Virgin Mary - scratching around in the yellow vegetable curry looking for meat

Herr Pisser - wanted to be called von Pisser - to sound more minor European royalty

Yvonne Pisser it is

ADWD - "arrive late, finish early, get the coldest beers"

Yvonne Pisser - "yes it works"

The song

There were some returnees - from a while back too - Carolyn, and Monica who last ran on LSW 1283

A text intercepted from the Virgin Mary: got soooooooooooooooooo freaked out by the damn staircase to heaven (or hell!). i'm afraid of heights and those steps were steep at 90 degrees!
as soon as i got to the top, i went right on bowen, then saw the arrow past the men's rm pointing to the woods. i bailed. i thought it'd get worse. so i went along bowen, down bowen drive, kennedy road, didn't take the eleveator in hopewell centre, back to the 1st check and on home. got in abt 8pm. butterfly arrived 5 mins after me.

Stone Nullah Lane 131009 9.68km 73mins


Stone Nullah Lane