LSW 1918 – Po Lam to Hang Hau


Hares - Lost at Sea & Indyanus

So this run was penned as a “dog friendly run”. Apparently one of the hares was a dog, 4 dogs turned up at Exit C, but only the more adventurous dogs of ADWD braved the trail. Byron and Chopper were sent to the dog pound of Yummy Mummy’s car for a less strenuous evening “he overheats easily” was Inflato’s comment as his steed was withdrawn at the starting gate.

So 21 set out on trail, including the “not currently busy” Quiche Lorraine in his Hokka moon boots. Actually less than that set out, with a few late arrivals like Crash Test Dummy having to catch up from the 19:10 set off time.

Basically trail was through Po Lam to the “Little Hawaii Trail”, a favourite hash route of Gin n Vomit from her days of living in Po Lam. The Rambos went up the usual steep shiggy to Razor Hill Road as a “Checkback for Rambos”. Wimps (presumably) along the trail all the way to the finish point in Hang Hau Village.

So once the Rambos hit Razor Hill, the shiggy contour and then the 1,000 steps back down to Hawaii, then the standard run in along the undulating paths parallel to the main road, and the finish in front of the 7-11 in Hang Hau Village.

The map

Down Downs courtesy of ADWD and others:

Hopeless (in absentia) - The only reason I am doing DD's, says ADWD, is because Mr H did a neckie and left before the bash....

Inflato - has renamed this as 'having a happy angry'

Agnus B/TV Tits/Wrong Tunnel - did well at FCH return trip from China......TV and WT holding hands whilst Agnus B watched the luggage...all taking it so easy that they missed the train!

Octo/Comes Up the R - Octo invited her man to the Babes Hash, so she didn't have to run alone when late, so as punitive measure CUTR supposed to serve the beer, but no good at that as kept back chatting and sitting down.....

Inflato - Stamp of approval for the run...'3 checkbacks in extreme shiggy! It's a good run!'

Macau Drunk - Giving tips to Indy 'You can't mark in chalk on a leaf!'

Lost In Space/Quiche - Came in last....shall they be renamed 'Lost In Graves'

Indy/Lost At Sea - Indy born in P New Guinea...on recce shouts to LAS 'There's a snake'....He comes rushing assuming must be a huge one, but just a mini (viper)!


Tight Lips - Did not like shiggy and all those steps!

ADWD - not a great fan of Shiggy

Inflato - Saw a ghost in the graves...they were ADWD's dogs......

LAS - 'Helicopter' mode of robbing food on table....

Spermoff Ice - calls yellow curry, green curry

Spermoff Ice - Difference between shallow fried and deep fried ...temperature!!

Quiche/ ADWD - both 'unemployed' ....share 2 bottles of wine and beer...he has a 'love interest' so sends text 'Here's my number, phone me!' but no call! ADWD writes a message for Quiche and he has a date the next day!

Tight Lips - 'I'm busy in Cambodia recceing for FCH'..but the hash hotel for FCH has not yet been built!

Local hashers - TL/TV Tits/WC/Indy/LAS/ADWD/ADWD...the dog...


The Wimp runners - TVT/Maggie

TL - a Wimp wannabee (or wishabee)

TV T - ended up at hospital...ran too far!

LAS - did not complain as he fought against the snakes and spiders on the trail....

Inflato - upon return from trail worried that it would be too long for ADWD's dogs.....

Gobi Lo (in absentia) - complaining that pack had kept together from checks! she got held back by girlies when going uphill!

Who recognised that great establishment at foot of Po Lam hills to where 'yours truly' goes daily and looks over the hills from her classroom?.....noone!

ADWD - another local....bought her first solely owned HK flat at back of restaurant area....

LAS /Yummy - convoy in cars but LAS lost YM....who drove around ..and around...and around!! LAS not worried! ' YM is HK....she will know where she is going!!'

ADWD - Godzilla Buttf*** thought she was a hare and had been renamed... 'Any Dog'll Do'!!!!

Name Sharing at bash -
Chat Spray (or Toilet Paedophilia)
TV Tits and Wrong Channel .....Wrong Tits
LAs and Indy - Lost in A***.....
Octo and CUTR - Comes up the P*ssy
MD and Barbie - Drunk Barbie
ADWD and Laminated Lover - Laminated D*ck....

Vomit - a toast from LSW

Po Lam to Hang Hau 130925 7.44km 100mins


LSW1918 elevation