LSW 1916 – Shatin


Hares - Come into my Tunnel & Toilet Spray

I hate travelling to ShaTin in rush hour! It makes me feel trapped, shuffling along in sync like a zombie. I constantly search for ways to overtake slow moving “dumb phone” users, but it’s a lost cause.
Finally when I make it out of the mass transit system its 7:10 and I’m sure the pack will be gone with no hope of catching up.
But no there is Gobi-Lo, and Cheesy Flying Fox. Yesss, the travel gods have smiled again making us all equally late. The Flying Fox is quickly down to his super hero underpants, he points skyward and fly’s off in the wrong direction. Gobi-Lo and I make chase after the pack, which turns out to be not far ahead.
All went well at first, could this be a well-marked “Come in my Tunnel” run? Don’t be silly, course it’s not!
Upon reaching a roundabout with an ominous smiley face check, pandemonium ensued. Some FRB’s quickly found an on arrow, but then nothing! Nicht! Finally after 20minutes a call to the Hare was made, “just keep going straight till you reach the next…. continent”. Even armed with this beta, some could not be fully convinced, Hopless ran it out for 800m before turning back with the words this can’t be right! Hard to believe but even Hopless sometimes gets it wrong! But finally after a statute kilometer there was the elusive ON ON! Surely the longest stretch of blank marking on a hash run ever! I knew the Germans were used to long stretches of autobahn’s with no speed limits, but long stretches of hash trails with no marking is not so much fun!
Anyway after the SR split the terrain became more familiar, Shiggy Ga Ga infested trail led steeply upwards in the general direction of Needle Hill, to then briefly join the Macelhose Trail, before turning back down towards Sha Tin again.
As we descended the R’s and W’s were feeding in from the right side, before the trail dumped us out on to Sui Wo Rd. Everything went swimmingly till Sui Wo Court, then once again the marking disappeared. Now our fearless hashers were on their own initiative to find B. Some handle this well, others not so well. Sticky S Toy, and I followed some arrows, which may have been NNT hash arrows, towards Fo Tan station, and a seven direction split. SST somehow turned back and found her way on home. A feat of navigation indeed. After doing a search pattern in each direction I must confess to having the first symptoms of “sense of humor deficit disorder”. Fortunately Wan Chai Wanker came along just in time to rescue me. Its Yuen Wo Playground!
Thanks WCW! Last in were Indy and COTD by Taxi, apparently a popular way on home.

Down Down's by Indy:

Hares - Markings

Virgin Mary? + Friend - Are high heels proper hash attire?

Hopeless - Phone call to hares, told OnOn straight till you reach a village, but he still can't reach it.

Hares - Markings laid on previous Sunday

Stinky Sexy Toy - blowj*b quandary - to blow or suck

Couldn't read the rest of Indy's artful handwriting, but the down down's were very funny!

Down Down's by Chatroom

9/11 - minute of silence

CMIT - Cant figure out how many beers to get, so buy's two at a time so they'll stay cold (without any ice)

Toilet Spray - Fighting with co-hare, she makes too many marks, he not enough (read almost none)

All Shanghai Hashers - Best $1200 shirt

Toilet Spray - Running out of chalk while setting food arrows

Toilet Spray - Missed the turn end of run

FFFM - Getting upset with Dr. Evil as he scolds her for not following markings

Dr. Evil - Not listening as we've been looking for markings for 20minutes

COTD - Gets lost, calls hares, no one answers

Octopussy - Something about Canada?

CIMT - Super Rambo trail was only suitable for Wanchai Wanker & SST, i.e. if either your very tall or of just-below medium height. Otherwise the shiggy was in your face

Yummy Mummy - Non runner

Yummy Mummy - borrowing and stretching Toilet Spray's bra

Hopeless FFFM - Weekly romantic night fell on a Wednesday



Super Rambos : Denvy : Red : 11.52km / +512m elevation
Rambos : F3M : Purple : 9.61km / +464m elevation
Wimps : Hopeless : Yellow : 10.17km / +389m elevation