LSW 1915 – Yau Tong


Hare - Tight Lips

As running late as usual, arrived at A sometime just passed half hour at 7pm, I am told by the hare that some people were late also, two girls actually just set off two minute ago, I should be able to catch them (sercertly take this as compliment on my running speed is improving.). But I was worry after the hare said there would be only one trial and the distance of it, she thought about a minute then told me two major areas covered in the trail – the top of the cemetery and Wilson trail, so I would know what direction to go.

With my new headlamp, I run to the roundabout, just about to turn right as told by the hare, saw two girls, hash look alike wondering around opposite the road, trying to find markings, oh, that’s Just Add Alchohol and Barge Pole, the two girls left A 2minutes before me….

So happy to have companies to run together, specially two nice girls, as Chinese say: ‘three girls together can create a market’. As we, girls have the talent on talking and chatting. After 3 of us run for a little while, at the top of the cemetery I think, Barge Pole stat to slow down a bit and enjoy the view, as I am doing preparation training for trekking holiday in Oct., so I tried to catch up with JAA, whom is usually in fast runner group. Although the markings are less than usual, but all clear and straight forward, and thank you for all the front runners that put all the marks down for us to follow, it’s a pleasant running trail for a raining Wed. night. Because I was too busy on enjoying the running, chatting and the rain, I pay little attention on where we went so no report on that.

Highlight of the run –both JAA and I thought Barge Pole was following us all the way, so we yelled loud ‘onon’ all the time, to hope she could heard behind us. Apparently she enjoyed the trail so much that decided not to follow us and do the mountain loop 3 or 4 times, we only knew it until we were in the restaurant, and she became a very popular girl during the entire diner and down down.

Down downs by F3M: The hare – great run, great trail under such weather condition

Sticky Sex Toy – parking long?

Hopeless – jump up and rush to meet BP

Chatroom RPF – jump up and offer to meet BP too

Come In My Tunnel – decided not to go to meet BP

CIMT – 100 runs in LSW

Legally Blond – explain what is legally blond?

Eva – a real legally blond

Eve – hand out a $500 note for $10 hash run.

Bubble Dick – ordered 4 bow of boil rice for his lunch the next day

Toilet Spray – only 45 minutes in the changing room this time, just to change her clothes.

SST – beat TS on the long time in shower

Hopeless down down:

Rogger – accusing by hopeless ruining his good, sky-high reputation.

Free Wheel – the laziest hare in HK!

The hare – the innovation marking of ‘H’, some hashers innovativly read it in another word though.

Bubble dick – selling his shirt

Chatroom dow down:

F3M – the nakit

F3M – complaint no romantic 2 person evening, but forgot she is dating the ‘God father’ of hash in HK!

Hopeless – enjoying the nakit and more nakit in the coming evening from F3M

Eva – first time running, hope she will come back

Hare – well done!

LSW1914 Yau Tong 130904 9.91km 90mins