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Hares - Gai Tai & Shake Your Booty

TYPHOON SIGNAL 8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, until about 2pm. Hare had already checked "do I have to set a run tonight?"

"Yes Sir, you do. Bit of a squeeze doing the T8 Hash and laying LSWH3 though?"

"Bummer", says Gai Tai, "I guess I'll have to miss one of the most exclusive hashes in the world".

Such is the burden of a hare.

Gai Tai's sorrowful face as we arrived was probably only matched by the one from the night before. If you read the Hash News (i.e. forced to delve into Gai Tai World and his "blog"), you'd have read past the Hash Trash to a small piece regarding his efforts to write his fictional novel. Sat in a rooftop café and three Tai Tai's stole his 7-11 umbrella after he had nipped off to the toilet during a downward spiral in his creative juices. Right under his Stiff Upper Lip. Shocking behaviour, enough to make a blog. Fascinating.

So the attendees at Utor came in for a second go, although both F3M (fell down a ditch on T8H3 plus "a conference call") and Shiggy Gaga actually declined to run a second time, but sat back and watched the fun as the other 14 hashers headed off on trail.

"Ergh, marked in this kind of string, plus flour. When you see gold string, in long bits, that's the split". Some chalk too as we discovered along Garden Road, cutting into HK Park by the Tea Museum. (No doubt the Stiff Upper Lip had some consoling "cha" served by a "wallah" after his umbrella episode, hence we had to go past this piece of old colonialism). Past Gai Tai's office (British Consulate, don't you know?), up onto Kennedy and left.

Major stuff up. FRBs belt (well fast jog) right up Bowen Drive. Pull most of the rest of the pack with them. No sign of markings but somebody was calling "On On". (Sounded like the guy with a keen eye for porcupines, but that's another story for another day). Now "Peter" or "Paul Pinsent Masons" as F3M kept calling him later, as he was separated from the pack says he found the real trail which actually went all the way along Kennedy and then up Wanchai Gap.

At Bowen Road Playground I encountered Gobi Lo… "Hopeless, there is an arrow coming DOWN the [usual] steps, so Wimps must go right, Rambos head left on Bowen". Okidoki, as I and Swine Sucker were sucked into this winning agreement.

So we ran to Wanchai Gap, and found the real "split". Wimps up Wanchai Gap and Rambos basically all the way along Bowen, up the steps, all the way encountering near death from oncoming mainland tourist buses, before turning down Wanchai gap and left on the Dutch Path, a well used path of late.

Then back to the Squash Centre and warm showers and cold beers.

Down Downs courtesy of Hopeless:

The hares - in competition with the T8 Hash.

In all those that did the T8H3 as well as LSWH3 today - Hopeless, F3M, Shiggy Gaga, Teeny Weeny, Gobi Lo, Dr Evil, The Virgin Mary.

Shergar and Rearender plus Sylvie - did a nice family walk to the end of Bowen and miss the death-defying route up Stubbs Road by doubling back.

Hares - good use of a suitcase (again) for bringing and taking back drinks.

Returnee Hash Cash - Shiggy Gaga.

Hash Crash on T8H3 - F3M.

Peter - did the whole trail.

The Hares -trail survived the rain, well done!

On On to The Queen Victoria for beer and good old British grub!

LSW1912 HK Squash Courts 130815 10.42km 84mins