LSW 1910 – Kowloon Tong


Hares - Hopeles & Shiggy Gaga

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Write Up by Parky (contributions: Anal Invitation, Dr. Evil and Macau Drunk)

Most unusually, the Parkies arrived 45 minutes late, having failed to get through to the Hare Hopeless (HH), who most unusually, failed to answer Parky's conscientious notification of late arrival! Some later said HH was stressed/overwhelmed with vast arrivals of up to 60 runners (having catered for 30 for onsite food), others said he was trying to "co-hope" with a high tech wrist app to his mobile. But it was probably a bit of both as we received a relaxed briefing from the hares, gathered at a picturesque pagoda beside an ornate pond...surrounded by hundreds of discarded hashers' bags and other unmentionable belongings... plus two non-runners: Plod and his male mate, LSG, who were already into the beers, excusing themselves from the run due to alleged unspecified disabilities/injuries! Typical police excuses!

So we trotted out of the park, following a well marked trail in the direction of Beacon Hill/Lion Rock, whilst noting the significant obelisk landmark of City Uni tower... in case we got lost... and briefly bypassing Motormouth on her return "walk in the park". Bearing in mind our late start, we followed the trail up to the rope assisted shiggy climb above Dynasty Villas, where we decided to turn back to complete a 5k excursion (see map). The only other soul we saw (apart from Dr. Evil near the finish carrying his sticks like a lost golfer), was new runner, Emma, hurtling past at high speed on her own. Curiously, she arrived at the finish 30 minutes later than us. She needs a hash name...maybe: Delayed or Derailed (?) Glasgow Express. See her run and listen to her lovely Glasgow accent!!

Unlike some (many?) we safely returned to the start/finish...guided by City U Obelisk...and not least MTR signs. Take note those who got lost... returning to a nearby MTR station will often lead you to the start/finish wherever you may be in urban Hong Kong!

Our overall impressions were of a good well Mark(ed) HH run, ably assisted by Shiggy Gaga and caterer/helper Virgin Mary. Setting a triple route midweek is not easy and with almost 60 runners, reminded me of past years in the 1990s when LSWH3 numbers sometimes swelled to 80 runners. On site catering is always difficult to estimate. Well done hares!

And so the author now turns to the following inputs for the short, medium and long sections of the run. @nal Invitation

I WON THE HASH! Best LSWH3 trail EVER. Last 3 Checks were pretty tricky but it’s all about solving the last one, which I did. Then it was a case of trying to keep a gap between me and the encroaching Tangerine Dream of N2TH3. Somehow Gary Glitter managed to get infront of her, maybe holding her off on the riverbed, leaving me a clear path to the ticker tape! Dr. Evil

A Gispert memorial Hash and a bloody good hash it was. Doing the M optional trail. Never did an M trail, never heard about an M trail before. Some sort of a Middle thing between an L for Long run and W for Walkers. Not W for Wimps, mind you. No Wimps Rambo trails on this Gispert’s memorial Hash…

Anyway, I got to the L-M split that many missed, due to a shortcut. So did I but something told me to go back and rightly so. The M trail was going the other way.

The M-L split came after a long sweaty, shiggy climb followed by a tricky shiggy downhill. The M trail took me along the Maclehose, backward toward Beacon Hill, and to begin with, on a nice on flat trail populated by a multitude of big black grasshoppers.

I was just walking leisurely along the M, all by myself like a big boy, eventually catching up with the front-runners, completely lost, at a Check after the rejoin. That was one cool M on a hot Wednesday night Macau Drunk

As promised, the L route was a 3k loop for runners to stretch their legs. It was a great trail - the Eagles Nest Family Trail - that looped around to the rejoin up the steps up to Leung Yan Rd.

Down the road, then the steps down to the reservoir road, before going onto Leung Cheung Rd….. Not this time though. The trail doubled back into the shiggy bringing the Ss, Ms and Ls together down the trail to the Check on the other side of the overpass on Leung Cheung Rd.

Local knowledge took us down the riverbed trail emerging quite close to the out trail and One Beacon Hill. Right then left on home into the park - unless you missed the big flour T and decided to do the entire run again. We saw Herr Pisser and co. at 10pm.

Run map: Attached, along with KOL’s view of his 2nd trip around the M-L route…….

Hash Stash - pix attached - V neck for the ladies' XXS and XS sizes, round neck for M/L/XL men's. Only 5 x L and 1 x XL left.

Down Downs courtesy of Indy:

The hares - Hopeless and Shiggy Gaga .......Great Run was the majority of the encore! (at that time the 3 very late arrivals .......who did the circuit 3 times ...had not arrived!)

The hares - Great turn-out! Combined LSWH3 and N2TH3 run.....approx 55 hashers........where did they all come from being August summer exit time in HK? Excellent!

Hopeless - 3 trips to the supermarket and vending machines to 'top up the drink levels'!

Hopeless/ Shiggy Gaga (Hash Cash ) - ....evening well subsidized by LSWH3 funds....

Shiggy Gaga - Off to UK flight via Doha so well done .......

N2TH3 attendees - Golden Balls/ Tangerine Dream / Plod / Little Mooney / LSG and Blow My Snake

Wounded Runner - walked around the block .........Golden Balls

Non Runners - Plod/Indy

Returnees - Tequila F*uckwit / Emma / Imogen ...... from gene pool of Jeeves (Michael Simmons), previous LSWH3 hasher! ???/ Japanese hasher Yuichi Hayashibashi

Anal Invitation - so chuffed about coming in first on Wimps trail ...”Yes. First back!"

Gary Glitter - Came in 2nd........

Tangerine Dream......Came in Turd (Ed note : am using hash licence here......a fab hash name from an ex Irish mate of mine!)

Will Not Come / Legally Blonde - catching taxis back to A when on run

Park N Shop - asked if any DD's to give......her reply “I have not been around that long!!”......???

Inflato- complaining about eternal back injuries.........was first up scrambling walls...running on walls and jumping off other side.....HTFU?

ADWD - ran with the Japanese hasher who was hard of hearing / he seemed to keep falling over rocks so stayed with him for 2 times of the trail to make sure okay survival......?......

COTD (did absentia for ADWD) had to translate from English to Japanese to be understood ! (with a lot of bowing!!)

Gary Glitter - running all Kowloon runs including Babes Hash..... new village house owner on NT side! Welcome to the new breed!!

Slippery Edge - sadly her last LSWH3 hash in HK as a resident! (moving to Amsterdam)

Slippery Edge - determined to do all possible HK hashers in past weeks before leaving! ....Saturdays.... Babes Hash/FCH3/Sai Kung/LH4/HKFH3/WH3/LSWH3

Hopeless - Great T-shirt of Gispert with green stripes down side to suit all LSWH3 /N2TH3

Virgin Mary - Food Amah! Great job with the kebabs!

Late arrivals On In - Kegs on Legs (with dog Spencer), Herr Pisser (not formally named yet but watch this space~!) / Quyen

KOL/HP/Quyen - seemed like they went round the trail 3 times!! Excellent for fitness training!!!

The Hares -Great run! Great turn-out!

Kowloon Tong