LSW 1909 – Lok Fu (up Lion Rock)


Hares - Gobi Lo & Mea Gulpa

18:07 email from Gobi Lo “We need your help to get water for run start. Sorry rain is making this a pain. See you soon. We are rushing down!”

Oh. Where’s the nearest bl00dy supermarket?! 3 shopping centres and 20 minutes later I found a Park n Rob, 26 bottles of water, 2 of Pocari for the obviously behind schedules hares. Loaded into an “amah suitcase” and back to Lok Fu MTR Exit A and wait for the oncoming pack.

Unusually F3M was one of the first to arrive after Crash Test Dummy, alongside Whistle Blower and Chatroom Pedophile. I must stop calling Max “Mike” – sorry about that mate!

Around 18:40 a damp Mea Culpa arrived “Denvy’s still out re-laying trail”. She then proceeded to mark to “A” which was slightly upmarket from last week’s tunnel, but only marginally. It was the steps of Lok Fu Plaza under the glass canopy. Still, it was dry, and toilets were not far away inside. The rain had pretty much stopped, and a few more were arriving like Just Add Alcohol, AFWD and Octopussy (still Rear-less).

Gobi Lo finally arrived from further up the hill declaring all was good to go. So to the briefing for the 19 hashers: “Helluvalot of Hellbank money” says Mea, “One Check with two notes inside a flour circle at the top”, (oh, so it is to the top of Lion Rock…), “Wimps, Rambos and SupaRambo trails”. (Oh, so the lion’s head then). “In the shiggy stay to the left”. Then we were let off our leashes.

Not many hashes start with a dash through a shopping centre / mall but that’s where we went, breaking out onto Junction Road and heading northwards towards the forbidding looking Lion Rock. Notes were in evidence, along with small blobs of flour, taking us into Broadcast Drive. Here Discover My Bay suddenly found herself at the front. “See Hopeless – I am good at the early stages of the run, it’s only later I get lost”. How prophetic Ms. Bay, who arrived back off this hash just as the third round of food was being delivered in the restaurant.

At this stage I found myself running with Any Fanny Will Do, on a rare outing, and also Whistle Blower, also on a rare outing, from Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport. We didn’t bother with the turn up into Lion Rock Tunnel, and stayed on the road to cut up into the embankment and the first part of the shiggy.

It’s important to listen to the hares’ briefing. It (usually) contains relevant information such as “following the markings” and “it’s slippery out there”. Or “stay to the left in the shiggy”. Which is exactly what Discover My Bay did in the first shiggy part, and almost immediately went down a ravine that was on the left side of the path. “Oh!” said Mea Culpa later, “I didn’t mean on that section, the one further on”. Hmmmm. On reflection DMB may have been happier falling over there and taking a shortcut home as opposed to the 3 hour trek she finally ended up with on this damp, dark night.

So, to the run. Sorry, climb, because that what it was, taking the (very) rough track up Lion Rock ridge with slippery rocks, bouncing rocks (dislodged by people’s feet) and rock faces that slowed the pack to less than a snail’s pace. I had the vision of Catch Of The Day’s rear end about 6 inches from my face for about 2km and 300 metres of elevation. Thankfully Ms. Day had not recently been eating curry or garlic so the fumes propagating were someone more flowery than if I was behind, say, AFWD.

Onto the ridge, naturally turn right, and then the W/R split. Rambo cut back towards Eagle’s Nest Trail, and SupaRambos tagging further on to the head of the lion. Knowing what was coming I opted for a rare Wimps outing, along with Just Add Alcohol, F3M, and the aforesaid mentioned AFWD. Down the slippery steps from the pagoda on the lion’s shoulders down to Lion Rock Country Park barrier, Frank The Plank joining us, and passing the non-sticky Octopussy. (See Down Downs).

Here we lost trail a bit, headed for the bridge over from Ting Ma Court House and onto the finish. The hares seemed somewhat surprised we were back in fine fettle, albeit a little longer than expected. Not surprising considering it took 24 minutes to do one kilometer between the 2km and 3km markers and 17 minutes for each of the following two.

The pack all started to come in dribs and drabs. A (seemingly) less than happy Gin n Vomit but not as unhappy as the phone call from Discovery My Bay who was (no surprise) lost. “I’m on markings but I think I have gone round again!” was the cry. “Now there’s dogs, aaaiiiyyyaahhhh!”. Visions of shredded clothes sprang to mind, but I have heard feral dogs only eat meat so a skinny vegetarian wasn’t worth bothering about. Initial attempts to talk Bei down finally bore some fruit, so those that wanted feeding headed to the restaurant, trail being marked to “F”. Close to 3 hours after setting off Ms. Bay appeared, smiling, and relived, into the restaurant.

On On to the local Dai Pi Dong, food ordered by TV Tits (for only one table initially!).

Down Downs courtesy of Hopeless:

Hares – climbing trail, (almost) losing Discover My Bay, well done in tough conditions!

Discovery My Bay - making it a 3 hour run to get value from hash cash

Gary Glitter – “Fcuk this hopeless I am going short”

Just Add Alcohol - slippery shoes (new) and Dr. Evil

"What is CAIH?" – it is “HTFU” - COTD looking at it backwards and lost in translation

Octopussy - holding up whole hash as Octo suckers were not working in the wet on the climb

F3M - wouldn't wait for Hopeless on the slippery stairs

Hopeless then waited for F3M at the bridge (age of chivalry is not dead)

"She looks good for her age" - Theo about Slippery or Gin n Vomit? Slippery takes one for the girls

First SupaRambo - Crash Test Dummy

Dr Evil - first RUN in months!

Showers and food - no recce from the hares, had no idea a huge football stadium with hot showers was 5 minute walk away, and that a cheap Dai Pi Dong was 4 minutes away. Hares recce’ing is not just about the run!

Supashower - Toilet Spray

Chatroom - leaves his clothes lieing around for days and still finds them as too smelly to steal

New home owner – Gary Glitter

“Marking was crap” - Frank the Plank

Hares – laying “directional” Hellbank money in the middle of the trail means it gets kicked around by hashers as they run over them. This can result in a note pointing to a…. ravine!

Gloves on trail - Just Add Alcohol

Plus nice stocking on trail - Just Add Alcohol

TV Tits – wears shorts on her newscasts

Non-runner – Mr. TV Tits

Toilet talk – “my boyfriend bought everything I am wearing, I just have to suffer a little” - Toilet Spray!

Frank The Plank - following COTD’s butt (as well as Hopeless)

Sketching lesson of naked people – resulted in shaking hands – Crash Test Dummy.

Song sung by the hares, Gary Glitter and Discover My Bay.

The map and elevations - Wimps 5.31km and 464m gain, Rambo + SupaRambo – 7.90km and 557m

Lok Fu


Lok Fu


Lok Fu


Attached combined map of Wimps (yes, Hopeless) and Rambo+SupaRambo (Slippery Edge).
The two Elevation maps shows the extremes the Wimps had to go through while the Rambos had a much smoother route... HA HA.
If I don't make it public I'll never be forgiven but GOOD HASH BY THE HARES. (!). Octopussy is still recovering from super suction from her Octo suckers on the rock climbing section. Theo left before he could be confronted by the lady he said "looks good for her age". (name withheld).
The mix up around the 3km mark on the Rambos was the pack following Kin down to Shatin.
The mix up shortly after that was turning back in order to not follow Kin again. She got it right that time though...
Bei has promised to send me her track and then we can all enjoy her extended 12km and 3 hours of hashing. A bargain for a run fee of HK$10!