LSW 1903 Quarry Bay


Hares - Hopeless, W. Wanker, Cockwatcher, lee

A good turnout for a 4 PM start on a relative dry but humid run with 7-8 Rambo Wimps splits and a Team Green ad-on for extra mileage.

Long time no see Dominatrix & Pussy Whipped graced us with their presence but took off before the circle.

Slippery was allowed out yet again, but only if she does the Rambo's

Leaving the park, the usual way to the footbridge over King Road. Turning left toward Tai Koo the FRBs met the first CB. The trail went up a small street to a back alley and the first of several surprises to those who thought they knew the area well. A slow steep climb up a metal ladder. Just getting to the ladder, you had to negotiate a steep incline. Garry Glitter who had fallen behind Rosie made a leap up the slope in an ungallant but valiant attempt to get back in fromt of Rosie bypassing all those patiently queuing up for the climb up the ladder,

On top, we came to a private compound with a security guard bend on stopping the intruding hashers. Parkey put on all his charm, sweet-talking the woman security guard, who gave in, letting us through and titulating Parkey, "a true gentleman"

Back into known territory, crossing the road, taking the service path leading down under the road and up up up to a fence that we had to slide under to get out.

Old Bremar Hill and another sneaky surprise trail by Hopeless, taking us up a riverbed to Sir Cecil's Ride. Tricky stuff but everyone made it to safety, even Free Wheel, swearing at the slippery rocks and the rushing water.

More Wimps and Rambo splits. The reward for the Rambo's, an old WW2 bunker on top some nameless hill and a steep shiggy slippery descend back to Sir Cecil's that only Lost at sea's dog seemed to enjoy.

"Another fucking river" Free Wheel at the catch water below Kornhill and those were the last complaints during the last bit of urban trail home.

Down Downs by Hopeless

- The Hare Hopeless, co-hare Wanchai Wanker and assistant hare Cock Watcher.

- Rosie, vintage 1993, the youngest Hasher after Little Lee

- All the geriatrics, like Parkey and Free Wheel, who found the trail not age appropriate

- The Hare - only happy when haring

- Free Wheel - getting overtaken by Parkey and Lost in Space

- Butterfly, Ice Cream, Maggie - giggling over Discover my Bay

- The co-hare and assistant hare for making a big mess out of haring the run.

And then Pakn' Shop bust upon the circle, back from an adventure in Sai Wan Ho, giving Parkey the evil eye and a silent but unmistaken "Piss Off"

- Lost in Space - Dead lucky not to be last

- Butterfly, Virgin Mary and Dr Evil - inappropriate footwear

- Catch of the Day - inappropriate body wear

- Back Draft and Virgin Mary - not running

- Team Green - You know who you are

- Catch of the day - Getting lost on the Team Green section

- Randal - visiting from California

- Slippery - making mathematical errors on the number of RW splits

Down Downs from the floor. Lost in Space

- Ice cream - I HAVE been fucked

Baptized and named

- Nic Tinworth is now know to the LSW as Tini Wini

More Down Downs

- Tini Wini for putting his nose up some Harriet's butt. Maybe he should have been named Anal Sniffer instead of Tini Wini.

- Itchy Twitchy from Japan, hugging Parkey, having had a wonderful time with Parkn' Shop in Sai Wan Ho.

- Parkey - Drinking with Itchy Twitchy for giving his wife a god time.

- Tini Wini - Winching about this and that.

- Butterfly - Refusing to do just a little bit of Rambo trail

- Lost in Space - Reminding Lost at Sea to have his dog give the hare a good butt sniff as to not get lost on trail.

Hass song - Free Wheel, Tini Wini, Itchy Twitchy and Park'n Shop

Quarry Bay 130412 9.43km