LSW 1901 – Mui Wo


Hares - Motormouth & Lost in Space

There were only four of us on the 6pm fast ferry (upstairs) which would get into Mui Wo at 6:30 then 10mins walk around the bay to the start. Sooo… we wondered - the 6:30 slow ferry gets in at 7:25 so they'll only be off at 7:40…. Are we all going to wait for a 7:40 start or have a normal 7pm start and a second wave later or as Crash thoughtfully suggested, we could all go and drink cocktails in the China Bear until it was time for dinner. It nearly worked. Meantime Catch missed the 6:30 ferry. "Well, Fan Ling is a long way away..". "er… she was in the IFC…"

So the starting line up was Theo, Small Sock, Crash, TV Tits, Z, M. Wanker and Macau. The briefing was LSW markings and WH3 markings from Sunday = good, H4 markings from Monday = bad, and the on-on is along the promenade. So we went along the promenade… all the way to the end… on H4 markings, until we turned around and came back to the start. Oh I see, the on-on was 10m along the promenade then sharp left away from the beach - blink and you'll miss it. Well it was a nice warm up.

Flat running towards the hills
Up and nice views of the bay and harbour and still no sign of the 'incoming' ferry
A check at the top to I don't know where. None of us do. Not even the hare. He said it might warrant re-cycling on a future run sometime.

Straight, down to whatever those lights were. We must have been near the mine and waterfall? The check had the trail going left down the steps. No idea where the other routes went but they too must be good for another run... 'Civilization' at the bottom (if that's what's rural villagers can be called - especially the one on the oncoming bike without a light that decided to play chicken on the paddy field path. Another Rambos loop swung us further right and then back towards Mui Wo (on the valley to Nam Shan path?). Past the swimming pool, canal road and on in. Timing good. Wimps and Rambos of the first posse rejoining for the on in.

The second wave was Ivana, Rear, Plank, Dougbucks, Octo, Toilet, Stinky, Tai Gai, Wanker and Yuichi. They started 40mins late so were a good deal later in finishing 'cos the early runners had the out trail in the last of the daylight. The home trail was a pitch black moonlight-free night, especially the abandoned house and the bits where you hear the dogs fierce'd up by the FRBs and you never know if they've managed to break free yet… Beers, showers, beers, more showers 'cos the first 20 minute shower didn't work - must have been the particularly humid humidity.

On on to the cooked food action near the pier. Where Frank ? He gone. Tung Chung $2 bus special. Some hares had organized a set menu for $60 a head including a $25 bottle of beer each....

The foodies soon fixed that and the dishes flew out of the kitchen. All was good. $90 ea. including the down down beers that were to be delivered on the ferry. And so they were by WW on the fast ferry back to Central thus:

Hares: - Motor Mouth (MM) asking Lost in Space (LIS) to set the run
- MM asking LIS to copy last Sunday's run from WH3 (LIS insisting that the Rambo sections were new)
- LIS for being stupid enough to say yes
- Little Sai W@nker (LSW) for being clever enough to say no

Ivana nu Cock - Turning up at the On On and ordering all Chinese vegetarian food

Hares - Not finding anyone to do the Down Down's until half way through dinner

Stick Sex Toy - Usurping Toilet Spray's position as shower hog and last to the On On after spending too much time putting on her make-up

Toilet Spray - arriving at the On On before the food is served for the first time in living memory

Crash Test Dummy - "Vegetarian's suck!" … how does he know?

Frank the Plank - lookalike LIS for sodding off before the On On

Hares - no squidly diddly (and when it did eventually arrive it was inedible). Why would we come to a seafood restaurant otherwise?

Gai Tai - No longer a Tai Tai received his first pay packet today. When he didn't work he wanted a job, now he has a job he doesn't want one!

- TV Tits and Agnes B
- Many thanks from the hash for taking over the food ordering from LIS

MM - Complaining about the cost of the (FREE) soup.

Chatroom Paedophile and Toilet Spray - Turned up all sweaty on the ferry in Central. Need reminding that there is no sex on or before the hash

Chatroom - Coercing Toilet Spray into running from Central MTR to the ferry in 8 minutes wearing a full length dress

Crash Test Dummy - Making a joke about Muffin the Mule and then not being able to stop laughing for over half an hour. What 's can he be thinking?

Little Sai W@nker - Muffin the Mule not Muff in the donkey!

Agnes B - Showing Muffing the Mule and other pornography on her iPhone

Stick Sex Toy - Winning the Muffin top competition

Chatroom and Toilet Spray - Disgusting romantic behaviour on the hash feeding each other the (disgusting) squidly diddly

Agnes B - Enjoying Crash Test's detailed description of (Captain) Pug Wash

Gai Tai - Thanks for being Little Sai W@nker's bitch and serving out the Down Down's from the steps on the ferry

Crash Test - Boasting that he had never been the bitch (FCH3 hashers - take note Crash Test volunteered to be bitch at the next FCH3)

Stick Sex Toy - Sex texts on the hash

Comes up the Rear - Inability to tell his left from his right on the trail

Visitor - Renee - unable to drink his Down Down as passed out on the ferry having discovered the hash on the beach and thinking it was a commercial bar drinking about 10 beers

Ivana nu Cock promised to give me a GPS of the run

Hash song sung in about 15 seconds as the ferry came into dock.

LSW1901 130529 7.18km 56mins