LSW 1900


Hare - Hopeless

So Wednesday started out with a black rainstorm warning and lots of people got a lie in. Then by 10am it was down to an amber and then by evening it had stopped. A big pack turned out for the 1900th LSW run in Quarry Bay Park. Instructions were given. Flour, paper money, no shiggy, no stormwater drains or rivers. No split, the rambos is an optional extra loop that is not marked, but is obvious.

Out the QB Park mk. II to the first check near the funeral home. Left or right along King's Rd or Java Rd.? Not likely. Too congested. Head for the hills. Overpass and past MTR exit C and up steps to Pak Fuk Rd. We normally go straight up the long flight between Safety Town and Healthy Village Playground - WTF - yes it really is called that. In fairness, the HK Federation of Youth Groups building is nearby so maybe some under 5s got to name it after watching Bob the Builder. Well this time we went left up the elevated road then a check into some shiggy and up the steps to the end of Tin Hau Temple Rd. Up past Wiltshire Towers and onto Sir Cecil's Ride. Nice fast contour round Braemar Hill with the wimps taking the first turnoff left down to Mt Parker Rd.

The rambos carried on further round Sir Cecil's/Jogging Trail/Wilson Trail stage 2, call it what you want. "Are you ?" came the cry from some rambos who'd already forgotten the hares instructions that there were no markings on the extra loop. Traverse round to Mt Parker Rd and down left to the rejoin, then all right onto the Wilson stage 2/Quarry Bay Tree Walk towards Kornhill. Across the stormwater bridge onto the HK Country Park Trail and loop round to exit at Greig Rd. Left down the road to King's Rd and left on home. A good fast run 'bout 8k and 50 mins for the front On on to the Thai where the kitchen swung into production. Singha beers $25 each or 4 for $100. Cool.

Down Down's by Indy

The 'Hopeless' Hare - Having done 705 runs with LSW, the 1900th LSW was the 94th run he had hared for LSW!!!!

"Hopeless' hare - and what a stressful haring event it turned out to be! After months of meticulous planning, the planned trails had to be abandoned due to Black Rain conditions..... ie...very wet!!

HH - had to go out with torn ligaments to lay new trail...... Wimps and Rambos!

HH - verdict from crowd! Great run!

HH's ' little helpers' - Tequila F***wit, Telecum

TVM - organising bash

Tequila - 'little helper' at run but felt that 'Nobody knows me........ ' Ah diddems! (Note to self! Will get you to set a run for LSW and everyone will know u!!!)

HH - nearing top of top attendance chart..... narrowly beaten by Bob Le Duck...who also has no life! 793 runs, but only hared 33!

Ruggero - next in line after HH....693 runs

Black Rain day - all those who got a day off as a result! Park'n'Shop, Shiggy Ga Ga, Indy

Smoking on the run - An@l Invitation...... a hard day at the office....

Wimps - Park'n'Shop/Lost In Space/Parkie

Wanna Be Wimps who did Rambos - Britney/Claire

Britney - confused at check as no idea what a ? means on a check as well as an arrow with a line on it!??? Been away too long!!

SST - Also lost at that check!

Hash Crash Claire - twisted ankle on R so Britney played Sir Gallahad

Dr Evil - seen hobbling over road with a walking stick..

Visitors - Babek from ?......some very funny interchange at the time..../Hamish

Non Runners - TVM/Yummy Mummy/Inflato

Returnees - Lost At Sea/Indy/Catch of the Day

Inflato - Brilliant helicopter flyover at the Hebe Haven celebration day...

HH - Great 1900th shirt ...once he had the Royal Southside pink markings removed!

Lost In Space - reported by An@l that after shower stood there starkers in front of mirror and open door brushing his hair.....obviously needed an LSW shirt!

TVM/ADWD -coordinating matching lace.... top with trousers

HH/F3M - off to UK for LSW Reunion weekend

ADWD - From Babes hash recce huge chaffing marks on upper/inner leggy part (use your imagination!)...was given very short skirt and pink G-string to ride motorbike home but needed petrol... caused quite a sensation at the station... even approached by gweilo stranger who wanted to find out about her...........?? Ask for more details....!

'Hopeless' Hare - Great run and bash! On On to the 2000th... which is already in the planning stage!

Down downs by Hopeless

Paying Hash Cash in Macau Patacas - Lost In Space

A small duck for a small hasher - SST

The Dutch award the "cup" for the European Football Cup to the Germans - Slippery Edge representing Heineken presents to Come In My Tunnel

Gary Glitter - recall for his 8, nay 12km trail of last week, whereas this week's run was tagged as 9km and was 8.1km.

Lack of beer at the bins - Inflato and @nal drank it all

LSW 1900