LSW 1897 – Chai Wan


Hares: Gary Glitter & Rosie

Summary: There were two trails plus the "optional Wimps" by Hopeless……

A new "park" by "YOUTH SQUARE" in Chai Wan was the selected start point. Actually a good location in terms of watching young skirt walk by, a weird "information desk" under the stairway, a Park n Shop and Chinese restaurant right opposite, but to the chagrin of a few "soft" hashers - no changing or showering facilities!

After about 20 minutes of waiting a bedraggled and tired looking hare staggered into the seating area. "I got lost. Again. Same trig point as I got lost on Sunday. Sent Rosie out to mark the Rambos, I was dying on trail, she had to rescue me by getting me water…".

Wow - sounds like one helluva run we were in for.

"Nah Hopeless, I had to cut out that first Rambo split over The Dragon's Back" (WTF?!) "and settle for a single split. Wimps run should be about 6km in length and the Rambos 2km more".

"But, I measured those distances using a rubber band on a map and plotting it against a ruler". (WTF2!).

So, with poor Rosie still on trail, an (initial) bunch of 20 hashers set off just as Breon arrived. Down an alleyway and out into Chai Wan's finest tarmac'd roads. First big Check Back drew the pack together, with Chatroom forging ahead towards the graveyard, Breon breezing past at this point chasing Dougbucks.

3-way Check on Cape Collinson Road, local knowledge taking Crash Test, Hopeless and Tequila Fcukwit straight on through the barrier into the graveyard. CT heads up the stairs, the other two find flour on the road right, and duly shout "On On'. CT duly ignores this call and forges up the stairs anticipating shortcutting the other two at the top. The lemmings behind follow CT despite the lack of trail, and the calling from the other two.

Fortune smiles on the Good Hasher as, at the next Check, down from where the lemmings were pouring out, H&TFW banged in a right turn, found flour and tasted the sweet flavour of "justice".

Road contour above the graves smelt badly of "Check Back" so Tequila carried on straight while Hopeless took the stairs left. For a long way….. to finally find flour and a Hellbank note, a big gap having opened up with the lemmings. Trail continued onto the catchwater, then the tarmac and under/through a large concrete obstruction which the hares had thoughtfully chalked "BANG!" to which Wanchai W@nker obliged by first boffing his head then tripping and falling at this point.

So, out onto the road at the top of Cape Collinson, over the steps and on past the prison to head for the contour on the level of above, heading back the way the pack were heading. Breon had caught up just as the failed W/R split chalking was discovered. Further tarmac contouring to the pagoda at the end of the road. More confusing markings - was it a W/R split or was it trying to say all hashers go straight?

Based on the fact 5km was already on the Garmin with little Checking, Hopeless went left down the steps. The entire pack went (correctly) straight on to discover the W/R split 150 metres further on. Rambos marked down the steps to Big Wave Bay and Wimps to stay on the catchwater contour.

Max, our newcomer, and friend of Crash Test turned to Slippery Edge and said "so are you doing Wimps or Rambos?". "Rambos" was the reply. So Max, anticipating a bit of slippery down the path to Big Wave Bay went down the steps. While Slippery did what she does best, slips out of a situation and heads off on the Wimps!

The rest is straightforward. Rambos down and up through Big Wave Bay, meet the Wimps at the top of the steps, over the short hill and down the steps back to Cape Collinson Road, off right down to Chai Wan swimming pool, and on in home.

Short - 7.83km - purple
Medium (original Wimps) - 10.43km - yellow
Long (original Rambos) - 11.35km

Some notable features:

1. At 2km marker, blatant attempt at shortcutting by most of the pack up the stairs instead of the road with retribution by the FRBs who were following trail to nail the next Check and leave the SCBs in their wake.....

2. About 2.8km entire pack except Hopeless falls for the CB on the contour giving the crippled hasher a good 3 minutes lead (but diligent chalking in blue for the rest of the pack)

3. Just after 4km marker, hare stuffs up, gets lost looking for a route over The Dragon's Back, turns back, scrubs the first W/R split, multiple crossed out chalk markings seen.

4. 5km marker, Hopeless notes the "Wimps is 6km, Rambos 8km" briefing from the hare and decides the only possibility to now get a short run is head down the steps. Again a double set of arrows confusing as to whether W/R were still together or not.

5. 5.15km is the actual W/R split. Rambos get a tour of Big Wave bay. Wimps stay on the contour, the rest is history!

Breon was the first Rambo home (not so closely) followed by Crash Test, Chatroom and Theo. First ladies back included F3M, Slippery Edge, Shiggy Gaga and Just Add Alcohol. Some confusion as to which ladies did which route with which was lost in the babbling commentary they provided once they grabbed their first softies.

Last in by some margin was Lost In Space. His recent lack of flying time and possible extra energy on hand meant he went for the Rambos option. Ever smiling when he came into the restaurant, after about 2 hours, the medicinal "Tsing Tao" was administered and all was well.

Down Downs courtesy of Hopeless:

The hare and birthday - Gary Glitter

Cohare and saved the day - Rosie

Never an Austrian hare - Theo (is going to pick a hare date soon!)

Lost on recce and setting at same point - twice - Gary Glitter

Late as usual - CUTR

Octopussy and Toilet Spray - stroll in chatting

Hopeless - big shortcut ("the hare said it was 6km for the Wimps…..")

Rambos - 11km via Big Wave Bay

Neckie - W@nker - "8km Rambo???"

Returnee - Willy Wonka - rep. - Theo (Swiss - Austrian)

Newbie - Max: Crash Test - worried about Max - was going out to remark trail, after waiting 20 minutes

First lady - Just Add Alcohol - wimp? (Was told it was F3M and Slippery Edge - mistake)

DFL - Lost In Space

DFL last week - Dr Evil

Hare - "I measured the trail with an elastic band on a map"

Markings - the two types of paper markings from Shiggy Gaga and the hares - Hellbank money - examples shown, one nicely cut into an arrow and one not……

Showering together - Toilet Spray and Octo

Chatroom - complaining Dougbucks has to wait too long while someone does "post shower stuff"

New job - LIS

Ruggero - still puts the GPS watch on back to front

Bday pressie as not enough shiggy - machete to Gary Glitter

Max - looking for a banana in the beer bag - DD to Crash Test

CUTR - watches The Wiggles every morning

Song courtesy of the birthday boy and shortcutter and 2 * DFLs

LSW1897 Chai Wan


Start above the Y-Theatre Youth Square
Up Chai Wan Rd, then left towards the cemetary
Up through the cemetary onto Shek O Rd
Onto HK Trail 8 at the correctional institute
Split at Pottinger Gap - wimps straight, rambos right down to Big Wave Bay
Rambos back up to the rejoin and round Pottinger Peak
Down Cape Collinson Rd
Down the steps to San Ha St and left on to Chai Wan Rd on home
Wimps a bit over 10k rambos a bit over 11k