LSW 1895 – Tin Hau


Tin Hau temple
The Hare - Cheesy Flying Fux assisted by Legally Blonde and The Virgin Mary
In the temple there was the banging of drum and crashing of cymbals albeit a bit early as Tin Hau’s birthday was the following day. A good turnout for the holiday live hared run - 42.
The briefing - figures of 8 and markings R1 R2 R3 W1 W2 W3, Wimps pre-marked, Rambos live. The last of the Wimps has yet to be marked so if the FRW get to the last rejoin before the hare, wait there as there ain’t no markings yet.

And we were off. Left along Tung Lo Wan Rd to a check where Thermal headed for the stairs to the bus terminus. Dr. Evil was up the other stairs to Dragon Terrace leading back to behind the start. BOF got tied of looking up the middle stairs and turned back. Ohh… too soon, for that was the way, zig-zagging up the slope maintenance path to come out on Yee King Rd. Bit of a nasty looking, rusted high fence to straddle, with Any Dick’ll Do hurrying up the ones she thought needn’t sully the gene pool.

Most followed Hopeless up the road towards Cloundview but Backdraught found trail going right to Tai Hang Rd then the long steps up to Tai Hang Drive. At R1W1, Rambos left, Wimps right, with the Rambos going to the end of the road then right, up The Shiggy. No ordinary shiggy this – it was scrambling on all fours on wet slime green rocks, through streams, free climbing up rock faces, zero traction up mud banks and ½km later out at Sir Cecil’s/Mt Butler Rd. Ahhh, firm ground. A bit of confusion with R1 arrows pointing to R2 and the Wimps coming up Mt Butler Rd from the opposite direction. Some wisdom from Boilers - “I think the Cricket Club” and with that the Rambos headed up onto the Sir Cecil’s traverse while the Wimps continued towards the quarry.

Not all the way to the Cricket Club though, but a left turn up another river. Just before the final ascent to the Tai Tam country trail we saw ADWD above us holding a foot and a half of broken stormwater drain aloft, and, saying it was dangerous, heaved it down the ravine at the oncoming runners. A mad scramble to get out of the way and an ow. Did I get you much asks ADWD. Oh how we laughed. Maybe not Small Sock. We followed the R2 right for a while then started checking more riverbeds before deciding it was a check that lost something in translation and we went left instead. Sure enough. All the way back to the quarry and a rock face descent to the start of the catchwater.

On to the rejoin and up the road towards the Mt Butler radio station. But not all the way, for there was a river. Off to the right we went for some more water, rocks & shiggy. This looped back to the radio station that is now marked ARUP, then towards the Wilson Trail 2. A check at the radio mast. Wanchai Wanker, after an exhaustive 10 yard search, pronounced the route to the right dead. Everyone ignored him and went right to follow the Wilson trail steps down then left on trail towards Braemar Hill. There was speculation now that Braemar Hill Playground was B because it had a hose/shower and toilets, and there was the paid BBQ stall at the shopping centre – just as advertised. Before we got to the Braemar Hill Rd exit there was the final R3 split. ‘Cos there was a river. Mud, water, undergrowth. Out at Choi Sai Woo Park and down to Tin Hau Temple Rd.

A check had everyone going back up the hill in the direction of Braemar Hill Playground, but in a surprise move it went along the path that runs below Tin Hau Temple Rd, then down the steps to North Point MTR exit B4. A quick loop round the block and up to the 2nd floor and Cheesy Flying Fux’s flat and outside terrace. And lo, BBQ, hose/shower and toilets….

In the words of BOF – “Bloody good run, you haven’t killed me yet”.

There was copious amount of food coming off the BBQ, and sweetcorn, salads, grilled veges and fruit salad coming out the kitchen, and nearly copious amount of beer in the freezer until the hares had to go and buy some more.

Down downs by Hopeless

The hares - first the live hare (Cheesy Flying Fux) and co-hares, bag ladies (The Virgin Mary and Legally Blonde)

Ruggero - "I haven't been told yet if I am coming"

Sweaty Snail Gobbler - closes the restaurant again so he can hash!

Comes Up the Rear - ran into a car to make a point to the driver

Hash Crash - Yuichi - headbutted a large rock

Hash neckie - throwing rocks at Small Sock because he was in front – Any Dick’ll Do

Catch of the Day - hobbled in

All Triple Wimp runners - Sally, Suckswallow, Motormouth, Tight Clit

FRB was Sweaty Snail Gobbler - wins the 7-11 bear

Any wimps catch the live hare Breon? - Claus, Sally, Emmaroyde

BOF - cursing non-callers then cursing his bum bag

WTFIC - shitty shorts after R3

Non-runners - Lisa Mac, Toilet Spray

Virgins – Matthew

Visitors – Dunkin’ Nonuts from F3H3 Tokyo Hash

Returnees after a year’s absence - Emmaroyde, BOF

Rearender, F3M, Legally Blonde - jealous wife types - the opposite being: 15 missed calls from husband while in Wanchai after the LH4 - Slippery Edge - lookalike LH4 DD to Shiggy Gaga

The Hare - hosting and great food

Wanchai Wnker - asking for discount as Cockwatcher only had one sausage (as usual!)

Caroline - hash splash on R1

Ruggero - missing the end of the run and ran around the block twice

Boilers - wet socks and feet, wanted to go home to have a cup of tea

Yuichi – got injured on other hashes in HK and got loads of sympathy and concern. On LSW, after he opened his forehead the best he got was "nice cut"

ADWD - gave the bird to a passing car

Sally and Caroline are not mother and daughter!

Not helping Yuichi after his crash - BOF

Shiggy Gaga - here is hash cash!

Thanks to front line chef Breon and his help

R1 R2 R3

LSW1895 Tin Hau to North Point 130501 11.7km 132mins


R1 R2 W3 vs W1 R2 W3

 Tin Hau to North Point 130501 R1R2W3 vs W1R2W3