LSW 1894 – Caine Road


Chris (co-hare)
Ivanna Nucock (hare)

Caine Road sitting out area

Ivanna in her own words:

“When thinking about a setting a run, I'll look ahead to the long-range weather forecast to get an idea about what conditions will be like on that day. If the outlook is for wet and rainy weather, I'll avoid steep, off-road terrain, and try to stick to paved walking routes or those with a hard-packed surface. As today [Wednesday] approached it was clear that conditions were humid but relatively dry and grippy, so I opted to include steep climbs and sharp descents. I also think about variety of terrain and how a run should take you through unique landscapes that require you to concentrate about how you’re running, about your footwork, and how that should get you to change your body rhythms. In general people like it if they feel like they had a brief holiday from their boring lives and gone on a run that takes them far away from the concerns and miseries that linger around their pointless working careers. Hashers also like it when you challenge their expectations.

"I like to think of every run as being like that scene in that movie, what’s it called? Oh yeah, ‘Lost in Translation’. Remember that scene at the end where Bill Murray runs up to Scarlett Johansson and whispers in her ear? Of course, the audience is left guessing as to what was really said -- and what ends up happening is that you project your own subconscious into the vacuum of that space – it becomes a place where we enter into the film, so to speak. That’s how I see today’s run.

"Some of the hashers who will be showing up expect the run to go over High West and that’s an expectation that I want to reverse, as I in fact will run them through Lan Kwai Fong. Little Sai Wan hasn’t run thru LKW for quite a while, but I think it would be a good lark. Besides who doesn’t have memories of time wasted hanging around dodgy nightclubs till all hours, as I did back in Moscow as a youth.

"Before we get to LKF, however, I’ll set the trail up to Pine Battery, up to the Peak circuit trail and over Mt Austin for the rambos. Everyone, wimps and rambos will be sent down the knee-jarring Old Peak Road and eventually on to the racket club, before turning left toward FCC, then Lower Albert Road ahead of the gentle downhill through the bar district. But I don’t want things to be too obvious. The runners will need to puzzle their way through all my checks. I’m using closed checks today, in that way, I’ll avoid having the runners yomping around, getting confused by other chalk marks – and that way I’ll avoid a lot of complaining later on. Closed checks mean that we have to use arrows and eventually close off any of the dummy directions with little ‘T’ marks. A lot of people who run on the hash probably don’t know the difference between closed and open checks. Safety is another factor that I keep in mind when setting a run. It’s kind of a fine balance, trying to figure how to keep people interested in the run, a little bit scared even, and yet somehow within the margin. I don’t know, it’s something I think about, but perhaps not really consciously.

"Anther factor that I do think about is entertainment. We’ve been to that same old Caine Road restaurant so many times, that I’m really up for pushing the boundaries. There’s this way cool Vietnamese restaurant that I know about on Stanley Street that looks perfect, although I’m not sure how laid back they are about us bringing our own beer in, or how late they are open. It could be tight with the time, so with that in mind, I’ll try and keep this run under 10kms for the rambos.”

Down Downs
Ivanna Nucock

Frank the plank and Ivanna for getting on the racing podium on the weekend

Boilers’ wife—losing phone, stepping in for boilers

Virgin hashers, Aero- Finland, Taiya-Japan

Octo- being late

Castrada – texting to find distance of run

Sze- for not being a Rambo

Frank the plank, Kin, Sze, Macau drunk, Come in my tunnel -- showering in fountain, or showering at posh yoga club

Queenie- finishing last

Theo- colliding with a disabled person in LKF

Crash Test Dummy -- 75 runs

Handsome model runner – for making his son wear a backpack laden with stones

Dr Evil – Out of hospital

Ivanna Nucock – for being so handsome- from Kin

Legally Blonde—new braces

Virgina Mary, Legally Blonde – walkers?

Crash test dummy – losing iPhone on Saturday

Come’s late—for being co-hare, handsome

Kin, Queenie, lookalike Vietnamese haircuts

Slippery Edge – Texting for run details.

Gary Glitter and daughter – for participating

Shiggy Gaga- For not breaking a sweat

Smelly T -- for being hard of hearing

Kandi -- for the new guys all hearing about her daughter being hot

LSW1894 Caine Road 130424 10.8km 80mins


Hares - Ivana Nukok & Comes Up the Rear, 42 runners. Caine Road Garden, up Seymour, Castle Road, Robinson, Kotewall, Hatton, Pinewood Battery, Hatton, Wimps Rambos on Lugard Road. Rambos Victoria Peak Garden, Mt. Austin Road, Peak Tram, Findlay Road, Findlay Path, Plantation Road, Old Peak Road, Tregunter Path, Brewin Path, Tramway Path, Lower Albert Road, d'Aguilar, Wellington, Lyndhurst, Hollywood, Shelly Street / escalator, Caine Road, on home. Fast and furioso. Good.