LSW 1893 – Shatin


Hares - Come into my Tunnel & Toilet Spray

Another wet and drizzly evening. Hashers huddled under a concrete flyover in Sha Tin changing hurriedly next to the wire fence under the disapproving eyes of local commuters. Hardly the most salubrious of locations.

We all know how difficult it is setting trail in that kind of weather. However the lovely Toilet Spray was bright and breezy welcoming everyone with enthusiasm. The ever industrious Come In My Tunnel was out resetting the trails for the second time.

Come the briefing everything changed - apparently the Rambo was dangerously slippery. It was terribly hazardous out there. Many were the warnings of dire consequences for those who dared to attempt it.

So we were a small group of perhaps fifteen, off into the night and up the side of the hill. Paths going up round village houses and then further up into more remote regions. Fairly close to the start we hit the Rambo Wimps split and the more enterprising veered off to the left - the last I would see of them for some time.

The wimps trail was lovely. A fair number of steps but also some wonderful dirt paths at the top of the hill. It was lovely and misty up there. Jolly pretty.

Of course, at this exact same point in time, the Rambo had been completely flummoxed by said mist. Shiggy Gaga had gotten the Rambos completely lost and they could hardly see further than their feet.

So yes after the steps up and dirt paths it was steps down and then off into a shiggy trail following a water pipe down the hill. A bit slippery but hardly a big deal and Octopussy provided wonderful company.

Rambos at this point were still wandering around in circles looking at bushes and tripping over each others feet.

Then us wimps were out onto the streets of Sha Tin and over down to the waterside where drinks and snacks awaited us.

Rambos were still looking under stones and climbing trees confused and unhappy.

Us wimps saw the first two Rambos (Crash Test and Gobi) come in just after us and frankly most of us thought then that perhaps we should have done the Rambos. However the rest of them didn't manage to find their way in for almost another hour. Cheerful but perhaps one or two strained expressions. The map

On on was a most excellent Chinese. Possibly the cheapest meal I have ever had on a hash - $100 including all drinks!

So combo of new trail, well marked, interesting terrain, unusual setting, cheap and abundant food. Top marks.

Down downs by Indy.

I recorded the down-downs so they could be enjoyed by everyone. However here's a arbitrary summary based on which bits I can remember (or read).

Being a wimp or being a lost rambo - so that's pretty much about everyone!

Toilet Spray - for saying that you shouldn't do the Rambo if not well, or not fit, or got a temperature, or dehydrated, or didn't run yesterday, or scared of the dark, or had a beer last night, or went to work today etc etc etc

Come In My Tunnel - for his secret passion - San Mig beer. These Germans don't know nothing.

Shiggy Gaga - for causing the whole Rambo debacle and then coming in last with one shoe missing.

Hopeless - for going out and rescuing Shiggy Gaga’s lost shoe.

Hash Cashes - for meeting each other. Hmm that reminds me I didn't pay. Ooops.

Kin - for going to Vietnam just so she can get an exceptionally cheap haircut.

The Brits - for killing off Maggie.

LSW1893 Shatin 130417 8.03km 114mins


LSW1893 Shatin 130417 8.03km 114mins