LSW 1892 – Wong Tai Sin


Hares Shiggy Gaga, Just Add Alcohol

It's the raining season in HK, as such, 10th April, Wed. was grey and miserable with heavy rain. Running in the rain is not favourable to me, also it's the beginning of the 'Qing Ming', according to Chinese tradition, it's the time that the whole family pay high respect to our ancestors, and the path between this world and the world our ancestors are leaving is connected so they can receive our respect and gifts. I have been warned by family senior members, especially female seniors that I shouldn't run in the mountains in HK this month, anytime. One part of me saying don't go.

While the other part of me persuading that the run can relief the stress from work and study I have in the week, catch up with the fun& 'crazy' group, most importantly, doing the duty as a co-hare for next week's run.

Arrived on time at A, after say hello to the hares, I am told that ShiggyGaGa was going to reset the whole trail again! As she was afraid the rain washed out the markings… therefore, the markings are very well seen and clear, most of us find the way back except LIS, I haven't had a chance to ask him if he actually 'lost in this space', but went to another 'space' that our ancestors are leaving.

Apart from the confusing conversation of the direction to start between the tired and confused hire - Just Add Alcohol and Hopeless, if the bridge outside the A is the staring, the whole trail is good mark. After all, a LSWH run in the rain in the evening of April is good and peaceful.

Down downs by Hopeless:

The hares

Late as usual - Comes Up The Rear - after 3 weeks of on time

Rain zapped the trail - the live hare

Leading pack astray - Agnes (Sze)

Ruggero - what - you want to go to Sha Tin?

Frank The Plank - guessed it right but then stuffed up

Hash crash and lost GPS - Hopeless

Lost property - Lavender lost her G-String, and headlamps for going down

Last - LIS and Slippery Edge

LIS - rescued by a woman

Visitors - yelllow beaver fever

Helo boredom - Cyclops and Inflato

Maggie Thatcher has passed on - anyone working in the UK in 1980? All those in

Anyone not born then? Michelle,

Chatroom - traded his roaring thumper for a silver scooter and his ChinaCom mobile doesn't work, all in all a bad week Toilet Spray have a DD

CIMT - write up outsourced to TS so very relaxed

Hare - april 24 - Ivana Nucock volunteered

Anniversaries - Hopeless 700 runs, Chatroom 175 (by TS), Octopussy 100

The song by - hares and anniversaries

Wong Tai Sin 130410 8.25km 70mins