LSW 1891 – Wanchai


Hopewell Centre. Hare Ivana Nukok

Torrential rain all day that fortunately cleared up by evening. Never sure what sort of turnout to expect with that sort of weather and also a public holiday the following day. As it happened there were about 30, but not that you’d know it from the start which was surprisingly prompt at 7:01. It meant you saw all sorts of people during the run and at the finish that you didn’t see earlier.

Markings in chalk, flour and also yellow ribbon. So left along QRE and a check-back to go up Monmouth Terrace to Kennedy Road and up Bowen Drive. A check at Bowen Road Garden that wasn’t going too well, so it was nice when one of the new runners came back to find out what everyone was doing 'cos he’d found flour in the other direction...

So back the other way on Bowen we all went, to the split at Wanchai Gap Road. Rambos up to Stubbs Road and another spectacularly mismanaged check. Black’s Link… Middle Gap Road… Mt. Cameron Road… Coombe Road… Aberdeen Reservoir Road… Stubb’s Road (Old Peak Rd direction)… Black’s Link again ‘cos maybe Breon hadn’t gone far enough the first time round, then finally Hopeless had a eureka moment. If we did Lover’s Rock and up Stubbs Road last time, then it might be down Stubbs Road and Lovers Rock this time…. Whey hey. And off we went, cheating death down a pavement-free Stubb’s Road to the tour bus viewing spot. To the continued amusement of the mainland tourists (they were amused last time too), we jumped over the railings and slid down the muddy slope face towards Lover’s Rock. Maybe the tour guides have included the hash going over the edge of the viewing point in the dark as part of their tour highlights…

On to the rejoin on Bowen and a fast pace towards the Stubbs Road end. A CB took us back at least 8 or 9 metres to the Tung Shan Terrace shortcut onto Stubbs Road. It was straight down to the Sikh temple and left on home along QRE, though some of the pack decided to do the Shu Fai Terrace route onto Kennedy Road on home instead. Just over 8k and about an hour except for Sweaty and a few others who got back 40 minutes after that bearing bits of yellow ribbon that had nothing to do with the hash.

At 9:01 the hare marched off to the basho at the Amoy Street Thai while the rest of the pack had a few more beers and sauntered in half an hour later.

Down downs by Hopeless

The hare

Screwing the pack - Cyclops wrong call

Screwing the pack II – Wanchai Wanker for he “CB” on Bowen

Doing own trail - Nic

Hash crash - Parky on the Friday Hash

Sweaty Snailgobbler - week off - restaurant closed

Visitors - Dim Sum and Keg on Legs

Newbie - Alastair

Pink torch - Alistair Curry - replaced it with a purple one

Returnees - Princess C*ck Tosser and Dim Sum

Non-runners - Catch of the Day – x-ray says she is preggers. Rachel late-comer.

New shoes – PCT because his helper delivered his hash kit with one men’s and one women’s shoes

Award - Shirt to a wanker

Popeye - "Saint Patrick"

Lack of updates - mother-in-law in town - Ruggero

Marching the hash to the bash - the hare

Elite table - Hopeless, Keg on Legs, PCT and WW

Ruggero - Tarzan showering in the bushes

SSG - more preggers than wife

The hare

The hash song by the people least likely to know the words

Hopewell Centre