LSW 1890 Siu Sai Wan


Back To The Future or Forward to The Past by Hopeless.

A to A, Siu Sai Wan. Trail marked with chalk, flour and various other objects. Some hashers (Dim Sum) still got lost. No rain despite the observatory's prediction of showers and thunderstorms. Fun trail through the cemetery followed by a CB, up into the bush and long slippery steps down on home.

Great run, worth the hare's broken rib.

DD's by F3M

~ Parkie - oldest hash shirt from 1983

~ Irish Spew a.k.a. CUNextTuesday

~ Octopussy. Asking for a head in the shower.

~ Mr. and Mrs. Parkie. Selling cheap oral sex 80$ for a head.

~ Patrik and Dim Sum - f#ed up torches.

~ Dim Sum. Taking his time on the trail snacking on frogs and taking pictures and making everyone wait.

~ Hopeless. Poor directions to the restaurant.

~ Octopussy and Cums Up The Rear. Found the restaurant, ordered food and left everyone else wondering around.

~ Just Add Alcohol and Frank the Plank. Running the trail second time round.

~ Shiggy Ga Ga and Irish Spew. Saw a wild boar.

~ Wanchai Wanker - ultimate bore.

~ Catch Of The Day - bikini photo in the newspaper. Rugby 7's and trash-bag bikibi.

~ Hash Crash. Catch Of The Day, Irish Spew, Slippery Edge and Patrik.

~ Cums Up The Rear. Wedding with.. Motormouth?

~ Weather too good to be true. Hopeless sold his sole to the Devil.

~ Slippery Edge. Needs to sell hers. Hurrendous weather on her hash yesterday.

~ Dim Sum - returnee.

~ Motormouth. The only hasher who Dim Sum could recognize.

~ Ivana Nukok. Calling the hare for check back solution.

~ Thermal Dick. Angry Scotsman.

~ Octopussy can't read Chinese menu, says she is Australian.

The Song was sung by Parkie and returnee Dum Sum and everybody.

Siu Sai Wan