LSW 1889 Wanchai


The Irish set the run.... seems they didn't make it all the way to Ireland itself so had to turn back and only make a 12km trail......
HOPELESS (Hash Logistics Manager)

Turnout 40. Lockhart Road Playground, over Queen's Rd, checkback at Monmouth Path stairs. Turn GPS on. Up Justice Drive, check at the British Consulate, right into HK Park and down towards the squash centre and back up via the aviary to Kennedy Doh. Right to the Visual Arts Centre, over the road steps up to MacDonnell. All left past the Chinese Foreign Ministry. Wrong. Back along MacDonnell (2km mark), wrong then up the steps to Bowen and right to Magazine Gap Rd. (After 3k mark). Up Brewin Path to May Road then up Chatham Path to Barker Road (after 4k mark), right, then up Hospital Path to Severn Road (5k). Down Severn Road, down the path (6k) to the petrol station on Peak Road. Rambos down Guildford into the country park at the German Swiss School (7k). Footpath to the river bed then down onto the HK Trail. Left on trail, across Aberdeen Reservoir Road the back onto the road (9k) and up to the rejoin at Coombe Road playground. Down Wanchai Gap Road to Bowen (after 10k), right down Bowen Drive (11k) and on home via Monmouth Path. Sweet.

Wanchai 130320 12.18km 100mins