LSW 1885 – Yau Tong A to A


Hares - Wanchai W@nker and Peter (Clayton)

“There’s going to be a jolly big turnout ‘cos I’m the hare” Wanchai Wanker not so quietly confided during the week. Eyebrows were raised. 27 people showed up. Where’s the hare Master Wanker ? Wrong Wanker. Groans. That explains it.

Co-hare Peter on his 3rd hash run ever, was being worked like a slave carrying 400 softies, water and ice and a couple of six packs of beer to the start Listen carefully. The markings are in blue chalk. “Doesn’t that get rendered invisible at night” chorused the faithful. Okay, the Wimps is in yellow so if you just follow that you’ll get home and if you see arrows going in opposing directions you’ll know what’s going on…. Brimming with confidence we shuffled down the road towards the Sam Ka Tsuen Typhoon Shelter; or past it for some who didn’t see the blue arrow left into the seafood market towards Lei Yue Mun.

Sprint through the restaurant crowds to the temple where we lost trail. Because we always do that. Some dogs barking up the hill was taken as an on-on, and sure enough we found flour half way up the hill. A check on the cemetery road had the front returning from the left so right we all went to the first split. Rambos back down the hill and into the shiggy that Knutshy had used on one of his efforts. There seemed to be a cessation of flour laying in the old broken down squatter housing shiggy which regrouped the pack until we spread out in expanding circles on a rescue and recovery and found trail further up the hill again.

Out at the columbarium gates to the rejoin and TV Tits waiting for someone to accompany her on the second Wimps through the cemetery. Rambos left then up Devil’s Peak, through Gough Battery and down the other side to the rejoin on the Wilson trail. Traverse round the hill with a gratuitous loop up and back down before the descent to the road. Over you go and out at the playground and bus terminus. Down Pik Wan Road, left at the lights and on in through the housing estates and past the on-on restaurant. A good run just over 7k and the front just under the hour.

A couple of six packs of beer and 7 softies while waiting for the late-comers to finish, we left Hopeless to wait and it was off to the basheteria

Down Downs courtesy of Hopeless:

Hares - WW and Peter

Virgin hare - Peter

"It'll be a big pack as everyone knows I am a good hare" - WW

Late - Bob le Late, as usual.

No motorbike this week - GnV

“Where do I get flour and chalk?” - WW told “Wellcome flour and white chalk shop” then got blue chalk and PnS flour

Ruggero - front runs into the temple, Hopeless local knowledge goes for Wilson trail

Doesn't go down – Thermal Dick (obviously missing Shiggy GaGa)

Racing to the finish - Comes Up The Rear as usual screwed up at the last corner

Dr. Evil and Bobbledick - looking after TVM on trail

“My cheap torch is great, I don't need your expensive torch”, it failed and then use Hopeless’s spare torch on trail - F3M

Dr. Evil - last in

Returnee - TVM

TV Tits - "this is my name"

Crash Test - poor singing in the shower

Just Add Alcohol - not drinking Japanese beer, preferring Carlsberg

Making the world’s most expensive coffee - Lavender's boyfriend - Chatroom

Richard Briers died - self sustainable living actor of The Good Life - Thermal Dick for his self sustainable homemade tee shirt

Poor hash gear – Lost In Space for wearing the ACNH3 shirt

Food - TVM for the ordering and $1 chicken - actually it was horse….

Dr. Evil – entire table playing on Facebook – but he's looking at pictures of cranes

F3M Circle

Man City game 4-0 to Man City vs. Leeds – so Hopeless had to drink 4 Sambucas.

Hare stats - Ruggero not bothering

Peter has best hare stats record – hare one in three runs. (OK, so he’s only done three in total!).

From the floor…..

Lavender - horse meat is fine in France so all Europeans drink (The Scots refused to join this DD – give the Basterd independence, that’s what I say!).

Back to Hopeless:

Motormouth free run - the hares

Song by the hares and LIS and Toilet Spray.

Yau Tong 7.18k 60mins