LSW 1883


The Hare Lost in Planet was undecided - I'm Not Yet 50 run or What a Load of Old Bollocks run. 26 people arrived at Braemar Hill to find out

Down Braemar Hill Road past Choi Sai Woo Park we went. Not everybody though. Some of the late arrivals didn't even make it that far.... Into the country park at the check at Wiltshire Towers. Left where it joins Sir Cecil's Ride then a long traverse, past the Mt. Parker trail turnoff and some odd blobs of flour going down it? Hopeless leading the charge at this stage having got all the checks right.

A checkback regrouped the front of the pack to go up to the radio station. A short hop along Sir Cecil's Drive then left into the Shiggy Gaga shiggy. This eponymous shiggy didn't do her any favours though 'cos she missed a sharp right turn, leading yours truly to the top of the hill before having to retrace back down again. Out of the wilderness onto Sir Cecil's Drive towards the radio mast and left onto the man's Ride heading in the direction of Home.

But it was not to be; a checkback took us up the riverbed. We were back near the radio mast again and proceeded round some telecom, green railings then down the shiggy for the final decent down the riverbed heading north back onto the SC's Ride again. Left along the trail for the last k or so On Home.

A great run 'bout 7k and just over the hour mark.

So we got the I'm Not Yet 50 and not the Load of Old Bollocks

Some brief showering under the hose then on to the basho at the Braemar Hill Shopping Centre

Down downs by Indyanus

The Hare - Lost in Planet, birthday, not quite 50

The Hare - no co-hare and found some virgin trails

Hopeless - hadn't done the Telecom green fence route before

Torch blowouts - Octopussy and Cheesy Flying Fox

Indy - about to get into a taxi to go to the run when a strange man rushed up to talk to her

Nic - for he was that strange man wanting a ride to the start

Non-runner - Hash Cash Higgie

Late starters - Catch of the Day & Come into my Tunnel

Come into my Tunnel - then abandoned Kin on trail

Virgin Peter - returnee despite doing Bobbledick's epic last week

The hare - one reccie, only done on Monday

All those going on holiday (not) - Mea Cupla, too late in trying to make a booking

Tight Lips & Tight Clit - confusion

Frank the Plank - the hareline sheet was circulated for people to fill in to set a run. The Plank started reading it thinking it was the King of the Hills results. Quickly passed it on when he saw what it was.

Frank the Plank - been running since 1983. Set 1 run

Gary Glitter and Indyanus - running mates bringing up the rear.

When one Rear drinks, all Rears drink - Comes up the Rear (tenuous stuff this)

All the King of the Hillies

Gobi Lo - won the ladies KOTH full marathon. Look-alike down-down to Higgie

Ivana Nukok - not KOTHing, injured from the HK100

Hopeless - rewriting the Ladies Hash constitution

Niseko skiing trip - Catch of the Day, Crash Test Dummy, Just Add Alcohol & Come into my Tunnel - Kai Tak rules apply

Hopeless - major haring, WH3 and RSH3 last week, LH3, LSW this week

Macau Drunk - offered to set the LSW CNY holiday run this week instead of Hopeless

Shiggy Gaga - running shorts blowout

Peter - construction lawyer. All the builders.

Ivana Nukok - knickers on her head for a headband?? Vodka down-down

Wanchai Wanker - $90 for 3 large Asahi deal

Everyone else - Drinking Hite Light Beer - the beer that put the S back into Hite

Higgie - emailed Hopeless to get one of his previous run Garmins to recycle

The hash song

Braemar Hill 7.5k 65mins