LSW 1880


Deepwater Bay

So the 16th of January 2012 was the FFFM Run .....I must admit that even as hareraiser I never realised the significance of that date for her....and once I knew, I mused to self....'Self, Why no T-shirt to celebrate such a milestone? Even Bob Le Duck in an astonishing gesture of 'generosity' had tearfully opened his 'plastic bag' to release funds for his 60th birthday shirt! And Hopeless, of course, will organise a T-shirt for the significant events in his 'hashing career'......No doubt his next piece of hash stash is already on the Designer Board 'I hared 100 LSW runs...' only 8 more to go!'

Ah ..but back to FFFM! Yes this run was to commemorate her 10 years of LSW hashing!! ..well 9 years and 364 days to be exact! ...her first LSW run being on 17th January 2002.

And the other 'significant statistic', as she pointed out, was that this run was 4 years (well, 3 years and 364 days to be precise!) after the 17 January 2009 Hopeless/FFFM 30 year Anniversary Run .....well known as the 'Maroon shirt run'....that in itself 'runs' if you remember!!...(all those hashers who had pink bras, g-strings and boxer shorts after washing delicates with that shirt!!)

Yes...the run! Naturally I arrived after the pack had just set off at 7.05 (5 mins earlier than anticipated!) ! I was aware there was a Mystery Hare so cast my eyes around at who was 'hanging around' at the start! Saw Hopeless...Not him he says, but 'someone much younger'! Saw Motormouth getting the latest on shortcuts around 'Deepwater Bay' from FFFM ...'swimming?'......but somehow knew it couldn't be her! Ivana was hanging around! Must be her....No! Assured twas not cause she was 'waiting' for Higgie??? WTF??? but he's married with brand new hash horror!

Turns out one of the 'sub-sub hares' had set a 'Special 100km run' for Ivana/Thingy and Nic as they did not want to do the shiggy and risk ruining their 'heavily insured legs' with the 100km race on the weekend!!! WTF???

Okay the run.....was not without its minor point of confusion, (to be polite), just as the previous run at Stanley had likewise suffered from 'confusion'! It's all a matter of 'signs', moveable or otherwise!.....! The run began smoothly enough with the long sprint along the Promenade heading to Middle Island YC, then a good check back which allowed me to catch up with the pack...up the steps to the main road then 100 metres up the road heading towards the Cricket Club...Trail took a long time to find with Bob Le Duck standing on the On On sign and arrow but doing nothing to assist in finding it! Then off to the right, past luxurious Repulse Bay residences to another check back....Again the pack was brought together as shiggy trail was found up a pipeline! And up and up we clambered....I had no idea where we were but seemed like virgin shiggy to me!

I passed the time near Chatroom and COTD reanalysing her FCH trail of previous Saturday and why so many had done her Wimps-Wimps trail (thank goodness I had done the 3 1/2 hrs!), and Chatroom regaling us with the need to be culturally sensitive in China,... and grabbing a Chinaman's ciggie out of his mouth and snapping it in half just to prove it!!

More clambering ...and then the scream of Wanchai W@anker exclaiming that if the slow folks could 'kindly' get out of the way he would be at the top already!!

When we did finally get to the top and the contour path, that was when the fun really started! A long check back again had caught the FRB's, so true trail found momentarily to the left with the pack then all together running every which way ....! Left ! Right! Thermal D running back and forward on same trail like a man possessed! Down some went into nowhere! And then Gary Glitter and Octo coming slithering down from 'UP' where no trail was found either.....and all then gathering together again to point at THE SIGN!! Which was a an Ouija board, the rock with the arrow on was spun around...carefully examined, possibilities again explored..trails again searched, and then all coming back to THE rock as, alas, other sign was found to lead the flock forward!

Oh the value of a mobile phone! For once, all were very approving of moi ringing the hares for info...Sub-sub-hare Hopeless, at command post, quickly denied any responsibility for setting that part of the run, but having got that off his chest said....'Head to Black's Link!' All well and good but who knew where we were let alone the direction of Blacks Link! Thank goodness Chatroom, prior to getting himself a 'real girlfriend', had nothing better to do on weekends then than to run the trails, so he led the pack in that very direction along the contour path/catchwater ....then at the bottom of BL was the Wimps/Rambos/Special 100km split.....

The Rambos carried on up BL to the top and left down those long steps.....Naturally we all expected to go onto main road then and the FFFM Gold Course shiggy path! No.....not to be! This was a real Rambos run! After the steps, we were then trailed to the right for a long run along another catchwater before then another shiggy trail path down, then yes! The Golf course trail and On Home!.... Again I had Wanchai W@anker crashing down a slippery path behind me doing an impression of D*ck the S**t ...but we managed to survive that! The map

And despite the intriquing 'ssssssigns' the hashers were all happy campers, particularly as the pack were kept together at many vantage points ...and the 'special 100km run' hashers (except for Ivana) even stayed to have a (not so well-deserved) ' beer and pizza 'on the beach despite grooming themselves and their valuable legs for the coming weekend!

And FFFM even baked her own bread to commemorate her 9 years and 364 days of LSW hashing!!! But who was her young mystery co-hare?....


The Hares - FFFM, Sub-Sub-Hare Hopeless

Mystery Hare - Hilton (son of Inflato)

The Run - Good run, too many signs, not enough long check-backs!

Hopeless - Most 'unlike' hash behaviour...setting the 'Ivana 100km Special' Run

The 100km 'Special' Runners - Ivana (absent!), Thingy, Nic...DRINK!

FFFM - 10 years of LSW hashing from 17th Jan 2002.....but to be more precise 'the 9 years 364 days' Run

FFFM - 4 years of hashing since setting the 'special maroon shirt' run with Hopeless, the 30th Anniversary Run

Bob Le Duck - lookalike Thermal ....on trail talking about the days when he was interested in 'Bra Cups'?

Motormouth - Is Bob Le D still interested in the above?

Thermal D - predicting trail and avoiding check backs when possible...

Horrid Huge Steps - Crash Test Dummy racing up and leaping down them...lookalike Catch Of the Day...Why Me?

Visitors - Tom Turk, who did own version of trail but could hear us calling!
- Malcolm, from Singapore!

LSW Virgin - Helen

Wanchai W@anker - telling others on trail to 'get out of his way' so he could leap up the mountain!

CIMT - catching up at THE ROCK SIGN , although 15 mins late!

The Hares - confusion on the trail ......what sign was the sign?...a moveable rock?

Stinky Sex Toy - a 'sign ' confusion on the previous week's run!

Thermal D - running up and down same trail many times (check GPS!)....and still no flour.

Gary Glitter/Octo - crashing down the shiggy hill looking for the trail

GG - says quite proudly...This is the 2nd week I have been the FRB! It's not the physical state but the savvy mental stuff! (Ed Note - but still not savvy enough to find trail!)

Yours truly - Having the 'smarts' to carry a mobile so could ring hares to ask for trail

Malcolm - trying to explain on mobile to Hopeless where we were on trail, even though he lives in Spore!

COTD - trying to explain to Hopeless in Japanese where we were stuck on trail.....

Hopeless - Command Post Control - 'I did not set that bit' but 'Head to Black's Link'

Chatroom (absentia) - only one who knew where Black's Link was..

Gary Glitter - Running up Black's Link

Helen - enjoying the Rambos, so she would deserve the pizza

Malcolm - buys a new bike to become faster and fitter! Spore?

Hash Crash ..Slippery Edge - Gary Glitter keeps running past her whilst Helen goes to the rescue

WW - doing a D*ck the S**t impersonation as he crashes down hill out of control...

Thingy/Nic - Drink more Beer - carbo-loading for 100km race

Thingy - New dad of Charlie

Thingy - showing off his photo of 14 when doing his first Marathon! A cute kid then.......

Thingy - Sadly another Hash Cash bites the dust! off to live in UK as wifey has new job there...

First map shows the main trial (Thermal Dick tagged this week as the subhare was resting after setting) in red, Rambos route, tad over 11km for TD. Wimps cut off shown in yellow. Then the "special trail for Olya and the HK100 runners, to run around the "Spider Alley" route, in green.

Second map shows an overlay of the main hares' setting route, in purple (plus their paddle on the water after setting....).

First map shows the main trial (Thermal Dick tagged this week as the subhare was resting after setting) in red, Rambos route, tad over 11km for TD. Wimps cut off shown in yellow. Then the "special trail for Olya and the HK100 runners, to run around the "Spider Alley" route, in green.

Second map shows an overlay of the main hares' setting route, in purple (plus their paddle on the water after setting....).

Stanley 130109 11.84km 116mins


Wimps Rambos Paddle