LSW 1879



The hares - Stinky Sexy Toy and Mea Culpa

Well, if you did the run (attended and set off on trail from Wong Ma Kok Road) you pretty much know “the tale of the tape”….. innovation on a trail sometimes can go wrong.

This run featured three loops – two of which the pack was meant to run up and down the same stretch of road, but with chalk markings “on the left” on both sides. Those that didn’t do the run can then foresee the pending doom and disaster…..

This was a very good trail. Had sections of Stanley and features that could not have been done without this “creative” style of markings. The views from Stanley Mound, the trail down to Stanley Fort main gate and the Guardhouse were enjoyed by Hopeless, Gary Glitter, and, after going out a second time, Crash Test Dummy.

So pack running tends to feature hashers running both sides of the road. Hence when the group finally emerged out of St Stephen’s College, the leading runner spotted chalk going down Wong Ma Kok Path. Hopeless and Gary Glitter continued on, running on the left side of the Road, Boilers in tow, with the pack ignoring the loud “On On” calls. No doubt everyone was chuckling that these three were off on a wild goose chase to a Check Back, but that was indeed not the case.

Boilers did the Wimps loop, back to the Path, Hopeless and Glitter up the metal road to a “tricky Check” at the top. 11 minutes of scrambling in the woods resulted in the pair getting back down the main road, and then the adventure on The Mound. Lots of CBs here kept Hopeless busy, GG following on until they finally came back down to the road again to run “on the left side” following arrows back to the Path.

Then on through Stanley, the promenade, and past Murray House where GG and Hopeless failed to spot the (already finished pack) standing around at B. Through the coastal path to the bottom of Chung Hom Kok Road, and the third split, again an “up and back with a loop in the middle”. GG cut short this time, leaving a lonesome Hopeless to head to Rambo 3.

So a final loop round to get back to Murray House sitting area, the pack finishing at least 40 minutes before the Hopeless hasher.

Good trail, well marked, and some interesting paths which could feature in future Stanley hashes.

Down Downs courtesy of Boilers:

Boilers - left his shoes in the Plaza… not neatly next to his bag but more like he just kicked them off as he arrived

Crash Test Dummy - did the run twice having misled the pack past the first two Rambo splits

Rambos - Gary Glitter and Hopeless - Hopeless hit his head and was left on the ground so they missed the rest of the pack and did the Rambos

Sai Kung free hash - in that it is not Sai Kung, Hang Hau, Tseung Kwan O....

Ivana - won the female Sham Seng King of the Hills mountain marathon, 10th overall, walking the hash this evening

Frank the Plank - birthday - a prime number but couldn't remember which

Lost in Planet - doing a bit of window shopping before the run - in front of the estate agents

Kin - liked the pizza Fiorentina because it had 'seaweed' on

Kin and Just Add Alcohol - year of the snake

Kin - premature with her year of the snake call - it's not really a Gregorian thing

Lost in Planet - his ex-boss is meant to be in court in Macau for corruption, but is in Hong Kong sending them sick notes

Octopussy - enjoying being back in HK after the mountains in Sichuan because there are toilets here ?

Flora 'Spread Easy' - returnee from 1994, but declines a down down saying she did a run since then

Crash - thinks Kin's XL beanie would make him a fine sporran as he has ein großer Hodensack

Thermal Dick - 100 runs - since 1998, but he did spend several years away running here 3 times a year...

Anyone whose partner was 3 hours late for the run - Boilers

Non runners - Florenda too busy shopping

Guest down downs from Lost in Planet:

Frank the Plank - the only hasher to be happy for an "on home" after 4.6km while everyone else went back to look for missing trail.

The hares - making Hopeless madder than he was on the WALOB 2 Hash with millions of blackjacks on his $1,000 kit

Boilers declared that the hash song would not be sung, but a few minutes later everyone sang it because they just couldn’t stop themselves…

Rambos and Wimps trails

Stanley 130109 9.98km 117mins


Wimps Rambos