LSW 1876


Aberdeen Tin Hau temple. Lots of back checks and coasteering.

A bit of a "technical" trail with Ruggero & Barbie choosing some rocky sections of trail above and around Wah Fu.

A rare forage to the west of Aberdeen saw the pack head out and up up up through the graveyards and onto the road leading up to the main catchwater. Ladies (Denvy & Olya) went right and up to the top of the cemetry, Hopeless & Christian went left. Boys nail the Check, only then to be held up at the next 3-way Check with two false trails to the right on HK Trail 3, and a check back from the left on stage 2 going up to the old rocky HK trail that extends above Tin Wan estate towards Wah Fu.

The ladies caught up and swopped positions with the lads as a few CBs drew the pack together with Cheesy Flying Fux shuttling past the front runners on a regular basis.

Eventually, off the long downhill steps towards Wah Fu, another CB caught the front runners, for more rocky/uneven trail around the back of Shek Pai Wan Road before emerging on Pok Fu Lam Road and a marking "crossing" to take us over to the Pok Fu Lam Rd fire station.

More CBs, Checks and confusion around the 5km marker to finally find trail down the road towards Wah Kwai Road, and the waterfront. The Wimps started heading back along Tin Wah Praya Road while the Rambos went on to the small temple / statue area, falling for the (obvious) CB at Waterfall Bay Park to double back and climb over walls and rocks and wall of the MTR site to get back onto the long haul along Tin Wah to the fish market area.

The Check here caused somewhat of a bottleneck, the Wimps (out of chalk?) hadn't marked it, maybe shortcutted home, but finally Hopeless found the ONON, and ran back to the bridge to call on the likes of Denvy, Cheesy and the visitor. Back along the main road, in through the fish market / landing area, and through the subway back to the finish at the bottom of Aberdeen Reservoir Road.

9.56km for the Rambos with checks, Wimps around 7.5km.

The movie courtesy Handheld Higgie Films

- Parkie for being born in 1876

- The hare Macau Drunk for setting a wonderful run

- Frank the Plank for running too long and too hard looking for the start : "Indy, I am totally buggered"

- The hare for giving latecomers shortcutting tips

- Indy and Frank the Plank - latecomers. Combined age of 130 and can't see the markings

- The hare for sending them to the graveyard. The hare: "Off you go! Look for the grave yard!", Indy: "That's a bit too early, isn't it?.."

- Frank and Indy for calling the hare on the phone. (From hell???)

- Lost in Space for T-ing off all the ways at the check

- Virgin Mary - non-runner

- Park-n-Shop - returnee

- Parkie and Park-n-Shop for fighting on the trail

- Club Foot - returnee

- Heidi - visitor. Motormouth made him come.

- Spread Easy - visitor and returnee

- Motormouth for complaining about not getting enough food

- Indy for being hot on Parkie's son Club Foot

- Club Foot for being a good looking young man despite being Parkie's son

- Inflate-a-Date. A Cathay pilot dropped fuel over Discovery Bay. Parkie: "The got it wrong! We wanted the champagne from the first class!"

- Boilers and Rearender. Flying Cathay to Europe while Cathay cabin stuff go on strike

- Thing in My Bottom for dropping hash cash and hash apron.

- Heidi (How Embarrassing I Dropped It)

- Free Will will make a tutu for hash cash to wear instead of the apron

- Lost in Space and Boilers for arguing about English and American history

- Who reads the newsletter? Inflate-a-Date, Indy and Frank the Plank

- Bobbledick for living in a tent and not inviting anyone except Motormouth

- Rearender for pouring Boiler's 500 years old wine down the sink and taking a photo. Never tell your wife that she drinks too much!

- All bastards without hash gear

- Anniversaries:

Catch of the Day 101 runs with LSW. Well done!

Free Will 75 runs with LSW. Well done!

Virgin Mary 75 shopping trips with LSW. Try harder!

DD's from the floor:

Parkie to Indy for being a married woman

LSW 1876 Aberdeen