LSW 1870 TST Oktoberfest


An absolutely marvellous run (note: the purpose of this comment is solely so that Hopeless will now be embarrassed to disparage my forthcoming effort). Hopeless has already given us the route details, we were off at high speed along the waterfront, but slowing down for the crowds, only to have our pictures taken as we passed between dozens of cameras and people having their photos snapped with the harbour and HK island in the background.

The run took a bridge over Salisbury road and towards a large square resembling a Malaysian or Singaporean food centre. Britney and I searched the three far corners in detail, only the find the run had turned up a walkway and never actually went into the square at all. Next back over Salisbury road and all around the outside of Hung Hom station. No throngs around there to slow us down. But turning back across the harbour tunnel toll plaza, we were into the thick of commuters returning home. Across the north end of TST, mainly on paths but some unavoidable roads until Kowloon Park. Straight through with no diversions, as for the last umpteen years, and back to the clock tower via Canton Road. The braver members of the hash battling with taxis and Lamborghinis for road space, the pavement being almost impassable.

Generally a very well marked run, thanks to the decency of the FRBs filling in the gaps most likely ... except whoever marked the run into a lift ... which was extremely slow ... and after an eternity ... opened into a detour, not even on trail.

A few drinks and Indy called a Circle to try and stop our virile male members from ogling the gorgeous Harbour Runners contorting fit their bodies alongside us ... or was it our nubile harriettes gorging on the male Harbour Runner eye candy ...

The Hare - for being the hare
The Hare - the run was 98% the same as last year.
The Hare - nice (?) background music and festival of lights from the HK tourism board.
Britney, Cyclops - returnees
Body Swerve - visiting from Macau Hash - got lost on trail
FFFM - leading the pack astray at Hung Hom
Hopeless, Britney - No Germans on the run, so best we could do - they speak German or lived there.
Motormouth, The Virgin Mary, Comes from Behind - latecomers

Octopussy's downdowns:
Sticky Sex Toy with shawl and Swings Both Ways - "your wings will extend to him" how beautifully poetic ... until Hopeless chimes in "more like your web!"
Body Swerve - "I have a drinking problem" - couldn't even drink water - kept missing his mouth
Latecomers - Indy, Body Swerve, Thingy in your Bottom
Swing both ways - Not pushing the down button on the lift
Britney - pissed off because he didn't run in the road for the last section, so got overtaken at the end
Indy - barging into any pregnant women she found so as to encourage them to leave HK

Back to Indy:
Wanchai Wanker - complimented Julie on being so fit - chat-up or jealousy?
Bobbledick - living in a tent
Sticky Sex Toy, Just Add Alcohol - China v Japan race on the hash
Lost at Sea - flunked a Check - missed all the markings
Lost in Space - keeps saying he might have to leave so as to avoid setting a hash
The Virgin Mary - best dressed
Cyclops, Britney - getting behind Indy on the run

Hopeless's Downdown:
Wanchai Wanker - got back first, but only by following the markings the FRBs had put down then taking a shortcut at the end

Thingy in Your Bottom's Downdown:
Sticky Sex Toy, Just Add Alcohol - wearing multiple layers of clothes on the warm evening

We then trundled off to the Marco Polo Hotel Oktoberfest party, $120 for the first beer and $150 ish for food. Lots of fun but the venue isn't what it used to be ... when hashers Polka'd around the dance floor together (except the drunk ones who fell over and tripped up their partner too). For next year why don't we try the Victoria Park version? Oh dear... did I just volunteer myself?


TST 121107 6.87km


Last night's hare's trail around Tsim Sha Tsui.

Out along "Avenue of the Stars" on the waterfront, diversion into TST East before heading to The Coliseum and around it. Back into Hung Hom station and across towards Austin Road and a CB to cut behind Gun Club Barracks and then around KCC back to Austin Road.

Over Nathan Road and into Kowloon Park, out the other side, right turn for the sprint for home back to the clocktower via the hordes of mainland tourists on Cameron Road.

20 attended with about 14 onto the Oktoberfest.