LSW 1868


From last year: "But the piece de resistance was last week's 'Era of Good Feelings' Run, what a load of bollocks that was." -Big Bitch

So what started as the "era of good feelings" has descended into a "load of bollocks" so my feeling is why not do another one. This is the hash that had Pole Dance having a "proper hissy fit", Lost at Sea cursing that he missed a nice party, Big Bitch just cursing, Macau Drunk stuck at The Admiralty MTR unable to move etc. etc. So if you missed last years please join me this year so you too can be shouting "what a load of Bollocks" Somehow tequila will be involved at Gobi Lo's request. The on-on promises to be wonderful. showers are a definite maybe. There will be a R/W split but sadly we will not have women appearing to give other women blow-jobs.
Lost in Planet

The Walob 2 Run

The pack assembled as usual with a few strays turning up with minute to go, nothing unusual there! The hares gave the obligatory briefing - Walob run 2 and with the usual markings off the pack went through the old village and on to the first check. So it was off onto the Wilson trail and up, to the second check where the FRB ended up hiking up the shiggy, whilst the pack headed down the roots and rocks section calling On on, going down, down, down to the stream bed, with the pack whining and bickering about the uneven path - walob. The pack crossed the stream and off into the night only to pick up the old broken path alongside the old houses and headed on down to the catchment area. The FRB's at this point had naturally headed left towards the dog shelter when the first check back was encountered, so the pack naturally close up. It wasn't until the pack found trail again next to the portaloo's were we off again, on to a check and yes in true hashing fashion down the wrong path in to the cemetery. The skilled hasher had picked up the true scent and "On on" was called drawing the pack out of the cemetery and once more down and across the stream bed. At this point the laws of physic's took over and the down down's were followed by the obligatory Up, up, up (did I say Up, boy did it go up) through the shiggy following the electrical pylons through the grass land. The FRB's were off in the distance but a few stayed together in a small pack, and yes the walob crys could be heard as the next level of up up up appeared which might as well been tackled with ladder as the rope turned out to be useless. Well once again physic kicked in and the down's appeared. This time complete with sand slides, bush grabbing and balance beam ledges (we should apply to make hashing an Olympic sport). As we ended the down section, on entering a cemetery a few words of wisdom were scribed "quite, turn torches off - prison". Well a cemetery can be described as many things but a Prison. Well in the next 50 mtrs all was clear as we exited the shiggy at the back of the Prison and followed the contour path down to the left and out onto Clear Water Bay road where a dodgy split bunched the pack up to the cry's of walob (which was actually spelt with two LL - "wallob"). So off the pack went running downhill back to the start (4kms in) only to encounter another dodgy split which sent them into a tail spin - walob. Then a distant cry could be heard as the lone hasher found trail and off the pack went down towards the start and onto the Hawaii trail of dodgy stone path, down down down to Po Lam where the trail exited behind the sport area and headed into the park. Walob was the cry as the trail disappeared and hasher could be seen running in all directions. Well, the trail was found heading into the estate and On on was called toward Po Lam where for the want to markings the bucket was easily missed (hashers near did). What became all too clear at this point was that whilst hashing on the infamous Up up up section almost every LSW hasher had actually become part of the largest germination program in Hong Kong and now resembling a person who had just gone three rounds with a porcupine and managed to extract every spike from the little critters - walob.

Bring on walob 3 as I am sure how the hares will surpass that run, no mean feat!.. On on.


Down Down's by Indy...(written up whilst watching her namesake 'Indianna Jones and the Last Crusade' with 'Where's Max'.....!!!)

The Hare 'Lost In Space' - What A Load Of Bollocks!!! Sequel 2

His Special Space Girl - Octopussy

Lost In Space/Space Girl - Great run/climb/ropes/stagger/run.......

Yummy Mummy - for offering her Yummy Mobile to move bags from A to B

LIS - Great A to B trail

LIS - succeeded in getting twice the number of runners on his run this year!...

Hashers who attended the WALOB Ist Edition - Lost At Sea, Inflato, YM, Toilet Spray, Indy....

All those who have had their own WALOB's.... Inflato, Chatroom, Indy

Lost At Sea - claiming it was him and not Big Bitch who named LIS's last run 'What A Load Of Bollock's'

Toilet Spray - Cheated..... opened paper so she knew where B was....

The 1956 strugglers up that shiggy mountain - Gary Glitter/Indy

Lost At Sea - a 1956er who leapt up the mountain like a gazelle?

Gary Glitter - Reading an arrow as a T.... spent 10 mins fruitless searching in complete shiggy...

Toilet Spray - coming up the rear joined the GG/Indy duo..

Comes U the Rear - joined the 3 musketeers at the R/W rejoin

HTFU Who saw that? - naturally Inflato

SSG/Octo - felt right at home putting trail around the prison

LIS - Spelling issues? WOLOB??....or was that the Special Space Girl?

Bikini Debbie - calling out loudly at prison ignoring sign for silence....

The Hare - start at A and does the huge mountain loop to come out near A....

LIS - setting a prickly run..

Prickle victims - Lost At Sea, Hopeless (in absentia), Chatroom, GG, TS etc ....

Bubbleduck - Returnee

Latecomers - Comes Up the Rear

Chatroom - Hicky Slut back at LSW last week and CPF's run managed to scare her away again...

Dr Evil - lost shoes from last week's run.... (since re-found by the Chinese lady - Tight Lips!)

Trailwalkers still appearing at LSW runs - nobody... DD to yours truly!!

Support TW's - Dr Evil/Chatroom/Higgie

The Amah - GG

The Hare - Here's to Sequel 3!!

Tseng Lan Shue to Po Lam 121024 8.63km 87mins


Tseng Lan Shue to Po Lam 121024 Elevations