LSW 1866 Chai Wan


Hare: Crash Test Dummy

The trail took us out of Chai Wan and up the road to the hospital. A check in the reservoir confused a few before trail was found crossing the main road. This was the location of the first back check that caused so much confusion. The trail which went up the steps was found by Hopeless before anyone reached the check so most who followed had no problem.

The trail went up a steep, slippery, shiggy slope. I found myself behind Wan Chai Wanker, not a good idea!!! There was one very hairy moment when he stumbled, lost his balance, did a backwards windmill with his arms and very nearly took us both to the bottom of the mountain!!! And so we continued, up and up and up for a loooonnng time until we reached a white dome thing at the top of Mt. Parker. Fantastic views of the harbour and Kowloon. Here the trail continued down Mt. Parker Road to a bbq site where I found Ruggero and Rearender consulting a map (where did they get that from???) The second of the backwards checks causing the problem. Eventually we realised we had run through a 'T' marked by the front runners and the trail actually took a sharp left along the Boa Vista contour trail down back to Chai Wan.

Back at A many decamped, some because they were running the Wilson train at the weekend and needed to 'rest' and some to go to the pub to moan about the run, which was actually great. A hardcore few managed the restaurant and just the creme-de-la-creme stayed for downdowns, which were highly informative and potentially controversial at times, a highly censored list to follow.

Down downs were delivered by Indyanus

Toilet Spray, Catch of the day - hare's past co-hares

Tomoko, Catch of the day - shit markings on a previous run due to Tomoko's friend from South Africa saying it was bad for the environment.

Chatroom Paedophile - ran up and down a road on some previous run

Hare - rock throwing run

Chatroom to hare - Why is there no certificate this time?

Chatroom, Ruggero - Got a certificate last time

Tomoko - returnee

Hare - 2 backchecks

Lost in space, Toiletspray, Tomoko, Indy - stuck at a backcheck

COTD, Ruggero, Rearender, Michelle - Rambos

Come in my Tunnel - reunification, met Indy when the Rambos joined the Wimps

Chatroom - Running the Wilson trail at the weekend but still at the onon

Catch of the Day - 96th run

Catch of the Day - writing a Japanese shopping list on Indy's down down notes

CRP - only got one pussy to please and she's at home (cat)

Hopeless and Wanchai Wanker (lookalikes Come in my Tunnel & Lost in Space) - gone to the pub to whinge

2nd female back - Michelle

Catch of the day - Arranging Indy's hen night

Denvy (lookalike-can't remember) - complaining she wasn't invited

Rearender - wasn't there either

CRP to Indy - passing out

Toilet Spray - filling Indy in about what happened on her hen night

Rearender to Catch of the day - forgot her birthday

Catch of the Day - passing out in a restaurant, being woken by police, having her blood tested and told to be careful what she wore

Girls - be careful what you wear in Wan Chai

Dr. Evil (lookalike - CRP) - annoying Lost in Space with his on trail commentary

Sticky Sex Toy (lookalike - Rearender) - wanting to delete hen night photos because she is a teacher

Japanese and Filipinos - most wild

Indy - "I was a victim of the Japanese"

Toilet Spray to Indy - The Miracle

Lost in Space, Crash Test Dummy and Michelle sang the song.

Chai Wan 121010 9.06km 94mins


Chai Wan 121010 Elevations