LSW 1865 Cheung Sha Wan


A pack of about 30 runners turned up at Cheung Sha Wan park starting area. Defying German timliness, we set off about 7:12pm!... the trail north-east out of the populated area and up the hill to join the Maclehose trail. Rambos heading around the hill left, and wimps short-cutting to the right. A nice flat section of 'runners trail' followed as we rounded the peak and then re-joined the wimps on the far side... eventually descending the hill down into Shatin (festival walk) for a run of about 8.5km and just over an hour for the front running bastards.

On on to dinner at the "Yummy Mummy" approved local Chinese hash house where the Chinese speaking co-hare (toilet spray) ordered nearly everything on the menu, to the point that there was nary a square centimeter of free space on the table. Food was delicious and beer was plentiful (thank goodness as the down downs were endlesssssss....)

Incomplete list of down downs (as the substitute scribe (chatroom) is a lazy bastard and is depending solely on Indy's incomprehensible notes):

The hare (Cum in my tunnel CIMT) - for the German Run

Co-hare (Toilet Spray)

The hare and all of his former co-hares (all cute girls!)
Sticky sex toy
catch of the day

CIMT - worst run on Lantau (lost poor old BOF)

Toilet Spray - excellent writeup notes from last week (even though we couldn't understand all the abbreviations)

Toilet spray - disagreement with Shitler about most basic human need:
shitler - having a good shit
Toilet spray - falling in love (awwww)

All the Germans - Berlin wall fell on 3rd Oct 1989
All those who lived in Germany
All those who worked in Germany
All those who had been to the wall

Special exception for Rhino - who has neither lived in, worked in nor vacationed in Germany (he is AUSTRIAN!)

CIMT and Creme Brule - CB beat CIMT in the lantau two peaks last year despite getting pissed on red wine the night before... AND mixing up her number with CIMT's number

Late comers - Octopussy and Indy (knee issues?)

Visitors - German Girl (the male one) and Bavarian Girl (the female one)

Rhino - for bringing Bavarian Girl along and trying to impress her

Catch of the day - camping with her 'mystery boyfriend'

There were lots more from Indy and the floor, not captured by the lazy scribe. There are probably lots more contained in the 3 pages of scribbles that Indy calls notes that i can not make heads of tales of.


Cheung Sha Wan 121003 8.53km 63mins