LSW 1864 Sha Tin Wai


Hares - Inflato & Yummy Mummy

Another Inflato classic finishing at The Love Shack (quoted from Hopeless email), came into my mind when I saw the names of the hares and the location of A. With loads of catch up at work and the still jet-leg brain, I precisely calculate the travel time to A I need, so managed to get out the office at 6:30pm, but realized I was underestimate How crowded and busy the MTR at the time, so at 7:03, one station before Sha Tin Wei, I received a message from CRP nicely remind me to hurry up.

As soon as I arrived, I was greeted by the beautiful Chinese lady gang member in LSW -- SST & YM, with a big smile, shinny eyes and the big question on my trip. Then same question was asked by other people later on, it's a bit extraordinary experience for someone always keeps a low profile in the LSW.

Not long after the group set off, a bit of running upward, I already found myself breath heavily and sweat a lot, the high humanity made me miss the dry and pleasant weather during my trip in the last two weeks. As a true slow hasher, I push myself harder, and try to keep up with the group, so when I arrived a check point, 'on' call from the right way, whereas most of the FRB went to the wrong way, it happens that GG and Indy was there, so GG said: let's run to bet the FRB. It's good to feel that we are ahead of them once in a while! The other highlight of the run is that there is a good mislead down hill run that let the SRB ahead of the FRB again, so the conclusion is that is a damn good trail.

The downtowns by Indy (the imagination and creativity on linking almost every human activities to one of the human basic and enjoyable need in the hash group shine once again, so for those didn't attend the down down, suggest it's a good opportunity to practice your imagination when reading it)

Hares - for set the run, and having the yummy bash by Yummy Mummy

Hopeless - for bet CFF (really?)

TIMB & TS - TIMB refused to do the write up, and TS show up and do the write up as a responsible co-hare.

Inflato - tell Indy the dog ate the write up (the papers do smell like dog's excreta though)

GG/INC - INC was pushed into bush, GG become paedophile?

CRP/TS - push Indy away to get to TS, instead of being a FRB

Non-runner - TVM

Visitor - Steve

Steve, CRP, LIS - Steve wears a shirt with wordings that only American can understand,(well I still don't understand)

Scottish, Londoner - wearing shirt that not from local?

INC, TVM, OP - tea drinkers

PD - returnee, reason for absence because it's more fun to play with 'swimming team' than hashing. (from this onward, 'swimming team' is invented and use)

Inflato - declare himself is a good 'Wednesday swimming member'

SL - leaving HK to Australia speech

SL/DE - Grimpy on the write up for the last week hash

SST - excited by a touch that PD played with

HL - did dummy split, went to the top where the hare marked HTFU

Inflato - present an award to 'the female of the opposite sex'

HL - the winner of the ward (the prize is a beautiful angry bird shirt, which is the most suitable prize for him)

GG, TS, Michelle - bet the FRB

Hares - excellent food, and Inflato tell YM to save some cream to use later (does that make him a better Wed. swimming member?)

Hares - the special goggle to create special effect during swimming

MD - become a regular Wed. swimming team

Michelle - first one to have the rum and create a cooktail with ice tea

CRP - 2nd one to have the rum and create a cooktail with coke to please his swimming play mate, which also can be view as the 'swimming pool'

YM - the master of the 'animals' at home

LIS - being a time keeper for Indy, and keep remind her the time, guess he has a plan to 'swim' afterward

All germen - for their stereotype of being on time

TVM, TS - fashion in hash

MM - forget the A, so to call Indy, and only run 10second of slice on the trail

DE - run up to 52 floor instead of taking the lift, true running

Telecome - back to hash as finished a marathon at 4:04, well done

Down down from the floor

Hares - special flours that can make the Wed. swimming more fun

MM, Indy - they are looked alike

Daughter of GG - got a job at A&F

SL - put on 10k to prepare swimming with Aus. women

SL - refuses to go out with Asia women now

Tight lip - 328 run (get a Wed. swimming life)

GG - 228 run


ShaTinWai 120926 7.22km 61mins