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The hare – Dr. Evil

The only memorable thing about today’s run was that I managed to get the taxi home for 20 bucks which means it must have been close to Kennedy Town. I actually walked to the run site after my last day at work (Australia here I come). The jump off was on Caine Road and I walked up Ladder Street which for HK films buffs was the street in ‘The World of Suzie Wong’ which lead to Suzie’s shanty where she kept her love child. Infact I think the junction of Caine Road and Ladder Street is where the shot was taken! I think Suzie’s mum would have warned her that gwaillos are dangerous, inclined to exaggerate their circumstances and abit boring which sort of sums up today’s run!

For example, the run (it wasn’t a hash) was an exaggeration in that it was 9km race rather than a hash where the FRBs are kept with the SRBs like Tight Clit and TVM. As noted, the race started at the Caine Road Playground, went up to Castle Street, along Conduit Road to HKU, then on to the hill paths of Pok Fu Lam and then somewhere over High West, down to Breezy Path and On Home. I only know about the High West bit because Indy mentioned it in the Down Downs. I lost interest about HKU and short cutted home. Being a race, I actually didn’t see many hashers as they were miles off and there seemed to be few checks to slow them down. The usual late comers, Wanchai Wanker and Cums up the Rear did overtake me around HKU. A couple others did not run (Shergar and wife, Inflato and Yummy) which was probably the right decision.

The bash was nearby but because of its early closing and the long run, meant there was a dis-organized rush to the restaurant with people ordering food before others had arrived and others siting separately. All abit silly when the whole thing could have been done properly with a shorter run and consequently more time. Atleast the food was good, cheap and the banter was amusing (I don’t know how we got onto MILFs and FILFs) but it might be related to Hopeless’s new goatee look!

The Down Downs were up to the usual high Indy standard (it took a women to save the day) although a few softies for non-drinkers would have been good. The Down Downs actually started with the LSW song to make up for FFFM’s heinous crime of failing to sing the song at last week’s bash. This has so upset the Coronel Blimps of the hash (OK – just Hopeless) that he has not shaved all week which explains the goatee!

Overall a good day for runners, a bad day for hashing.

Despite not doing the run because of my failing body, this author volunteered to write up the notes from the bash. Actually more like pressed because I'm setting the run next week but in any case, through my codeine enhanced memory & some barely decipherable notes, I was able to come up with the following DD's from the bash.........

From Indy; -

The hare - good run (& good turnout)

Late arrival - Crash Test Dummy(a.k.a Cantopop Faggot Felcher)

Shitler - to write up the run, final Piece de Resistance before leaving for Oz

Inflato - Missing in Action

Dr Evil - setting a run that DID NOT go up High West (for a change)

Non-runners - YM/TVM/Rearender

Should have put his thingy in her bottom - Dog controls man

Thermal Dick - lost on trail

Thermal Dick - teachers on trail bossing him around

All teachers - for bossing TD around on trail

Team Greens - website full of (ass)holes(?)

Wanchai Wanker - always an excuse for not being FRB

All the MILF's - ”no,not you Indy”

Backdraft - quite likes dumplings(who doesn't?)

Shergar - being late & slow

Was the song then sung? I can't remember.



Caine Road