LSW 1860 Tin Hau


Hares: Backdraft (& Hopeless)

Big ole pack of 42 runners - well there were some proper runners, some not so proper runners, visitors returnees and assorted riff-raff.
A little after 7 and we were off, up Dragon Terrace behind the temple to where we normally have a check at the hole in the fence.
While we were queueing single file, we were entertained by the nutter who was singing and dancing with his iPod plugged in, presumable at full volume 'cos he was oblivious of the crowd watching from the steps above.
We lost trail on the other side of the fence until a call came from up the CEDD hill and everyone took the nearest route up - rope, stormwater drain, green mesh retainer, onto the shiggy trail coming out at the bus depot on Lai Tak Tsuen Road.

This check worked because most of the front went the 'normal route' left up Yee King Street. The actual trail went right along Lai Tak Tsuen to Tai Hang Road and towards Jardines Lookout.

On to Mt. Butler Rd. and past the quarry up towards the radio masts.
The Wimps went left along Sir Cecil's Ride and the Rambos past the radio mast and down the steps to Sir Cecil's Ride on the other side. By this stage the peloton was long gone and the pack spreading out.

Traverse round like the previous week to come out at Wiltshire Towers then along Braemar Hill Rd past Choi Sai Woo Park to the rejoin and the steps down to Tin Hau Temple Rd and on home. Garmin readings of about 7 to 9 km and most in by the hour and a half mark.

A delegation got into the 'no paddling' ponds but it was okay 'cos no one paddled, just lay in the water and drank beer. It'll be a sad day when they get a sign banning that too. We leisurely drifted off the to Thai basho while the hare and a few others waited for the last of the pack to arrive and some cramps and injuries to subside.

Down downs were delivered by Hopeless

The hare, Backdraft - setting off at 17:10 to set the run; roping in Hopeless as co-hare to manage everything else

The hare - "Exit B" from Tin Hau MTR when everyone else knows it is Exit A (as pointed out by co-hare)

The hare - his restaurant choice was closed so co-hare had to book, order food, and organise payment

Race-ists - Nic Tinworth and Higgy

Lost In Space - abandoned TVM on trail for her to finish nearly an hour after he got back

DFLs - the visitor - Horse's Ass & TVM

Returnees - Stinky Sexy Toy, Catch of the Day, Jenever, Rushi (absent)

Virgins - Naomi and Sally; Thorsten (twin of CIMT) and Trapper (Captain Cheesedick)

Visitors from Dhaka - Horse's Ass & Bum Deal

Birthday girl - Toilet Spray

Jannene - returnee to the hash after her epic haring with Mea Culpa.

Showering after the run - Debbie & F3M

Paddling in the water feature at the temple - Toilet Spray

Overdressed hashers - Naomi, F3M, COTD

Backdraft - successfully reduced the pack size from 41 to 22 left at the Bash

Higgy - for attempting to revive Tequila Fcukwit and putting off a lot of the pack from the food

Michelle - getting home from LH4 in the Inflatomobile, door-to-door service!

Debbie - leaving her 12 year old son with $100 to order pizza for himself while she goes to Thai with the hash

LSWanker - asking Hopeless to move so that he didn't have to sit next to F3M.

Hare, F3M and LSWanker sang the song.


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