LSW 1859 North Point


Hare Any Fanny'll Do

The Run

Start behind MTR Exit, in front of the ventilation plant (not rubbish processing plant as speculated). Up the lane and zig zag along back streets with Any Dick'll Do calling the shots as she used to live there. Past the Kiangsu Chekiang College on Ching Wah Street where seven and two year old siblings picked up a bomb during 1967 Leftist Riots and killed them as they were playing with it.

Left at the Methodist church and up to Tin Hau Temple Rd. where the check worked with the trail going down the road not up, then into Cloud View Rd and the steps up. On to Sir Cecil's Ride and right towards Sir Cecil's Drive. A checkback turned the pack inside out for a while going up the river bed to emerge at the radio masts. It was more river bed for the descent back down to Sir Cecil's, then traverse back round to Braemar Hill exiting at Wiltshire Towers on Po Leun Path. From there it was down Tin Hau Temple Rd. and more steps on home.

Showers for those that cared at the Java Road Sport Centre then on to the Vietnamese regular Café Hue? basho in the lane behind 400 King's Rd.

Loads of food and beer - all was good. The Down Downs - as delivered by F3M:

Any Dick ooops Any Fanny'll Do's Run - #1859 for Wanchai…. ooops Little Sai Wan Hash3!

Octopussy, fell and bruised the top of her thigh… worried that she wouldn't be able to wear dresses for a while. What kind of dress does she wear that shows her upper high thigh?

Michelle (no name, Ladies hash) returnee spent 6 months in Prague drinking beer practicing being a true hasher.

Comes Up The Rear, actually on time.

Wanchai Wanker's 150th run… get a life.

Thermal Dick was spotted in the Dickens Bar with a woman, maybe his wife, maybe not.

Thingy in My Bottom, had a thingy in his big toe. He was showing Octopussy how to run correctly when he stepped on broken glass. Any Fanny will do's fault, taking us to dodgy places.

FFFM, being a wonderfully prepared girl guide with antiseptic wipes and plasters for Thingy in My Bottom's injuries.

Cherry, complete virgin and Adrian wannabe virgin, apparently he ran with the hash before but can't / won't remember! Blocked out the memories.

Cherry likes being on the butt but is not very good at going down.

Any Dick'll Do ("ADWD") confuses discount dentist prices from Mr Crook (aka Mr Pink) with commission for Mr Crook (aka Mr Pink).

All the men that showered, leaving the women to fend for themselves at the bar and restaurant [read circle and dai pai dong].

ADWD, has 5,000 photos of her pets, including the pet parrot who was eaten by the chef/owner, and only 50 photos of her husband.

Comes up the rear dressed to kill, doesn't realize it is 34°C, thinks its 34°F.

Want Christmas on the cheap? Check our ADWD's idea and spend the day at Ikea for dinner.

Veggies, being bloody awkward as always, sitting at opposite ends of the table.

ADWD tells us her tips on winning races, get those elbows out and elbow those pretty little model runners out of the way.

Virgin Mary reading about King Henry VIII and his 6 not-so virgin wives, sitting next to Lost in Space who must be really interesting… not.

Lost in Space, either wet his pants or is still sweating. Will need bum cream for the nappy rash afterwards.

AFWD - picking the slowest check-out lady in Wellcome making him late.

Thingy in My Bottom setting up a new clinic in North Point called "The Pain Centre".

ADWD and Wanchai Wanker clearly have nothing much to do, both are filling Facebook with photos and updates. Get a job!

AFWD thinking that the hashers had the same stamina they had 30 years ago and bought 80 cans of beer, only 60 drunk so far.

AFWD breaking the furniture, 3 legged table for the DD beers.


North Point 120822 7.12km 87min