LSW 1858 Kwai Hing to Cheung Sha Wan


Hares: Gobi Lo & Hasher Nia

"And climb the hill so high high high"

Our hares for this evening not only know the words to our hash song, they really take it to heart!

While Kwai Hing may be a bit away for most hashers, you didn't need to worry about a long walk outside the MTR station. I was tripping over hashers inches away from exit B. It was nice to see some backsliders such as the famous Hannah Montana and Toilet Spray. A fairly sizeable group included a visiting couple "Thar She Blows" and Mu-Sick from a slightly less hilly Florida.

Gobi asked if I was doing the wimps with a look on her face like "please say yes, or else you'll be out there all night". But this being a Gobi Lo and Nia hash, I really wanted to be a Super Rambo, because this is the hasher who runs around deserts carrying a bag of rocks on her back, and I'm pretty sure Nia is right up there as well. Our nervous visitors were assured that they wouldn't be last because I was there and they felt reassured. And so we were off.

Not really off so much as up, and up and up..... way up. I fell in quickly to last, right behind our visitors, gasping and panting. First R/W split was not much of anything. Then we finally after an eternity reached the top of this hill (some 300 + meters high on the Hopeless GPS) where the 2nd R/W split was. The visitors on the W and me on the R, "All by Myself".

On for a bit and to the SR split. hmmm should I take it? I thought I'd take a pee and think it over, no worries about other hashers as I'm last. So as I finished and put my big US rowing team boner away, Wanchai Wanker comes scrambling on the trail scaring the c--p out of me. I tell him there's a split and he says there isn't. So I show him and he says he's not taking the SR. I tell him I am. He says I can't because I'll make everyone late for dinner. I say never-mind just tell Gobi to take my bag to the on-on. He is now shamed into taking the SR. Oh and he left out the part that he was so late to the A that he stressed out the hares big time. So obviously the SR goes up and up. Oh and on a bunch of rocks with just enough water to slip on and go down and down. Almost to the top of another hill where a check has us going back down with beautiful hash views of our big city.

Rejoining the R it was nice trail along the Shek Lai reservoir, Kowloon Reservoir, Golden Hill Road, Tai Po Road and on into Cheung Sha Wan.
I believe 9km for the Super Rambos.

The DDs

Wanchai Wanker
Gobi Lo, Nia - Hares, nice job
Backslider - Hannah Montana
Thing in my Bottom - Beer Bitch , oops it's really Crash Test Dummy
More Backsliders - Master Wanker, Discover Her Bay something about Master Wanker taking half a melon to Wanchai, maybe someone else can explain

Master Wanker DDs
Wanchai Wanker - Came into B wondering if the beer was in the bags
Thing in my Bottom - Managed to get lost and drag Master Wanker along for an extra 1km after the on-home
Inflare a Date - Despite being a commercial pilot is actually a physical wreck with many ailments
Hannah Montana - Did something on the SR -couldn't make out the whole DD though
Gary Glitter - Only living major British superstar not to perform at the closing ceremonies.

Crash Test Dummy DDs
Gobi Lo - Causes Hopeless not to attend because she refuses to divulge the B
Toilet Spray - Orders enough food to feed Bobble Dick for a year
Master Wanker & Thing in my Bottom - manage to get lost with just one street to go
Inflate a Date - New penthouse apartment so high it requires a boarding pass to enter
Cum in my Tunnel - Un German like behaviour, was three min. late to A

Gobi Lo DDs
Wanchai Wanker - Very late to A causing Gobi Lo to become overstressed.
Crash Test Dummy - Thought B was in Sha Tin
Motor Mouth - Took a bus to B
Thing in my Bottom - With the main competitors not hashing, still can't win
Virgin Jack - Son of Gary Glitter
Lost in Space - No f----ing business doing the SR

Crash Test Dummy DDs
Cum in my Tunnel - Funny German logo on his hash bag
Hannah Montana - Japanese hasher has a hash bag the size of China
Gobi Lo, Nia - Mark the trail so damn perfectly
Thing in my Bottom - Crossdressing tendencies, was caught admiring Toilet Spray's shoes

Time to Name
Nia - Master Wanker suggests Nia Fuck Up or Nia Culpa, Inflato changes it to Nia Gulpa . Nia Gulpa wins. I need to explain to Toilet Spray the Gulpa part.

Master Wanker DDs
Free Wheel & Discover Her Bay - To boring so no DDs for them
Cum in my Tunnel & Crash Test Dummy - missed the SR split

Motor Mouths DDs
Gary Glitter and Virgin Jack - Not listening to MM.

And so it was...... Thanks for a great hash ladies!!

Mea Gulpa naming

Mea Gulpa


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