LSW 1857 Deepwater bay


Hare - 3FM

What do you do with another hot humid day in HK with the pollution index going off the charts? Why, go for a LSW hash run, of course!

So a large pack of hashers gathered at the "right side of Deep Water Bay" and promptly set off at 7pm sharp, with an obvious open check right at the start. Across the road and into the shiggy, followed by a hard climb up with several checks to keep the pack together and at least one check dangerous enough for Hopeless to badly sprain his ankle. Being the gentleman he always is, Hopeless didn't even utter a cry of agony as the pack ran past him. Only late-comer Chatroom Paedophile saw him hobbling back down to the beach.

With the calls of On On by Come into my Tunnel, Inflato and Who the F**k's Christine, the pack was led up Deep Water Bay Road and eventually to Tai Tam Reservoir Road. A few tricky CBs kept the FRBs from trotting off, with true trail going down the steps just off the reservoir. A check at the catchwater got me guessing (wrongly) that the trail went up to Mt Violet, which gave the boys a comfortable lead on the catchwater trail.

Passing by a very nauseous Nia (who threw up shortly after), I soon caught up with the boys with Ivan Nucock hot on my heels. A check on the trail gave a short breather for everyone while I carried straight on and found blobs of flour on trail. It was essentially the KOTH Hong Kong trail backwards with a check at the valley and a Check Back in the shiggy before heading down to Repulse Bay.

Surprisingly I saw The Virgin Mary walking ahead of me; somehow she had done a "Motormouth" (i.e. creating her own hash route). Another check at the beach to kill my spirits - at that point all I wanted was an ice-cold drink - and then a long, long run along the waterfront back to A.

A lovely pizza dinner, Al Fresco-style, was had by all before the circle, and like the hare promised, we were all in bed by 11:30pm. Well done!

Down Downs by Gobi Lo:

Hare - brilliant trail, thank you!

Nic - didn't bother running the hash trail but ran from mid-levels to join us for bash

Louise - didn't run the hash trail but did her own run: along the beach and back

Gary Glitter - didn't even run!

Thing in my Bottom - had big ambitions to run a hilly 10k in Kent under 40 minutes but failed

Thing in my Bottom - picked up a guy during the run who happened to be a runner in HK too

Virgin - Paul Ridley - and that is none other than our new Virgin hasher

Thing in my Bottom - then promptly abandoned his friend at the hash

Come Into My Tunnel - and on the same theme, did a long run with Ivana Nucock last weekend but abandoned her halfway through the run… because he needed a beer! A true German indeed

Inflato - Adidas scented hair

Nic, Inflato, Lost in Space - the Rower Boners - One rower in the US rowing team had a boner during the Olympics award ceremony (he denied it). We had a parade of men to demonstrate how this happened.

Visitor - Denson

Free Willy - a very rich man after organizing the highly successful Moontrekker race

DDs by 3FM:

Denson - the most polite hasher ever. Actually apologized to the hare for taking too long to finish trail!

Macau Drunk - putting on his socks is harder than running the trail

Gary Glitter - not interested in flashing to young boys so flashes at Scamp who likes it

Scamp - getting excited over Gary Glitter's flashing

Nia - threw up on the run hence she has a flat belly

Yummy Mummy - incredibly excited over her new toy (iPhone)

Gobi Lo - donated blood today and didn't have enough iron in her blood, so best remedy is to drink Guinness!

Who the F**k's Chrstine - hash crash

Thing in my Bottom - not taking hash cash role seriously. Should be wearing the hash cash apron commando

Freewheel - fussy pizza eater. Doesn't like sweetcorn nor pineapple

Nic - route = "root", not "rowte". And you call yourself British!

The song was sung by Free Willy, the Rower Boners, Free Willy and the hare.

Deepwater Bay