LSW 1856 Park Island



Park Island Run Part II

Same trail but different. From the back beach facing the Tsing Ma Bridge the pack headed back to the ferry and through the little gap in the fence to the other beach, to get some sand in your shoes at the start of the run. Middle of the pack met the front runners as they came back from the first of many Check Backs. Gobi Lo knew better and headed up the left along the fence and then back down the other side, where Old Sock used electric cable to help himself down, clever.

Back yet again to another beach where the trail went up onto the boulders where the true hashers followed up to the rocks, whilst others carried on along the easier route on the beach…overtaking the front runners (including me at that point). Up to the road to the right and another Check Back to bring the pack together, back across the road and along a path to yet another Check Back, which allowed Motor Mouth to be the Front Running Bastard for a short period, even wearing Crocs.

The pack overtook her and went up over another shiggy path to the back of the smaller housing estate where they shipped all the original Park Island residents to live out their lives. The pack was split into different sections at this point, I was left with Shitler and briefly Macau Drunk.

Shitler, Rainer, Virgin Karen, Gary Glitter then came up the older fishing village with the pleasant smell of dried fish where again we got lost, wandered around a bit until we finally found flour again. On On to a T, back down the hill to the right and along a trail. Shitler listened to a woman and carried on going but ran out of trail, so back to the T, when a cry was heard just beyond the T a number of hashers ran through it and found trail again.

Up and down, then up and down, under the Bridge and down to the sea, up through a grave yard and to then to the back of the Ark, through a beautiful bamboo trail back to the sea and the rocks on home back to the beach, to the full moon back ground Tsing Ma Bridge.

Finally everyone back and onto a German restaurant as the beachfront Thai is now closed on Wednesdays.

After fine German dining it was time for a few pre-bus Down Down's as some people were not taking the fun boat home.

Inflatadate and Yummy Mummy - a beautiful gift from the recently married Sweaty Snail Gobbler and Easy Over, a pre-wedding photo.

Inflatadate and Thermal Dick - perving in the shower, IFDate reckoned the showers were a lot like men: they didn't last long, but powerful and moist.

Onto the ferry and more Down Downs from F3M….

Hare, Hopeless, telling everyone the ferry was 6.20 and 6.40 when it was 6.30 and 6.50, making sure that we all got there on time.

Hare, Hopeless, annoying the Park Island attendants laying down flour.

Garry Glitter, trying to seduce the little children with a lollipop on the ferry.

Louise a true hasher, brought up properly by her ma and pa, and drinks before the hash.

Macau Drunk, Freewheel and Shitler reminiscing on life before WWW.

Shitler is such a Stone Roses fan he runs similar to the band, like an ape.

All the early birds who got to the run site by 6.00 pm.

Hare - Hopeless

Motormouth, clearly didn't think Hopeless' trail very difficult - she ran it with Crocs on.

MTR Shitler Officer shouting "Mind the Gap", Macau Drunk correcting him.

Karen the virgin from Germany and Rainer made her come.

Freewheel, will be going naked through immigration now that there is a new rule in the US saying you can do.

Old Sock using electric cable to hold on to coming down one particularly steep shiggy, with wet hands.

Gary Glitter, likes coke, ice and a little bit of sea water after diving under.

Hare, cut his chalking finger so couldn't lay so much trail.

Hare, making the Germans and Austrians go to a German restaurant

Hare, looking after himself and his dining mates so that they got served first

All the Americans who ordered sausage and mash, all the Germans who ordered a burger and then who had the "life, universe and everything in it…. the no. 42.

Telecum, a real delinquent moved peoples minis to awkward places so they can't get out and then charged them GBP5 to move it.

Telecum, who has been at BT for the past 30 years, but has been up holes, down holes and even fitted a telephone line in a prostitutes place.

Ma Wan 120801 7.99km