LSW 1855 Taikoo Shing


Hares: Nia and Jannene (with missing “coach” Gobi Lo)

Hashdate: Sunday 21st, approximately 10am, location: Quarry Bay. Spotted: 3 hares and a hound going for a Recce.

One hare I had never seen before on the basis she'd only hashed for the first time the week before while I was away in Manila.

Hmmm, 3 fit runners and Lemondrop, likelihood of a longer trail methinks!

Then it turns out that (1) the run is at Taikoo MTR not Quarry Bay (2) one of the hares, the "coach" no less, boards a flight to Singapore Tuesday night, obviously upset Hopeless couldn't set the T8 hash and that it was too wet for her to stay and set LSWH3!

So it was an anxious virgin hare that was running around the small gathering pack. Worrying about our bags getting wet and trying to tell us the different ways she (Jannene) and Nia had used to set the trail.

Intriguing type of "funeral paper" and not "Hellbank Money" was used on trail. Pretty silver or orange squares on a wider yellow paper. Plus ribbon, also yellow, in the shiggy. I was already looking forward to my yellow beer as "hare senior" spent 10 minutes briefing us on trail markings.

"2 splits, 2 squares for Wimp direction, and 4, in a row, for Rambos. 2 squares with a gap is a Check. All clear?"

As clear as the night sky, Dear. (Not a single star in sight).

So off we went, up the road to Mount Parker Lodge, into the country park, along the path by the side of the mullah. All pretty standard stuff...... WTFIChristine leading the charge, drafted by Hopeless, Inflato and then LSWanker.

Then the first split on the steps up towards the trail leading to Kornhill. Wimps up the short shiggy back to the path further up. Rambos path right, then into the shiggy and up to the main contour path. WTFIChristine and Hopeless miss the turn into the shiggy, end up somehow doing the Wimps backwards to join the Rambos as they emerge out of the shiggy. WTFIChristine has already turned back to find his wife Suckswallow, who was quite happy on trail with Lost In Space at the time.

Rambos are unconvinced by Hopeless’s explanation of their loop around the Wimps trail back on themselves. “It’s going to Mount parker Road” he says, “the hare mentioned a ROAD”. “Does the hare know what a ROAD is?” asked one experienced hasher. “Well let’s find out” says Hopeless….. and LO! 100m further on there is flour. Meanwhile the rest of the pack belts along the Wimps trail backwards. Hopeless & Inflato burst out onto Mount Parker Road only to find the shortcutting F3M standing bamboozled by two yellow squares at the Ag & Fish road. “A Check” says Hopeless, “Wimps down the road, Rambos up the stairs onto Sir Cecil’s”. And so it was.

The hares intended Rambo2 to sweep around onto the dangerous catchwater towards The Wilson Trail but old and sensible heads decided to do Sir Cecil’s while F3M sprinted down the ROAD to try and “win the hash”.

Most of the pack got in within 90 minutes but Suckswallow and LIS managed over 2 hours before we headed off to a little Thai restaurant by the bus terminus for a good helping ordered by the hungry Ivana Nucock.

Down downs were delivered by Hopeless

The hares – Baptism of Rain and for using square funeral money for trail markings, x2 for Wimps and x4 for Rambos

Missing "coach" - Denvy - lookalike Yummy Mummy

Lost property last week - Ruggero - brolly

T8 - no run - Hopeless

Sukswallow - hubby went to find her - wrong way - she said "give him a down down, I am fine"

LSWanker - not heard on trail despite loudest voice

Inflato - assessed female hares did not know what a "road" was

Too fast on trail and didn't see markings - Hopeless and Inflato

F3M - didn't "win" the hash

Showers - Inflato and F3M and LIS

Ruggero - bottle shower

LIS - all fresh for TVM

Sukswallow - new to LSW

100% bash turnout - the hares

Rainer - "I am into cranes"

Failed job interview - LSWanker

Thermal Disk - coharing Nash hash with Olya and not accusing her of not having a clue about the trail

Friday Nash Hash hare - knows exactly what he is doing - Hopeless

Hash Wedding - Indy - congratulations to Lost At Sea - lookalike Inflato

Hash stash - great stash - Inflato shirt

Ditched all stash - Ruggero

Ivana - for Russia claiming sovereignty of the Arctic

Another bunch from the floor but I could not type fast enough on the Blackberry.....

Hares, Ruggero and LSWanker sang the song

Grieg Road 120725 9.1km 89mins