American Independence Run aka 'The Sea to Sky Run'


Hares - Chatroom & Toilet Spray

Write-up by Nic

8.62k | 1h 20m | 1272m climb

Excellently laid trail, a welcome change from the usual flailing about in the dark trying to find markings, helped make this a great run along some variable terrain - road, track, trail and shiggy! Future hares take note - this is how you mark a hash!

No surprises in the beginning as most bets were on it going 'up', which it did, but there were several bets being bandied about as to the exact finishing point - beach, reservoir, pool? The only thing we knew was that there would be an option for getting yourself wet at the finish.

Starting from the HK Squash Center we followed familiar ground up the stairs to Bowen then May road, continuing up Tregunter to Old Peak Road where after a check back someways up, the trail continued round the old contour path that connects to the top of Po Shan Road.

Trail got interesting just after the 4km mark with the Rambos/Wimps split. Whilst the Wimps carried on down Po Shan to start their trudge up The Morning Trail, the Rambos were sent off through some pretty steep and a times rather dense and slippery shiggy - via some of the works access stairs. Leading the charge as ever was Lemondrop, and his faithful sidekick Gobi-Lo, whose consistent baying (the dog's...not Denvys...) allowed the more directionally challenged among us a good idea of where the trail was going (hint: straight up, and up...and up.)

The shiggy finally abated and we found ourselves on Lugard road with more great views and a nice bit of flat to get some more running in - a welcome change from the trudge of the shiggy. FRB's arriving at the Peak Galleria plaza were sent off in all directions looking for trail which was eventually found going down Harlech Road towards High West. Thankfully that was not on the cards this evening, instead we were taken up the back steps (oh er!) to Victoria Peak Gardens at the top of the Peak - you can't get much higher on Hong Kong island!

After the grind of the stairs it was a straight shoot down to Casper The Friendly Goats place, which I have to say, is staggeringly awesome. Great views over the harbour, eskies of cold piss (who decided it would be a good idea to put the San Mig on ice and leave the Tsing Tao warm by the way?!), a BBQ and dipping pools. Fantastic end to a great run!

Thanks to the hare for a great spread of food and run, and to Casper the host for letting almost 30 sweaty hash men and women invade his privacy and get water all over his floor!

map & photos

LSW hash news by Shergar

Great run from the Hares, up to Kennedy Rd then climbing up to May Rd, and on to Old Peak Rd, where the falsie went up the hill and the real trail trekked across to Po Shan Rd, the Rambos climbing up a shiggy to Lugard Rd and the wimps taking the more leisured morning trail, all good so far, Boilers doing his own thing by going up Old Peak Rd with Carmen, all parties thereupon made it up to Austin Rd to Caspar's pad for swimming in the infinity pool, eating, drinking and joining the mile high club, thanking Caspar for being such a wonderful host and listening to Indi's down downs delivered in her inimitable manner and broadcast to all parts of HK:

Boilers: pulp fiction

Hares: jolly run

Sticky: praising markings

Toilet Spray: opining likewise

Chatroom: dobbing in co-hare

Shitler: confusion

Gin Vomit: being wimp

Caspar: unamerican activities

All Americans: 4th July

Octopussy: more Aussies than Yanks?

Lost At Sea: some nonsense or other

Piss Perfect: out of condition

Dr Evil: lingerie shoot

Hopeless: male model

Virgins: Sticky's teacher friend

Jello: New Yorker

Boilers: has to beat this week's on-on

Caspar: haring every week from now on

Etc etc

DOWN DOWN’S by Indy…(with hashers all looking past me at glorious view of Victoria Harbour etc in background!)

The Hares …Chatroom Paedophile and Toilet Spray - Great run…..interesting almost original trail found to Peak

The hares – Who set what part? ‘When the markings were slightly confusingly placed on 2 sides of the road, that was TS’s!!’ pipes up CP…

TS – My role was ‘co-main hare’!! (Ed: Interesting self-acclaimed title!!)

CP – at beginning of run says, ‘You won’t need a phone or a B, the markings are excellent’…..

Wimps – who decided not to do the shiggy hill/mountain to the peak??…..notably including P*ss Perfect, Hopeless, Sh*tler, Tightlips, Gary G, Discover Her Bay, Swine Sucker plus ??…..

Shergar/Kerry - not even doing wimps but shortest walk from A to B

The Hares – all were wondering where B would be, esp as looped around Peak then further upwards? CP’s pad?? ..Too small, Peak Park with Kentucky Fried? Possible….??

Kaspar (Friendly Goat) - Many thanks for having LSW over to trash your fab pad.

Friendly Goat - Only did it so he could have the girls over in their bikinis!!...and the winner of the bikini competition is ...Virgin Debbie!!

Friendly Goat - Fab bash food , views, pools....

Virgin - Debbie...Asked of the FG's Peak pad...'Is this where you normally have the bash?' ...She enjoyed it so much she is coming back for more....

Shergar - Will next week's run end up at a bash place of similar standard? His place?

Shergar - Bribing hashers to be at his run next week....

American Independence Day Run - All Yanks CP, an LSW virgin New York hasher and ?....

Octopussy - thought that Aussies here in much greater numbers than Yanks....PP, Indy and herself...still only 3!

Lost At Sea - went to American Embassy on July 4th for Visa! Not impressed that it was closed to celebrate their Independence!,,,'Only a third world country after all' he mutters.....

Boilers - next week's hare! Will he do the Run report/write-up...about his 'walk'??

Nic - 'volunteers' to do Rambo run report! Yehh!! ...(Ed: a great job he did of that too!!)

Returnee from 'Land Down Under'- P*ss Perfect...Yehh!! Welcome back!!

PP - Upon return to HK after lengthy absence!
'I can't believe I am such a light-weight drinker these days!!'
'I can't believe that I stayed out drinking with Indy until 2am' ,
'I can't believe that I had to stop so often going up Morning Glory path'!!!
'I can't believe that.........'

Dr Evil - It was at FG's fab peak pad that he did his photo shoot!!

Hopeless - male lingerie model for Dr Evil's photo shoot.....??

Tightlips - will soon be available to design your very own peak pad similar to FG's....

More Returnees - Swine Sucker/ Free Willy

Visitor - From New York, 'Who the F**ck's Christine'??

Free Willy/Catch of the Day - last run FW did was her Action Asia Course where he showed his hidden expertise as a 'snake expert' identifying the Cobra that hissed at them...

Lost At Sea - fascinated by FW's snake trying to identify all Sai Kung snakes....!!

Catch of the Day - also interested in snakes of the 'one-eyed' variety

Comes Up the Rear - so fascinated by COTH that whilst seated his trousers 'pop' at the front revealing....

CUTR - renaming to 'Comes Out The Front'??

COTH - any 'one - eyed' snakes turning up in future at Babes' Hash will be severely punished!....(Ed: latest fine put at $500!!)

Crash Test Dummy - Eating so much that he coiled into foetal position....

CP to Lost At Sea - new shoes which he actually showed to hashers before run!!

Lost At Sea to moi Indy - Toad in the Shoe...Puts running shoes on to find friendly Sai kung toad had camped at the front..... !! Screech!!


 Peak Tram to Peak 120704 7.65km 75min


 Peak Tram to Peak 120704 7.65km 75min


 Peak Tram to Peak 120704 7.65km 75min


 Peak Tram to Peak 120704 7.65km 75min


 Peak Tram to Peak 120704 7.65km 75min