LSW 1849 Braemar Hill


Hopeless valiantly offered to help the hare set the run
By Sunday, the hare's not very well
By Tuesday the hare might be able to help Hopeless
By Wednesday it was Hopeless haring the run

Texts from Hopeless waiting in his car at Braemar Hill at 3pm -
"It's really bucketing down"
"Wow, it's coming down even harder" (that would have been the Amber rainstorm warning)
"Uh oh, lightening just struck near the Chinese International School across the road" (that accounts for the thunderstorm warning)
"Oh well, here I go"

Roll forward a couple of hours when 24 runners showed up despite the weather, the rain stopped and off we went. The run was 'simplified' to minimise peril, and assurances were given to the concerned that the Bob le Dick/ Crash Test Dummy catchwater was not included. The markings were in Hell Money $50M banknotes with a stone to prevent washaway, checks being two notes in an X, and the split being two notes in a V. Also flour.

Up the hill, behind the St. Joan of Arc school and onto Sir Cecil's Ride. Right turn and a contour round to Sir Cecil's Drive with a couple of checks along the way. Left up the road to the Mt. Butler radio station. Down the stone steps. A check at the Bob le Dick / Crash test catchwater. Some people checked it??. Down to rejoin Sir Cecil's overlooking Quarry Bay. A split that took the Rambos up over the hill then back to the rejoin. Further along some runners went down the steps towards Mt. Parker Rd - not sure why - I don't even think it was a check, but the trail contoured round above Braemar Hill Mansions and On Home. A great run by the last minute hare in what turned out to be excellent conditions.

The On On at the Chinese restaurant in the shopping centre and down downs by Indy thus:

The Hare - Hopeless.....exceptionally well put together run considering:
1) He was not meant to be the lead hare
2) Lead hare Tequila F***Wit had been in bed for 5 days nursing his flu..... and 'his personal helper'
3) Due to above, reccie was never done
4) It was 'pishing down' just as was about to lay trail...... TG for Hell $

Rainer - heavy rain his fault...

Hopeless - HTFU..... hiding in car pre laying trail as with torrential downpour was reluctant to leave his 'womb'

Hopeless - his 84 hared run! The beginning of the assault on the 100!!!!

Ivana Nuc*k - running from Happy Valley to Braemar Hill and then along LSW trail backwards.... reported to Hopeless that trail still intact....

Macau Drunk - gets GPS watch from Hopeless to track the run, gets to Wireless station 'What's this lump on my wrist?'...'Oh S***! Forgot to turn it on!'

FFFM / Boilers - late arrivals

FFFM/ Boilers - did run backwards but went over Rambo hill to make it 1 hr run....

Rearender - not run for a long time, but was excellent pacemaker for 'yours truly' Indy..(Ed: 'would have stopped a couple of times if she had not been nipping away!!' )

Thingy In His Bottom - new Hash Cash!!!

Sweaty Snail Gobbler - one LSW Hash Cash drinks... all LSW HC!!

Sticky Sex Toy - trying to leave bash early again just after dinner... 'I need to get lots of beauty sleep'!!

SST - dressed up again for the bash, but not in her 'Dirty Dollars' shirt!

Nia-No-Name - finally stays at bash long enough to get her wedding DD!!... and attempts at a naming!!!

Returnee - Sweaty Snail Gobbler

SSG - back to his beloved LSW for last run as a bachelor!!! Nuptials on Saturday....

Hopeless - 'It's not too late to change your mind!! Let me sit next to u and have a 'been-there-done-that-chat.....!!'

SSG/NNNia/WW - recent weddings/divorces

SSG - LSW run not like the old days 'Bloody Hell! They run so fast these days... hard to stay up there as an FRB!!....and they race to the 'finish' not like the good old days ...??? '

SSG - In the past Dinner at La Terrasse $160 seen as LSW Yuppy $.... now dinner at Chinese restaurant Braemar Hill $160! (how things have changed!!)

Thingy - LSW web-site has existed for 15 years but he is the first to point out a 'tech defect' to MD that yours truly has been struggling against for years!!

MD - 'No one had ever pointed that out to me! I don't look at the web-site myself!!'

Rainer naming - SSG comes up with Herr P*sser.... awaiting other nominations

Rainer/Herr P - excited about hash naming and protocols attached!!....

Hopeless - with the annual LSW reunions worldwide has created timeline for runs up to the year 1600....

Hopeless - hare for run 35th Anniversary in 2014 and run 1997 in 2015 ...

FFFM - hare for run number 1919

Indy - hare for run 1956 with many co-hares including Boilers/Gary Glitter/Lost At Sea/Golden Balls

Anniversary - FFFM ....303 Runs with LSW....

And after that it was like the good old days with ON ON to the QV until the wee small hours to celebrate Sweaty's numbered days as a bachelor......


LSW1849 Braemar Hill