LSW 1848 HK Squash Centre


Correction - the Reunion write-up is here

Hares - Ivana Nukok & Boilers

A great run from the hares, reccied Google Earth/maps sytlee

From Squash Centre it was straight up the Peak - St. Johns Path past the Masonic Lodge over Kennedy, over MacDonnell, over Magazine Gap Rd, up to Tregunter Path, right to Old Peak Road and up.

The split took the Wimps left along Barker Rd and the Rambos up to the Peak Tower. A lot of checking at the Peak Café or whatever it's called now until one blob of flour was found on Lugard Rd. Everyone took that as a good sign and followed until they realised that was the only one, and returned to the check. Oh, not everyone - Come into my Tunnel carried on all the way around the Peak until he got back to the same spot 3.5 km and 20mins later. And there he met Indy who was still wandering around trying to solve the check. The rest of us had gone along Peak Rd past the bus depot and towards the fire station turnoff.

A knee-trembler down Peel Rise to a check just before the Aberdeen Cemetery at the HK Trail which went left up the steps and 3˝ kms along trail to the Aberdeen Reservoir Rd with a bit of graffiti warning us to ignore all the South Side hash markings along the way. Left up to Wanchai Gap then another test for the knees down Wanchai Gap to B at the Hopewell Centre. When Come into my Tunnel and Indy arrived we headed for the Thai Flavour on Amoy St.

Great spread for $50 a head, and they didn't mind us drinking our own hash beer.

Rambos 12.9, Wimps 6.8 kms

Ivana's jottings on the back of the hash list while waiting for all to return:
1st home Cheesy Flying Fox 1:27
2nd Master Wanker
3rd Nia

DOWN DOWN's by Indy

The Hare - Ivana Nuc**k.....Great Run! covers all terrains.....

Co- Hare Boilers - (in absentia) Dragged in as Bag/drinks Man

Boilers - told Gary Glitter that he had set part of the trail! 'Boy was he sucked in ....'

Hopeless - 'An Ivana Run!!! Be prepared for everything........ Am worried! Will do the Wimps (bad knee/ankle/leg and all that!!)'

Indy - late starting so running round like a headless chicken at beginning checks, not finding chalk although it was marked by FRB's

Macau Drunk - well no point putting those chalk arrows down at checks then....

Comes In My Tunnel - discovered at the Peak by Indy doing laps of St Austin's looking for markings .....

CIMT - and then again on blue trail searching searching!!.......ended up doing an extra 3kms in all...

Ivana - her GPS obviously on holiday! Predicted Rambos to be 10 kms.....more like 12.5!

Sticky Sex Toy - all dressed up for the hash bash! cost her 'Dirty Dollars' according to Hopeless....

Nia - first time present at Bash since her nuptials ...but pissed off early' to enjoy her nuptials?'??

Non Runners- Gary Glitter/Bobbled**k

Bobbled**k - came to hash bash to say farewell before 70 day bike trip on the Silk Road.....

Motormouth - stressed about her beloved going off for 70 days...... (Ed: was a touching farewell at Wanchai MTR!!)

BD - refuses to allow MM to help with the packing, although stressful;! 'She will just go through all my stuff'!

BD - emptying out freezer handing over contents to Indy! Predicted there will be all the leftovers from LSW bashes......'to feed the dogs'!

The Jubilee - The English/UK persons - BD/MM/Hopeless/GG/Wanchai W@nker

Prince Phil - missing out on all the bashes!! Lookalike Bubbleduck

The Commonwealth 'Africaans'......Sheena / Macau Drunk

Antipodeans - Indy /Sheena's Fiance Jack

Hopeless - 'It's never too late to un-fiance....! '

Dunkirk Boats - saving the brave Brits from the dastardly Germans ....represented by CIMT

Ivana/CIMT - the Russian /German 'baddies'!!!

Hopeless - 'volunteering' to set/help the next week's run if Tequila FW had hiccups!.....and indeedy 'it came to pass '.......


LSW1848 Peak Tram to Hopewell Centre 120606