LSW 1846 & 1847 Saturday 2 JUNE - Monday 4 June 2012


Chateau Sardac, Near Toulouse

Hares - Hashzilla & Toulouser


Reunion Receding Hareline

2013     UK, Purley - Hash Horn & Dame Edna

2014     Switzerland, Zurich - Nutcut

2015     HK - 2000th Run

2016     UK, TBD - Cyclops

2017     Spain - 10th Reunion Anniversary - Big Bitch & Hash Cash


2012 Runners
Hash Cash
Big Bitch
Hash Horn
Dame Edna
Youngest Link
Charlotte the Harlot
Little Einstein


Run 1846

What a place for a Reunion. Beautiful setting in the SW corner of France where Hashzilla and Toulouser have set up home. What they have achieved in a year is quite remarkable. 5 double bedrooms which have been tastefully decorated to reflect the Far East. Each room having a different name and appropriate decor. Fantastic.

The weekend started officially on the Saturday afternoon but some had arrived earlier with various stories to tell of their journey to Toulouse. Some swam in the afternoon in the beautiful pool, with temperatures in the 30's, it was essential for some. Drinks and nibbles were served al fresco and dinner followed. All home-made by Tao, a true gourmet experience. During the night the rain started and Tao was up at 5:30am to sort out the food for the day and then go off and set the run. It was decided to start the run at 11:30am instead of the scheduled 3pm as it looked like the rain was easing and more was forecast for later in the day. Hashzilla assured us the run was flat and about 12km.. Well we all know what Hashzilla's runs are like and this one was true to form! Off we set with a little drizzle. The first few checks kept the pack together as we ran past fields of vines, maize and wild flowers. Over the railway track and then through a small village before heading towards the motorway. By this time the pack was well strung out and the rain continued to fall. Heading towards Home we met the Hare who told us not to follow the trail but to turn right after the railway crossing. This we did but where did we go from there? After a bit of toing and froing we eventually found flour and the way home. A puppy had decided to follow me home and I couldn't get rid of it and eventually Tao and I had to take it back in the car. The 12 km turned out to be 16.8km and took us 2.5 hours. The sun came out at 3pm when we were due to run but we were tucking into another gourmet lunch instead.

Down Downs by Big Bitch

The Hares - Fantastic Venue

The Hares - Food from France but wine from Spain

Hash Horn, Dame Edna, Peterfile, Charlotte the Harlot - Cheapskates camping.

Colin - Tshirt Designer

Colin - renamed 'Toulouser'

Headlamp, Nutcut and Little Einstein - New Runners

Nutcut - name on first Tshirt but no show

Hash Cash, HashHorn, Mensa,Shanghai, Big Bitch - all 5 Reunions

Mensa and Shanghai - Hash in Brussels Airport to get connecting flight

Hash Horn and Dame Edna - Robbed on way but thief didn't want passports or credit cards

Ethan - named Youngest Link

Best Dressed - Headlamp

Hash Cash - not wearing his kilt

Peterfile - trying to walk through a plate glass door

The Hares - making oldies climb 25 steps to go to loo in the middle of the night

Posh and Charlotte the Harlot - Gannets, having 3 pieces of flan which was made for the kids

Mensa, Peterfile, Hash Horn, Becks - Royalists

Nutcut, Hash Horn - sleeping after the run

Hash Horn, Dame Edna, Charlotte, Cyclops, Shanghai - not hosting a Reunion

The Hares - for the 16.8 km Run

Hash Song was sung by the Hares and Nutcut.....followed by the Ensemble

The Hash were then given a free tour of Chateau Sardac complete with Guide and Flag, this took us an hour by which time it was time to move tables and chairs into the renovated shed for Dinner. Foie Gras and Duck Cassoulet were some of the dishes we had followed by cherryflan. Delicious.


LSW run 1847
Writeup - Cyclops
4th June 2012
La Grotte du Mas-d'Asil, Haute Garonne, Midi-Pyrenees.

Another day in hash heaven. The morning broke cool and bright as hashers arose in leisurely fashion following the previous day's "full length" run and awesome Cassoulet gastro-dinner. Before lunch we had a tour of the five Asian themed bedrooms of the Breen B&B. Kyoto, Peking, Dakar, Siam, Melaka. Superb decor, only marred by the whiff of sweaty socks, shorts and T-shirts.

The day was forecast sunny, with the run starting after a 30 minute drive into the foothills of the Pyrenees. Today's run was estimated at 13.5km by the hare, a relief for some after the previous day's 18km, or 20km for those enthusiastic with, but not good at, checks. The only worry was that the hare had also estimated yesterday's run at 13.5km.

A live hare run so on arrival at the start, Hashzilla was straight off with a rucksack full of flour, chalk and water. After 10 minutes the ladies started to wander off, followed by the guys at 20 minutes. Into the village of Le Mas-d'Asil where some strategically placed flour, and some strategically placed gaps in the trail, slowed the pack down until we reached an open check by a bridge on the edge of town. The options : 1. Up the road through the town, 2. Across the bridge to 2a left along a bridle path or 2b right along a byway of sorts that lead up in to the hills. The choice was obvious, especially to experienced hashers such as big bitch, across the bridge and find the trail. Only it wasn't , it was on up through the village.

Quite sunny now and uphill, so the pack largely slowed to a walk and the group widened out. The main road continued alongside a river through the huge natural cave (Grotte) which was traffic-free today as works were under way. After the grotte, the trail led on up a path through some fields and bushes to a road bypassing the grotte. Hashers, assuming we were to carry on up, checked every path on either side until Hash Horn was brave enough to go down the road some way and found the trail. Little did we know that the hare was at this point waiting in the bushes watching us, ready to spring a topological surprise.

On up through the trees and we followed a vague footpath for a couple of km along a ridge and back down to a road with "Little" Einstein pathfinder. Not just "a" road though, but the very same road we had just left. The surprise was that we now re-ran along the road that we had just been checking, something only possible with a live hare as it had been remarked. It led us back into the village and on home.

Whilst "Little" Einstein had no trouble catching the hare and did so, Becks could easily have joined him but was too much of a gentleman. Only 7.6 km!

45 minutes later everyone but the youngest link and Shanghai were back. It turned out that Shanghai had decided to take a shortcut as they were both a bit tired, but got them lost.

The story was that Hashzilla had planned a longer run, continuing from the hill above the grotte along a cliff top and around a lake back home. But she was silly enough to start chatting to some locals who advised her it was "too dangerous". Whether they had no idea of the capabilities of LSW hashers or if indeed we did avoid losing a few of the pack by playing it safe, we'll never know.

And ononon back to the pool and terrace, and another gastro dinner, this time a gastro-BBQ with roasted peppers and courgettes, polenta, ribs and chicken. Not forgetting the pate de foie starter, cheese and gastro-dessert. Nor the choice of wines, beer, ports and Calvados late into the beautiful warm evening.

Downdowns by Nutcut

Charlotte the Harlot - On arrival, even before completing introductions, announced "I have this tent but find it very difficult to put up by myself".

Peterfile - Moved his tent from an idyllic spot amongst some trees to a building under renovation.

Mensa - when he realised he had forgotten his camera, said "Jill you've forgotten your camera" because he couldn't be bothered to go back to his room

"Little" Einstein - caught the hare.

The Hares - Not reccying the run properly

Big Bitch - poor call at the check by the bridge

The Hare - littering on the run - an empty chalk box was found

Headlamp - Tai Chi after the hash instead of beer

Shanghai - Leading minors astray

The Youngest Link - shouting chalk, flour and ONON as instructed

Mensa - Showing his wedding tackle and backside

Big Bitch - photographing Mensa's private parts

Toulousers - Beers not adequately chilled (and he's Australian)

The Hares - runs averaged 12 km

Peterfile - managed to run 9 km on the 7.6 km trail.

Mensa - Nodding dog impression on the drive to the run - managed to sleep whilst passing spectacular scenery

Charlotte the Harlot - Using "dog power" to get her round the trail, arms flailing, dog chomping at the bit.

Hash Horn - chivalry on the hash - holding up the electric fence for the ladies

Posh - racing a frog in the swimming pool

The Youngest Link - Hoped his father would go and find him when he got lost

Becks - going to find him

"Little" Einstein - Red Bull drinking before the run in order to ensure he finishes first

"Little" Einstein, Cyclops - Cyclops promised to stop at a supermarket on the way home ... but didn't.

Hashzilla - unable to make a decision as to where to place the tables and chairs

Mensa - saving the empty wine containers in order to smuggle booze into a rock concert pretending they are colostomy bags.

Peterfile, Cyclops - oldest hash T shirts

Dame Edna - complaining that when she and Hash Horn have a BBQ she does all the preparation, Hash horn just chucks the meat on the BBQ and everyone thanks only him for a great meal.

Peterfile, Hash Horn, Mensa - getting in the way of the BBQ chef

Nutcut - 225 runs

Hash Song sung by Mensa and Big Bitch et al

A fantastic few days for those of us lucky enough to be able to make it. Many thanks to Tao and Colin for all their hard work. And On On to Purley (near Croydon) where Hash Horn and Dame Edna graciously agreed to organise next year's reunion hash.

On On

On On to Purley