LSW 1845 Lam Tin


Cums Up The Rear's brilliant debut. Well done, virgin hare!

A large pack of runners showed up at the start assuming that the run would be a recycled one from 4 weeks earlier and planning to shortcut every corner possible, but very few on them succeeded! Because the trail was not the same at all!

Up the steps we ran to the top of the park, following both LSW and H4 markings, then the trail turned into what looked like a Japanese garden with rocks and small plants and a very narrow path. A long climb and a descent took us to Wilson trail, and to the village with the infamous Vicious Dog. By the time we got there, the Vicious Beast was very docile and had (as Crush Test Dummy noted) a large belly in the shape of Cheesy Flying Fox. That explained CFF's sudden disappearance from the FRB pack. "Interesting" we thought and carried on onto a cheeky check-back, up maintenance steps, a few more turns, something that sounded like waterfalls, another overlap with H4 trail and finally back into the city! After running around in circles for some time baffled by a T which should have been a CB we arrived home where warm beer was waiting for us already.

Yours truly enjoyed a special delivery - a box of low sugar soy milk of room temperature. Thank you hare! This was a very small bribe for a favourable write-up. But it worked! I am easy.

It only took us about 40 min to wait for the lost hashers to arrive on foot or by cab, except Toilet Spray who apparently was having a good time in the taxi and was in no rush. Very likely, she was doing something similar to what she usually does in the shower judging by the time that the ride took her. Leaving Toilet Spray to fend for herself and to follow our "F" arrows, the pack went to LSW favourite Lam Tin venue - the no-name restaurant with round tables and cold beer!

Indy's circle.

- The hare Cums Up The Rear for being a virgin hare and for wearing 'flour pants' - hash fashion.

- The hare. He got his name in the same area - Lam Tin.

- The hare for haring solo and managing to do everything on his own, except buying ice.

- Those who saw the vicious dog - Crush Test Dummy and Ivana Nukok.

- Lost on trail - Cheesy Flying Fox and Toilet Spray.

- Hash by taxi. Toilet Spray and Reiner.

- Ivana Nukok for being a good scribe and showing up.

- Backdraft. He is the official Southside scribe. He can make up down downs just like Octopusy did the week before. Last week's LSW newsletter was all made up! Luckily, no one actually read it!

- Toilet Spray - looking like a classy hash cash and delegating her duties to other hashers, as usual.

- Free Will for refusing to do a write up "for free". "I don't write for free" - said the prominent journalist.

- Catch Of The Day for looking glamorous.

- Visitor from Kuching hash, Masaysia. David (Popay). Catch Of The Day made him come.

- Indy for asking the visitor speed-dating questions and making Lost at Sea very nervous.

- Returnee - Backdraft. He got to go out and play as wife out of town. Now married man with a baby on the way and many responsibilities.

- Returnee - Castrato.

- Shortcutter - Reiner, suddenly ahead of Indy and telling her that he had "run very fast".

- Gin And Vomit - complained that wimps trail was too short.

- Other wimps - Lost In Space, Virgin Mary.

- The hare - good marking, huge W and R letters at the split.

- Lost At Sea didn't see the split without his glasses.

- Garry Glitter - microscopic hash crash.

- Garry Glitter and Backdraft - wedding rings double as bottle openers.

- Cums In My Tunnel and Reiner - getting business contacts on the hash. Reiner plays with CIMT's hydraulics.

- The hare for worrying too much and being anti-social. Is he missing Octo? - "No!"

- Lost in Space and Lost at Sea - boys and their toys, Tintin rocket fans.

- Matching hash gear - Cum Into my Tunnel, Garry Glitter and Reiner.

- Lost in Space - wearing an office shirt.

- Castrato is leaving. Max will be upset because there will be no one to play Lego with.

- Lego players and future Lego players: Macau Drunk, Backdraft, Reiner, Lost at Sea.

The song was sung.

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 Lam Tin 120530 7.79km 61mins