LSW 1844 Chai Wan


A large group of hashers gathered at Chai Wan with a few returnees too (HP Salsa, Castrato, Boilers and the Parkys). In anticipation of this being an easy run as it was set by Mr Wimp (aka Freewheel) the runners set off at top speed racing through the park and basketball courts through the Cape Collinson cemetary to the hills. We ran up some shiggy stairs and onto some trails, this was going to be a great actual run! I arrived late but seeing the conditions of the run I was excited as I definitely prefer trail runs rather than spider, snake, insect infested shig fests at night. At that point as we ran into darkness and I switched on my newish torch I realised that it had failed me again! This time not the torch but I had failed to bring new batteries.... I was swearing at my energy sucker of a torch but this time had the self control not to throw it away.... this torch for the record was bought in HK NOT Shenzhen. So here I was in darkness with no torch. Thankfully Toilet Spray was nearby and once again to my rescue, so began the tandem running team with me tailgating her all the way at some point we were also joined by Tight Lips. On the way we passed the Parkys who announced proudly that they would take the wimps (an ode to the all time wimp hare). The trail had a good variety of conditions, some rocky paths, catchwater trail, scenic paths and concrete. Taking the second wimps trail we bump into Castrato who had just done the Rambos. Toilet Spray was so relieved to see him because she had somebody to palm off her hash cash duties to. Finally we reached A in what we thought was a much more longer and interesting trail than a master wimp would set. Well done to the hare.

Down downs

Hare- for setting such a hardcore wimps trail and raising the difficulty bar for wimps

Hare- tricking wimps into thinking it's an 8pm run when more like 10 kms... No mercy for you next time...!

Indy - for having a hash crash on an almost shiggyless trail which some runners completed with no torch.

Indy- for attention seeking, crying over her wound she says 'I can't touch it, I can't dress it, I'm scared...' but two minutes before while bravely boasting of her ordeal she said she had thought of 'peeling the whole skin off her knees while she was running on trail'

Hopeless- for being a useless hash nurse - gallantly handing over first aid medicinals then squealing when Octo tried to give him the bloodied tissues for disposal.

Gobi Lo - for running so fast that 'Comes up by the rear' could not even catch her rear

Comes in my Tunnel and Thing in my bottom for wearing the exact same t- shirt and still sitting side by side instead of two opposite corners of the room

Toilet Spray for looking like a classy hash cash while trying to pimp out her duties to everyone else.

Free Willy - for googling Rick Astley and listening to his music at the On On

Octo - for saying she's kind of heard of Rick Astley but actually was able recall every verse of his most famous song and sing them.

Tight Lips - for refusing to acknowledge that she's a fan of Rick Astley while humming the tune.

Wanchai Wanker - for boring Free Willy with his endless whinging about his injuries.

Yummy mummy, Inflato and Hopeless- juvenile chalking of 'we woz ere.' on the bridge back to A

HP Salsa - going mad in Australia because he said he spent three months in Canberra and enjoyed it.

The Aussies - Apparently the OECD declared them the happiest people in the world... So why are they all moving to HK?



LSW 1845 Chai Wan 120523 10.52km 72min



LSW 1845 Chai Wan 120523 10.04km 86min


All together now

LSW 1845 Chai Wan 120523


Good run from the Freewheels
If you thought you'd've guessed where this was going you'd've been wrong - at most turns
Chai Wan Park, over Island Eastern Corridor, up the steps below the Pamela Youde Nethersole
across Chai Wan Rd, through Hing Man Estate, onto the service road below Tai Tam Rd, false trail down to the reservoir
sprint to the treatment works below the Tai Tam Gap roundabout
double back on the lower trail back to the reservoir and down the steps to the main road to the cemetery (and probably only 500m from the start)
back up the streambed steps and road to the crematorium and Cape Collinson Rd
a few of the unterWimps legged it home left while the trail went over the road and round the front of the rehabilitation centre
all the way round the catchwater above the cemetery to Pottinger Gap
right, up the steps - not down left, on home! - to the HK Trail with the Wimps on the Pottinger Peak trail and the Rambos over Pottinger Peak
rejoin on the peak trail and down Mt Collinson Rd overlooking Siu Sai Wan before dropping back into Chai Wan and zig zagging the streets back home
Wheat 10.52km 72min
Chaff 10.04km 86min