LSW 1842 Lam Tin


Victory Day Run in Lam Tin

Run number 1842 (which was the year of The Treaty of Nanking which establishes Hong Kong as a British colony)

After a '10k' urban hike up a hill from Lam Tin MTR to the 'A', so that the Hare could efficiently trim any unnecessary urbanness, the runners set off. Except of course some hashers had set off 40 minutes previously! Some good use of closed checks (not seen on the hash for a while - lazy f***kers ) meant the running order got shuffled several times. Visitor Big Package set off at a ferocious pace but was quickly reminded that Hong Kong has a few more hills than the flat lands of Bangkok.

At the split the Rambo's were taken up a gruelling shiggy climb up to the ridge of Black Hill. The crystal clear atmospheric conditions meant for some run halting awesome veiws of HK (I had already overtaken Ivana Nukokon the hill so I could chill a bit) .

With a cumulative climb of 634m, with what felt like more ups than downs, the trail took us back to the 'A', to some beers, Pringles and painful foot stimulation. Also some interesting discussions about Unicycling and Bobledick running 100km every day for 70 days. We then waited for another hour for the early starters to finish!

OnOn to local restaurant...

Down Downs:

The Hares - The run was too flat. 'I was fu**ed', Macau Drunk

Ivana Nukok - Happy as celebration of German losses to Russia.

Octopussy - Lam Tin backwards copy of perfect run.

Comes Up The Rear - Named last time run here

Toilet Spray - advertised on Wanchai email list! No permission. Who are you sleeping with?

Lost In Space, The Virgin Mary - Early arrivals started run 6.20 took them 3 hours.

Me - for being here

FFFM - Can't tell the difference between Toilet Spay and Octopussy even though she ran the trail with Octopussy - must have thought she was running with hare.

Octopussy - 7 hrs at Immigration tower. Can't stand the heat.

Visitor Big Package - Started hashing in Philippines now Bangkok. From Netherlands. How did you get your name? - Filipinos thought his package was big enough.

Shitler - Only here because of German name.

Ivana Nukok- Was in Ukraine.

Toilet Spray - Question: So what is the first most pleasurable thing (if shagging is the second)? Answer: Love

Chat Room - if love is more pleasurable than sex I can't be doing sex right!

Bobbledick - what?

Shitler - thinks a dump is 1st most pleasurable thing

Indy - Late for hash as poor dog had his balls removed (Can still have a dump though!)

Hares - last weeks hares lost 900 HKD chocolate bars and taxis. This week's hares made profit. Hash cash starts handing out cash refund rather than keep it for losses.

Ivana Nukok still hungry. Then sees Bobbledick then says forget it.

The Virgin Mary - nervous about being off HK island for 14 hours.

Bobbledick - has to cycle 50km at weekend. Training for 7000km silk road race ( turns out it is on a bike). Horray

Stick Sex Toy - for going around and around the circular area at top of trail. Refusing to believe trail wasn't the way she had come up (Short term memory issues?)

From the floor...

Toilet Spray to Comes Up The Rear - birthday today but he thought it was tomorrow.

Ivana Nukok to all Australians - you are born illegitimate as they don't have no birth certificate....

Chat Room to hares - for the round in circles extras

Big package for hash cash - take money then give money but always takes 10%

Comes In The Rear for Shitler being nearly 50!!

Chat Room for Hare - extra trail walk to showers

Lost In Space to The Virgin Mary 'how many km?' 3.5 'really!'

Octopussy to Lost In Space and The Virgin Mary for hash 1st pleasure of life (and possibly the 2nd pleasure)!

Big Package for Macau drunk. BP flash light not working MD helped until the end then let BP get lost - well know MD tactic.

Ivana Nukok to Free Wheel - he had sex on the phone

Indy to Hare - phone is un-German and dirty.

Indy to Thing in Bottom - 25 runs

Song by Hares and Russian and Birthday boy.


LSW 1842 Lam Tin 120509 7.44km 84min


LSW 1842 Lam Tin 120509 Elevations