LSW 1841 Cinco de Mayo Sai Ying Pun


While CRP & I are amazed on the difficulty on getting a taxi in central, without any luck then decide to take the bus to A, the rigorous hare for next week send me a greeting message concerning my appearance to the run for the night, as I am appointed to do the write up, once again German shows seriousness in this part of his life. Wonder how rigorous & precise he is in other parts of life.

When we arrive the entrance of the playground, we are greeted by LIS on professional air-hostess style, shows us the A, where the TVM is & only wearing a sports bra and tight pant. All the gentlemen are lucky tonight.

Run off after been told the R is around 11km, and the W is around 8. Human rights in the hash and HK are discussed during the beginning of the run, CRP run off soon after he done the warm up, I continue on follow the good markings left by fast runners. Just about to feel enough of the city run with looks and discussions on this sweaty Chinese woman running in the street under such hot& humid weather, the chock leads me to the remote area, finally I can have the peaceful meditation run surrounded by tress, animal sounds and occasionally scary moving shadows. Because of late arrival, the shower will be closed at 8:30, and try to be a good hash cash, I decide to go for W, it turns out a very good trail for running, I am happy and pleased.

After get out from the mountain, I see this: 'laid by TVM'. As English is a foreign language to me, I think if this 'laid' is same meaning as the slang for the second most joyful activities for human being that driven by physical desire? And if all the gentlemen in the hash tonight receive the joyful treat by TVM, would she still be called TVM? I then very tempted to ask Free Wheel how he feels when I see him on the way back home.

The bash is in a small cosy Mexican restaurant, the hares charmed the owner so we have our own private party; the owner even turns down other customer and kicks them out. Well done for the run and the food hare!

Down downs by Indy:

Hares - not know the distance for the run, both R & W are wrong.

Hares - LiS is a quarter of maxica, so that's why can charm the owner of the restaurant.

TVM - heavy promotion on the run tonight. makes me think of the phase I see on the trail again.

JC - so exciting with Indy during the run that almost hit the motorcycle.

JC - Being deaf of not hearing everybody calls, especially Indy.

Dr. Doom - returnee & leave for so long that can't remember Indy's name

Free wheel - over the heel?

Boilers - excited to see the LSW flour marketing's.

JC - visitor for LSW.

JC - Step into hopeless shoes in wanchai hash.

F3M, JC - being mismanagement in WCH, not knowing each other's name until tonight.

TS - trying to do her job as hash cash.

Indy - has accountant in the family.

Hares - provided a very interesting bill for expensed for tonight's run.

Boilers - secretly paid a visit to TVM's home during the run.

Hares - also have lunch at TVM's home (so both of Boilers & LIS are very happy)

Frank the Plank - don't know who is TVM.

FTP - run with no shirt, so become the hottest man in the run?

CRP - Travel from China to Sai Kung for last week's run first ever. The hares were very pleased.

BK, GS, BF - bring their own food tonight.

FW - enough energy in the body so don't need to steel food.

JC - trying to charm all the girls so buying beers, but pass most of the beers to men?


The Wimps 8.84km 65mins

Rose Lane 8.84km 65mins