LSW 1840 Sai Kung



Hashes which start at Sai Kung aren’t usually popular due to the long commute from the Island but I decided to go anyway, since I haven’t done a Sai Kung hash run in a while. Well, it was no surprise then that there was only a small pack who showed up at the mini-bus stop opposite Hebe Haven, and no one bothered to dress up for ANZAC Day. After all, who REALLY knows what the fuss is about (if you’re not a Kiwi / Aussie)?

While Lost at Sea was busy handing out chalk, Indy turned up looking like a real “gwai po”, covered head to toe in flour and chalk dust. I gave her a grimace – is the trail going to be that hard?!

Off we went, up the usual hill to 101 mongrels barking at us before breaking through the first check which went right through the village. Plenty of checks slowed the FRBs down, and we also had Any Dick Will Do’s pups – Nina and Luna – to thank as they tend to block Laminated Lover’s path on the shiggy trail. ADWD apparently didn’t take on to the interference too kindly; she was overheard saying to Laminated that the best way to teach the dogs is to “give them a kick”.

Up through the shiggy with Come into My Tunnel leading the way and Thing in My Bottom close behind. CIMT really needs to HTFU as he was seen holding a stick in front of him to beat down the spiderwebs. Thing in My Bottom finally got enough of his silly antics and shoved him aside, only to be caught at the next tricky check.

Finally the trail took us downhill, and all I can say is, thank goodness it wasn’t raining! The path followed the trail which was laid with smooth slabs of rocks – definitely lethal if it was any wetter. Down the slope and back to the road, which veered right to Indy and Lost at Sea’s posh (and somewhat illegal) home.

It turned out that those who ventured all the way to Sai Kung this night, and who took the gamble despite thunderstorm predictions by Mr Weatherman, were duly rewarded with a wonderful BBQ spread on the rooftop.

The Wimps - Freewheel, Sticky Sexy Sausage Toy (newly named – again), and Helen were already freshly showered enjoying the evening when the FRBs came trotting in, leaving puddles of sweat on the rooftop (read: CIMT). Despite the downpour which finally happened halfway through dinner, the pack had a lovely time on the sofa kindly donated by ADWD. Many a story were told about the sofa, but we will leave that for another circle. Well done the hares for a very enjoyable run and bash.

DDs Gunpowder Plod

Wanchai Wanker for a good Circle; pity he could not yet show up as the new GM of SKSH3 to do the same!

Gobi Lo; for telling me I was on the wrong trail having being first onto the Rambo split. Was I wrong because of my age, sexual orientation or what?

Indy; for, as Hare, collecting all the tics herself and leaving the pack tick free

The Hares; Lost at Sea for needing to go every day for the past month into what he calls "The Stimulator" at CPA to spice up his sex life

Gary Glitter and ? (hash Cash); for being last on the Rambos; I could here them on the shiggy mountain grunting and squeaking behind me; what were they up to?

Myself; for being an FRB & solving all the checks and CBs until I got left behind on the Rambos; local knowledge!


Hares - Outstanding run but not enough shiggy

Religious Adviser Stand-In – Higginbottom - Outstanding weather for the run despite thunder and lightning – no rainGOB (Grumpy Old Bastard) aka Plod - I am not answering to that name, you can’t rename me, it’s not allowed. GOB heard replying to a question from Indy …. Did you run the whole Rambo’s? GOB: Yes. LSW: What about the shortcut you did just before the Rambo section? GOB: err. - An additional DD for assaulting me on the shaggy section when I finally caught him up

Chatroom - Unusual effort to get to the run, usually never comes as far as Sai Kung for the LSW. A for effort.

Indy - Turning up at A (late) to the greet the runners looking like a ‘Gweilo’ with flour all over her face

LSW - That would be ‘Gweipo’ … Circle Master

Lost at Sea - Setting a great trail only to ruin it with constant fly by’s during the run or failing to get the air traffic redirected thus ruining the hashes peace and quiet

Hares - Setting Shiggy for dwarfs

Gobi - Heard to ask: What is in the (vegetarian) sausage? Does it matter no vegetarian men to choose from on the LSW

Any Dick will Do - Sending the husband home with the family before dinner or beer! Actually he went home to shag the dogs

Freewheel - Although Freewheel’s dieting is admirable he is not quite thin enough to start calling GOB fat

Any Dick will Do - Regailing the hash with her tails of how she shagged on the sofas she had given to the hares. In every position and even on the Ottoman. No wonder the sofa backs have scratch marks all over. Who or what was actually on the sofa?

GOB - Showing all the hashers his fungal growth on his belly button before dinner, bound to put us all off our food

Indy - Giving out 3 year old Anzac day mascots on the hash - Handing out 50 year Anzac ration cookies

Hares - Domestic on the hash : Indy – What he fuck have you been doing all day? 777 Stimulator Training, cooking and buying the food, sitting on your arse …..

Sticky Sex Toy - Asking Indy about the Gallipoli landings ……. Where you there? Indy may look a 100 year’s old but she is in fact only just over 50!

Pissed in Pink - Giving GOB pre-marital sex advice for his daughters

GOB - Returnee – stay away with that nasty looking thing on your stomach

Song - GOB ran away - Hares butchered the LSW song with help from a few others