LSW 1839 Caine Road


The Run..

When I got to Caine Rd playground at 6.58pm Hopeless looked at me in shock and said monosyllabically ' What? You here? Now? '

Being polite as I am, I humbly enquired as to why my presence was surprising? 'Well number 1, you are early by 2 mins, and No 2....a long way from Sai Kung?!!!'...says he who lives in Clearwater Bay!

I did not have enough time to remind Hopless that Caine Rd playground and environs was my previous backyard.......had been for 6 years before I deserted it for the open spaces/trails of Sai Kung...and I would never miss an LSW hash down 'memory lane' or Dr Evil's run!!

Gathered at A besides a few new faces (or svelte bodies!), were those rarely seen, Rearender and Boilers with Sylvi there to support Dr Evil, by going for a walk around the block.... and one face not seen for eons belonged to Brazilian Buttslap, now the proud grandma....A welcome sight!! but strangely also not seen on the run?....What trail did she find?..... Pole dancer was another who came just as pack were heading off but not sure what trail she was on.....???

But then again, being apart of the 3 Musketeers, it's not surprising that I did not see all on the run......!!

And So the run...Off we trotted wondering what mischief Dr Evil had planned for us! Sticky Sex Toy was initially full of enthusiasm but probably cause she was heading in the direction of her namesake school .....

And past St Stephen's school we went till the familiar cry at a check was heralded out ' Dr Evil normally goes this way'....! Well obviously Dr Evil was not as easily read as the young munchkins predicted, as 5 mins was still spent at that check until confirmed that, yes indeedy, the run was going up towards the Morning Trail past the Uni...

As we ran along the 'xylophone path', it was interesting to see that the HK 'destructive' works had eventually finished reconcreting the 'landslide section' and no detour or yoga-style movements in climbing ropes and ladders was required.. and then the trail circumnavigated the ascent to the Peak...

I was running around Octopussy and Toilet Spray... Octo feeling betrayed that her 'special Shenzhen' torch had not lasted past 5 goes and into the bin it would now go! Toilet Spray ever the 'nice guy' promised to provide her with light to guide her faithfully!!

I went ahead and left them to it...... but 10 mins later there were flurried footsteps behind me! None other but Octo but no TS!! 'What happened to TS?' I enquired? ' Oh, Freewheel gave me his spare torch so I dumped her!!' I reminded myself not to depend on Octo in future if i had a similar blowout!!

So up we went... Octo now ahead of me.... up to the bottom of High West where flour was littered at the base! Surely not I thought, so i looked around for other 'signs'... but with seeing none and with Toilet Spray now on my heels we decided that High West was the way 'forward'... So up we clambered, until 5 mins later a light was coming down! Octo announces 'no flour'! But we decided that having come so far the now 3 musketeers would keep going up and over which we did!

Eventually with no flour in sight we did realise that we were not on Dr Evil's planned Rambo trail but regardless, a fun time was had, with the wind blowing its refreshing cool breeze and the sight from the top of High West mesmerized Octo and TS for a long time...!!! ...We were to find out later another hasher, Gobi Lo, had also gone to the top of High West but instead of continuing forward and down the steps when no flour was to be seen, she descended High West the shiggy steep way she had ascended!!!

Anyway the 3 musketeers eventually made it down to the pagoda area convinced that Dr Evil would set the trail up to Governor's chair??...

Wrong again... flour was found around there but the markings descended down the Morning Glory path, left down the steps to the Gun Emplacements, back onto the MG path to the road near the Fire Station.... an arrow was then seen going to the right (towards Realty Gardens area and eventually onto the shiggy blue dot trail!!) but we 3 decided that we were late took the on out trail in!

Of course back at A, it was discovered from Dr Evil himself that on High West there was a checkback ...but signified by ribbons, which we had missed in the briefing... Dddrr!!

Anyway whatever path one ended up on, all seemed to be happy hashers!!... twas great to be back on the old familiar territory!!!

DOWN DOWN's by Yours Truly...

The Hare - Dr Evil ....Great run!

Dr Evil - 'volunteering' to set run with only a week's notice! A hero!!!

'True' Rambo runners - too many to name all!!

High West Musketeers (off trail!) - Toilet Spray/Octo/Indy

Gobi Lo - (absentia) - lookalike Peju.... not enough to go through the checkback at High West but went to the top then down High West again AND then continued on the Rambo trail.... 2 runs in 1!!!!

Frank the Plank - missed going up High West and went straight to the Toilet block on corner of Morning Glory Trail... calling out 'Are u?' to no one in particular as he was the FRB... all else coming down from the High West CB!!... 'Who Me? FRB?' says Frank....

Octo - has no torch on run.... cheap Shenzhen blew up!! Good old Toilet Spray promising to guide her through...

Octo - Gets torch from fellow hasher then leaves TS for dead! See ya!!

Free wheel - Chivalry is alive,... gave his spare torch to Octo...

Wanchai Wanker - last week's run! First ever LSW no bash run!

Hopeless - being sucked in by WW, as his 'one true friend'... to drink all the leftover LSW beer at the Queen Vic Bash !!

WW - Rumour has it (in the trash that never lies!!) that no bash last week due to his lack of personal shower and/or scratching his @r*e in public at the Police officers Club after the Ladies hash....

Dr Evil/Hopeless - last week's entertaining trash had been a joint effort by Hopeless and Dr Evil as Hopeless had 'massaged' bits about the run... and esp to add the 'historical' Bash/Down Down write-up

Virgins - Alina - Nic made her come Peju - Malcolm of S/pore residence had brought his work colleague along for a memorable evening!

Peju - virgin and hash amah

Visitors - Nic/Malcolm/Free Willy

Ghost Visitor - Sweaty Snail Gobbler (met up with Dr Evil on recce as was running that trail!)

Peju - Was told to bring torch to the hash so grabbed the red rear light from her bike before catching flight from S/pore...

COTH - asking if I had brought my 'too big' Solomon's for her to wear/buy in exchange for her new Vasque running shoes that were too big for her!! Que??

Thing in my Bottom/Free Wheel/Octo/Shergar - many thanks for putting names down for haring in next few weeks..

Chatroom P - if he can find time in his busy schedule he may set a run too! BB is watching!!

Malcolm - has offered to set a 'virtual trail' from S/pore.... will forward the details by email....??

Hopeless - got a new job offer as male model!! off to do photo shoot on Sunday morning as an 'Art Form - Runner' out for the 'link'!

Lost In Space - Facebook comment re pilot who thought that the planet Venus was an on-coming plane!!... could only be an Canadian!!

Anniversary - Well done Macau Drunk.... 650 runs!!...The old call of 'Get a Life!'

Hopeless - getting twitchy as now only 9 runs ahead of MD!....


Caine Road 120418 11.48km 82min